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All the Chinese novels on this blog had been translated from the original Chinese source except lidge’s translations (Vietnamese source).

Thank you for your support but we do not take translation requests.

















Checkmate your Heart by Celine Gu Xi Jue

Falling Leaves Without Trace by Jian An

Turning Back Time by Fei Bao

Your Humble Servant Is Guilty! by Sui Yu Er An









101 thoughts on “Index

  1. Hi Hui3r,
    I have the printed copy of 3 Marriages but I couldn’t find the epilogue you are saying between Long Er n Mu Er. Can I confirm if it is in Book 1 (my copy is Book 2), or is your epilogue referring to how Long Er successfully obtain the $88,000 qin as his wedding gift for his bride? Thanks.

    • Hahah… The one I’m talking about is how Long Er successfully obtains the 88k qin for JM. It wasn’t in the original net version I read, so I had to hunt for the ending. 😛 Sorry that it confused you.

  2. I just wondering whether are u continue to translate HUA XU YIN? Hopefully, you will have spare time to translate it. And thank you so much for your great effort^^

  3. Hey Hui3r,
    I was wondering if you were going to continue translating Hua Xu Yin? I hope you do because you are a fantastic translator!!
    Thank you!!!!!

  4. Hi guys, just wanted to let you know I appreciate all the hard work you have put into subbing and doing reviews of the dramas. Growing up mainly overseas my Mandarin is not great at all but I love watching drama and it’s great to be able to read these to understand what happened more, especially when there’s no english subs.

    Thanks again!

    • You are welcome. I also didn’t grow up in China so my Mandarin is quite bad but I don’t care, LOL. I did the episode reviews & recaps for Boss & Me bcos of the novel:)

  5. just follow you guys.. thank you so much.. since i cant speak Mandarin, you guys are my heroes. hehe. in your busy time, still have time to translate, i have nothing to say but thank you. ^^ fighting!

  6. omg. Gu Man is an awesome story! Hui3r thank you so much for translating. I truly appreciate it.

  7. Hi Peanuts… by chance do u have any clue if someone has translated Nirvana in Fire – Lang Ya Bang ?

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  9. Thank you so much for the translations. I found your blog when i was searching for recaps for Boss & Me but once I started reading the translations, I haven’t gone back to watching any shows in the past couple of weeks.
    I truly appreciate the hard work you all are putting in sp. since I dont speak any mandarin at all.

  10. Hi how are you?
    I do not want to be inconvenient but maybe I could ask if you know when there is more translation for the wipe clean after you eat.
    I am enjoy this translate there are some similarly with shan shan. Very good indeed.

  11. Thank you
    I will wait

  12. Hi. I wanna ask you if you need a translator. I can translate some novels here and some other good novels. You can contact me by gmail. Hope to receive your anwser soon.

  13. It is official, i have gone mad! XD a good type of mad, nearly read all the translation of the novels here and also highly addicted to chinese audiobooks and translations (how i wished i studied my chinese!!) hahahaa
    Love you guys very much! and also highly appreciate all the hardwork you have done! I thought i would only fall for the wu xia/ xian xia genre, but .. nope.. even the modern ones are very goosebump, heart thumping and makes me squeals far worst than any drama i have watched!.
    Thank you once again! and will now become a constant fan that will drop by this blog daily! Just to hope for any sort of updates.. haha =D
    (now back to reading) ~~~

  14. Hi I’m so glad I found this blog. I have always have problem finding nice romance C-drama, now from this blog I not only able to know of new C-drama but to get to read the novel translated in English! I am soooooo happy. Thanks to all the translators. You are excellent!!!!

    Btw, I cant find the novel translation of Just One Smile is Very Alluring. Can someone point it out to me where I can read the novel in english? Is this novel been made into drama or movie?

  15. hi, i just find out about your blog from picadrama blog.
    can’t wait to read one by one novels in here.

    i would like to ask a few question, i hope u guys can answer me:

    1. is there any published english translation for the chinese internet novel, if yes, where can i buy it.
    2. where is the original website for the chinese internet novel? which one is the most popular one, can anyone posting there or only published writer can post their novel there?

    thank you for your hardwork in translating these novels.. i should pick up any right now.. 🙂

  16. I was into Japanese then Korean novels and now I am really enjoying your translations…

    I used to lurk around here because of Shan Shan and because I was seeing You Are My Sunshine everywhere I started reading it amd I’m loving…Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  17. I just found this blog and am so excited. I cant wait to do some reading. I started watching My Sunshine on viki, but the translations end after a few episodes so your recaps are a life saver for me. Thanks for your hard work.

  18. Dear Peanuts,

    I’m not sure this is the right place to ask my question but here I go. 🙂 You understand Cantonese, right? I’m looking for an audiobook in Cantonese for ages. Do you have any recommendations or know where I can get information? Any audiobook will do as long as this audiobook follows the book closely so I’m able to listen and read at the same moment. This way I hope to improve my Chinese. I’m able to understand and talk Cantonese (only basic, good enough to understand TVB series) but I can’t read Chinese and I don’t speak or understand any Mandarin, yes, I’m a banana – yellow on the outside but white on the inside and I’m willing to change into more yellowish! I’m looking forward for your advise.

    Kind regards,

    • Hi Crystal,

      Peanuts sent me to answer your question. Both of us speak Cantonese but neither of us actually listen to any audiobooks in Cantonese, so I had to look into this a little bit for you. Yes, there are audiobooks out there, and yes there are radio dramas out there in Cantonese. However, with radio dramas, what I’ve found is, most of them are original stories written by the station themselves. The one I found that was adapted from a novel is The Woman on the Bread Tree. Radio dramas may follow a story closely, but they don’t always follow the text closely, but I haven’t looked into it here.

      As for audiobooks, most audiobooks that I could find were older, more classic or famous wuxia novels. There are lots of Jin Yong or Gu Long audibooks out there in Cantonese. As for the romance c-novels that we like to discuss here or on SSB, I wasn’t able to find any.

      Here is
      Tian Long Ba Bu (Demi-Gods, Semi-Devils)
      Chu Liu Xiang (Chor Lau Heung)

      If you’re looking for something a little more modern, there is Tomb Robbers.

      I haven’t pulled up the books and did a comparison of how close these audios are following the source novel.

      In general, that site has tons of novels in Cantonese, whether they be in radio drama or audiobook form. You could always copy the title and paste it into a google search to see if it pulls up a written novel.

      Hope that helps. 🙂 Cheers.

      • Hello Hoju,

        Wow, thank you for your efforts and detailed information. On my own (because I can’t read Chinese) I’ll never be able to find the websites as recommended. So a big applause for you! 🙏👏 I’ll visite these websites and also I’ll be coming back to stalk your website also because I’m hooked with the translations! 🙂

        Cheers, Crystal

  19. Hi. I’ve enjoyed your recaps on shanshan and my sunshine.
    Mind if you recap ZLY’s drama WIFE’s SECRET and TY’s LADY AND LIAR?
    Those have areally good story. 😀

  20. Heyyy! I’m a new comer here, I just recently finished reading Shan Shan’s story novel thing. I loved the drama but the novel was super good! I’m planning to read Silent separation as I really like the drama. Can you recommend me which translated novel I should read next or novel-turned-dramas that is english subbed to watch? Thanks!
    btw, I really like this blogs and everything in it! 😀

    • Sorry for the late reply & welcome to the blog. I don’t know your taste so give every novel a try and abandon whichever that is not up to your liking. You can find the full list of english translation in shushengbar.

  21. I thoroughly enjoiyed your the books you translated. This a completely different style from what i am used to and I hope you will keep on doing projects. Thanks for the hard work.

  22. Hello Lovelies !! Thank you for translations you people are just awesome ❤ . I chanced upon your your blog 4 months back when i was searching for English summary translations for Boss & me as there are no Eng subtitles available in my country at that time & eventually I learned that it has novel version named shan shan comes to eat and read it and from then i got hooked with c – novels Its all thanks to you people that i have known whole new world of novels 🙂 .
    I really loved silent separation, Really really miss you , shan shan comes to eat , wipe clean after eating and really attached to Best to have met you ❤ <3.
    Thank you guys for all your Good work 🙂

    P.S: Even though am reading your blog for 4 months long it is first time making a comment as am really not good with words but i just want to let you know you have a really big fan for your blog 🙂

  23. Wanted to say thanks for the lovely translations, I thoroughly enjoyed reading them.

  24. hi,
    i am new to your blog , i enjoyed to read the translation of novels you have done and wanted to thank you as i got the chance to read novels of different language though i don’t understand the language because of your translations. I like your preference of novels. waiting for your new posts and projects.
    keep going………….

  25. Thank you so much for your hard work. I never read Chinese novel before as I can’t read it but due to my love to Shan Shan …I found this website. I read all your posts on Shan Shan related articles… All I can say is. : u guys are great … Definitely will bookmark ur website into my fav

  26. yes!!so do i.I also try.but it doesn’t work.At first I think there is something wrong with my network. But fortunately is not.Is there any problem with webpage?.I really like shusheng bar.T_T-_-///

  27. Waiting for last chap of WCAE ….
    Enjoyed all your work….
    Keep going…

  28. Hi! I happened to stumble upon your blog a while back and read through some of your translation. I was looking for a way to PM you but to no avail. I am interested in joining your blog since I am a C-Novel fan myself. I just wanted to ask if you were open to new members and what are the requirements. Thank You So Much! I do admire your team’s work alot!

    • Hi there, hiera8!

      Thank you for the kind words. Your desire to join the blog is a vote of confidence to us and such a great compliment. 🙂

      This blog truly is a personal blog of which Peanuts and I are currently the only regular posters. We do occasionally have guest contributors, so it is definitely something we are open to, but the idea of this blog is not really a group blog so we never actively recruit.

      With that being said, right now, we just got a new guest translator, and Peanuts and I will be working with her over the next little while, checking accuracy of translation, etc. So unfortunately, we don’t have the resources to take on another one.

      Please don’t let this be a roadblock for you. If you have a passion for translating, try your hand at it. 🙂

      Regardless, thank you for your interest and like for this blog. 🙂

  29. Hi Hoju and Peanuts,

    I found your site while researching the source of a quote:

    台灣作家橘子曾說過 / 躺久了總是會睡著的 / 而人 / 愛久了卻不一定就會是妳的…

    A similar result brings up this translation (from :

    “If you lie down long enough, you will eventually fall asleep. But with people, even if you love them for a long time, they will not necessarily be yours.”

    That led me to this author, Ju Zi and her book with the subtitle “Choosing not to love is my way of loving you.” (YesAsia)

    Would you be able to confirm that I am on the right track ?

    Thank-you for your time.

  30. Hello! I am Jasmine, writing from – a global TV site where millions of people discover, watch and subtitle global primetime shows and movies in more than 200 languages. No worries if you don’t know us, I’ll be glad to explain more!

    I’ve been following your blog for a while, and saw that you did translations of novels, especially those that have been adapted into dramas!
    I would really love to talk more about a partnership between us.
    If you’re interested please do drop me an email at

    Thanks so much! 🙂

  31. Hi Hoju & Peanuts,

    Thank you for translating and giving us an accurate translation, you have converted me from watching C dramas to reading C novels, I also love the books you suggested. looking forward to more book suggestions as I am new reading c novels I really don’t know a lot of good authors.

    • We always welcome new readers 🙂 You can start reading all our translations then proceed to Shusheng Bar to find more recommendations based on the genre that you like.

  32. I have no idea where to post this comment hahaha. Merry Christmas!!! Thanks for you all for your hardwork all translators here, you guys are greatly appreciated!

    • A very belated merry Christmas to you, and wonderful wishes for your 2016, as well! Thank you for your very kind words. 🙂

      (And please forgive the late reply.)

  33. Love your blog and thanks for your beautiful translation.

  34. Thank you for sharing these wonderful to read novels! ❤ :* I'm hooked ever since I read one. There's no turning back haha~ I truly appreciate your efforts to work and take the time to translate them! Have a Happy Valentine's Day! ❤ with love~ A.

  35. I decided to read your novel translations since i accidentally search your site. Actually I’m not a huge fan of chinese novels. But when I started to read some novels that turns into chinese drama I really appreciated it!! Especially the novel that is created by Gu Man.. I’m looking forward to read and see more of the translated novels.. Thank you very much for the time and effort to translate.. Keep it up! and thank you once again.

  36. I really enjoy all your translation project.. My fav. author is Gu Man. The story plot are all nice and I like all the protagonist of her novels. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for your hard work.

  37. I came across your page and really loved it. It’s awesome. Thank you very much!!! to all of you who have contributed to the existence of this page. I cannot read Chinese so your page is precious to me. May I ask you to translate one chaper in Bai Luo Mei’s books about Wuzhen ( watertown in Jiangnam)? I heard from my friend who can read Chinese that her writing and wuzhen’s description was beautiful. Best of wishes to everyone who have worked so hard to translate more and more every week.

    • Hi Tea Leaf,

      I’m glad you stumbled across our blog here, and hope you enjoy what you find. 🙂

      Wuzhen is an absolutely beautiful town. I’ve been there and had my breath taken away (of course, over the mass of heads of tourists). Have you ever been there? Or googled for pictures of it? A picture says a thousand words. Peanuts and I are really both extremely busy for the next while. We love sharing, but we both are limiting our projects to things that we have read and love because that is our motivation to ensure that we create time in our schedules to translate. I’m sorry that we can’t help you. (As a side note, I just remembered that one of my projects, Beautiful Bones, has a little segment that takes place in Wuzhen. I haven’t read any of Bai Luo Mei’s books, but maybe this is an alternative???)

      Best of wishes to you as well, and hope to see you around. 🙂

  38. Hi hui3r,

    I just finished re-reading Shan-shan for the 3rd times 😀
    I’d like to say many many thanks to all of you ladies for translating this book.
    Now I’m moving on to the other Gu Man’s book, Blazing Sunlight.

    Best wishes to all of you ^^

  39. Hi i just found this blog by chance after watching LOVE 020 drama series which turned out to be one alluring smile in novel. I really enjoyed reading all the novels here especially boss and me (seen this first in drama series which lead me to chinese dramas, im an addict of kdramas for two decades already). By the way, i havent seen the epilouge 2 to 10 of best to have met you. Are you still going to translate the epilouge? Im anticipating and hoping you will publish soon. Thanks a lot. You are great

  40. I really love your site. I do not read/speak Chinese and your translated works really opened doors for me to view your culture. I applaud all of your efforts on this, I’m sure you have lots of things to do other than translating. I look forward to seeing new updates on your site soon. Mwahhh…!

  41. Hi guys! Im not chinese and i cant understand mandarin either and its just recently that i got to know this blog.. Just so happen that my favorite chinese drama’s are Boss&me and you are my sunshine.. Later i found out from the comment sections that those drama’s are actually a novel written by a certain Gu Man.. Being a book lover before a series enthusiast that i am, i searched for it and luckily i found a complete english translation.. That’s where i got to know that some of my favorite chinese movies are also here! Yay! I’ve been binge reading for the past few days and my eyes are like a panda now from lack of sleep.. I seriously thought that one day, these novels will be the death of me! Haha!

    Thank you very to the translators for a job well done.. Im a hopeless romantic and reading has always been my stress reliever.. Any novels that you can suggest to me?

  42. Hi, I just want to come over and thank you all. I discovered your blog a week ago (in such I’ve become a silent reader. Lol) n I’ve so enthralled that I spent the same amount of time to read-up till now-one third of your translations. If it’s not for Shan Shan I might never stumbled upon your blog and SSB.
    Thank you very much.

  43. Just want to say thank you for the translation. Thank you very much!

  44. thank you all for your translations

  45. Wow I found this site a couple weeks ago and am so impressed with the translation and the sources you all provide for great reads, and books turned into dramas. I first got hooked with Love o2o the drama, and then backtracked and found out there was a novel. My heart pity pattered through the novel a couple times and rewatched the drama a couple times and them found Come Eat Shan Shan. I read the novel and watched the drama a couple hundred times and then I found Remember Li Chuan, watched the drama and read the novel a couple hundred times, now I am left bereft, because I have no more novels to drama to read 😦 Anyone have anymore good recommendations novel to drama series I can obsess over???

  46. Hiii everyone ! I’m a not really newcomer but i have never ever comment on your site.
    First I wanted to say really thank you for your work. It’s relly great.
    Secondly, I wanted to ask if I can translate your translation in French. I’m french and a lot of people don’t read in English. So I wanted to ask if i can use your translation. I don’t read chinese so I can’t translate from chinese.
    I will wait for your response.
    You’re doing a really good job !

  47. I just wanted to come over and say thank you for the translations. I discovered you blog about a week ago when I started reading your translation of Really Really Miss You. Your comments at the beginning of each chapter, Peanut’s drawings, and your commentary with the readers at the end of each chapter make for such a fun reading experience. It really made me wish that I had discovered your blog (and Chinese Novels) sooner so that I could have fangirled about Toupai and Sheng Sheng along with all of you. Thank you so much for the hard work in including the song translations and You Tube videos which also helped to make the novel come alive. I look forward to reading the rest of your translations as you make it such a fun and enjoyable reading experience.

  48. Thank u very much. Love all your translations ❤

  49. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Thank you very much for your translations.

  50. Thank you for the effort of translating beautiful novels. I can’t wait to read more. 🙂 ♡♡♡

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