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Falling Leaves Without Trace (叶落无痕) Radio Drama with English Subtitles (Part 2)

Did you enjoy Part 1 of the radio drama? Part 2 is really time-consuming to translate because it is long, depressing and I have to translate a poem at the end:( I need a week to recover from all these sadness. Phong, you owe me a big one:P Do you have problem accessing tudou because I think some readers just read my subtitles without listening to the radio drama which is a lot less interesting. By the way, anyone know the name of that sad song at around 6.30 min?

Some may feel the female lead is too pathetic yet I do admire the way she can love the male lead so blindly and deeply. After listening to Part 1, I feel the male lead is so cold and calculating. But I start to warm up to him in Part 2 with his steadfastness and devotion. He just doesn’t know how to love until it is too late, so sad. I know the story is rather cliché and is as old as time but it is still relevant and relatable. Life is transient so appreciate and cherish your loved ones before it is too late !!!

I like the theme song of this radio drama very much. Some of you might have heard of it before but you know I am such a frog under the well, lol. It is called If I Become a Memory. You can find the English translated lyrics here. Wallace and his drama Too Late To Say I Love You have nothing to do with this radio drama except I like the fan-made MV song as well as Wallace. It is too late for Xiao Hun in the radio drama to say I love you to Si Ying:(

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Falling Leaves Without Trace (叶落无痕) Radio Drama with English Subtitles – Part 1

OMG, I have never translated something so melancholy before. This is a one-off only to return a favour to a loyal reader. Although she only asked me to translate part 2, I can’t do the ending without the beginning so I will do both and share with everyone. Don’t ask me to translate anymore ancient or sad novel:P Also, please forgive me for any error or omission as it is rather difficult to translate a radio drama without a script:(

A word of warning, this story is rather sad, similar to Fei Wo Si Cun and Korea melodrama style so get ready your tissues as I cried buckets:( Like me, you may need to listen to Shan Shan’s radio drama to recover yourself. Although this is a typical sad short story, it is a well-written and produced radio drama with lots of nice and slow songs and music so do give it a try. The broadcasters are also very good. You need to listen to the radio drama to feel for the story. Just reading my translation is insufficient!!! It is similar to watching a good movie except you need to visualize your leads. Thus, I have included a fan-made MV with Hu Ge and Liu Shi Shi to help you along:)

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