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Checkmate Your Heart (将心) by Celine Gu Xi Jue


I listened to this cute and short radio drama and like it enough to also read the short story. When I told bongsd about it, she requested me to translate it into English since she can’t find a Vietnamese translated version. Both of us are a fan of this author’s dry and cold humor. Hence, I painstakingly translated the short story as well as the radio drama to give a more complete story. I even added a few words of my own which I think you should be able to spot, LOL.

A story about a sick cat and a jerk especially to thank bongsd who has helped me tremendously in screen capping Boss & Me:) She generously asked me to share this adorable short story with all of you so do you like it? Since we’ve been serving gourmet meal, I feel a change in diet is needed so I am serving you fast food:P  It is a bit too short but still very sweet and funny so don’t miss it. The song is also nice and cute.

UPDATE: Lidge found the Viet translation for bongsd so I did this translation for nothing:( But bongsd said if her search skill isn’t poor then my blog’s readers will not get to enjoy this short story:P

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