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Blazing Sunlight I (骄阳似我 上) – Chapter 5


Chapter Five

In the end, my extensive preparation was for naught – I didn’t use any of it in Shanghai.

My interviewer, Manager Li, was even more courteous than I was. It was “Miss Nie this and Miss Nie that” and none of it were questions about my portfolio. The polite conversation carried on for an hour before it concluded with “Welcome to the team Miss Nie.” He even enquired after my accommodation and food and added that the company could help with arrangements if needed.

I was completely baffled by the end of the session. As Manager Li held the door open, he smiled broadly “Miss Nie, please send your father my regards.”

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Blazing Sunlight I (骄阳似我 上) – Chapter 4


Chapter Four

I froze and turned my head ever so slowly – Zhuang Xu’s expression was as icy cold as his tone. The boisterous mood at the table quieted and the earlier light-hearted mood evaporated completely.

“It’s not …” I managed to choke out after a period. I wanted to explain that I wasn’t being picky and was simply voicing the complaints of the full-timers there. Yet on second thought, that would seem like I was being defensive.

I clammed up.

“Why don’t you find a job by your own effort? Isn’t it embarrassing to be so reliant on your parents’ connections?”

“….” I mulled over the question for a bit before replying “Not really.”

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Blazing Sunlight I (骄阳似我 上) – Chapter 3


Blessed holidays everyone! I’m very thankful for the support you guys have showered on Blazing Sunlight however the next chapter will only come out in February. But the wait will be bearable because Peanuts and co will be covering the drama adaptation of Silent Separation so keep a lookout for that!

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Blazing Sunlight I (骄阳似我 上) – Chapter 1


Gu Man is certainly no stranger around these parts (Silent Separation is a story I’ve re-read countless times) and I guess it’s fitting that Fanatical’s latest translation project is Gu Man’s Blazing Sunlight. Now I’m particularly excited about this project because only part I of the two-parter has been released … which means the finale has yet to be set in stone and it would be such fun to speculate the ending together.

And while I’m on the topic of ‘together’, this will be a collaborative effort between me and resident chief Peanuts! As you guys know, Peanuts is juggling a few books currently so I’m only here to help ease her load temporarily since I’m confined by the unkind dimension that is time. The two of us will be taking each chapter as it comes so unfortunately there won’t be a fixed posting schedule. Please bear with us as we attempt to outwit time!

Lidge described Blazing Sunlight as an intermediate between Come & Eat, Shan Shan and Silent Separation and I agree with her. Tonally, it toggles lighthearted fare and wistful moods. Bits of humour that characterizes Come & Eat, Shan Shan are peppered throughout the novel to maintain a certain zest that is so typical of Gu Man. Yet, the story also manages to manoeuvre meatier moments with aplomb. I devoured the story in one reading and it is our hope that you will have the same experience we did. Having said that, not knowing the ending is pure frustration and your embarking on this journey with us would mean you’re a willing partaker of this agony so don’t complain that we didn’t forewarn you. 😉

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The Sunshine Award


When people mention sunshine, I think of warm rays filtering through fluffy clouds to anoint the land below in brilliant glow. And just as anyone can bask in sunshine, The Sunshine Award is a bestowal that doesn’t discriminate between popularity or content. True to its namesake, the rays which have been making their rounds in the blogosphere have finally shone on us here in our quiet corners of hui3r and shushengbar (SSB). For that, we cannot be thankful enough towards Melanie and Moonblossom (MB) for the nominations.

Every translator works hard for their translations. Although they are not the original authors, it doesn’t mean they love the books any less or have an easier task. They also need to spend a lot of time and effort to ensure as little will be lost in translation as possible. Hence, I feel all of them deserve an award for spreading their love for Chinese novels. I am not going to name each and everyone of them since there are too many of them and  there will be more to come. You can go to SSB to check them out and support them. (does this sound cheesy 😛 ?)

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