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Best to Have Met You (最美遇见你): 100 Questions & Answers Part 2


Happy Chinese New Year from hoju and me. She helped me to translate most of the X & R-rated parts lol. Since this is rated for Matured Adult only, it is restricted to those above 21 years of age. If you are younger than that, come back when you are all grown up 😛

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Best To Have Met You (最美遇见你) — Weibo Random Scenes #1


This novel also has a lot of random scenes posted in weibo & I picked a few of the shortest to translate. Hope you like them. The pictures are also from Celine’s weibo.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to my friends and foes alike as well as the readers of this blog 🙂 🎄🎅

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Best to Have Met You (最美遇见你): 100 Questions & Answers Part 1


December & January are known as the holiday season so the blog will be taking its winter break. Occasionally I’ll post something if I’ve the time to translate. I managed to translate half of the 100 Q & A on Best to Have Met You with the help of hoju. Thus enjoy the interview with Mo Ting & An Ning 🙂

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Best To Have Met You (最美遇见你) – Epilogue 2

This is the final epilogue on the couple in the first publication of the novel. I’ve already written that I won’t be translating Mao Mao and Zhou Jin Cheng’s epilogues because they are very long, irrelevant and boring so you are missing nothing. Here is the long awaited translation of the famous love letter confession.  Come back next year for the so-called sequel 🙂

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