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How Your Favourite Novelists Look Like? – Part 1


Have you ever wondered how your favourite Chinese novelists look like? I have decided to become a private detective like Sherlock Holmes for a few days to research and dig out their photos for you. I have tried my best but I cannot guarantee all those pictures are real. Some authors have many pictures available online and I have chosen those which look the most natural and clear. Curiosity kills the cat so you’ve been warned:P

Do your favourite authors look like your imaginations? Are you shocked or surprised by their photos? There are more to come so stay tune for Part 2 if you are curious to know how Feng Nong who is the author of A Lonesome Fragrance Waiting to be Appreciated and Fresh Gor Gor who is the author of Hua Qian Gu plus many others look like.

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Challenge 2: The Most Romantic Scene

First and foremost, I think I have to apologise for the serious case of MIA. Unfortunately, it can’t be helped since my job in Real Life has exploded left right and center; last week, our boss sent an e-mail telling us to “rest well” this weekend because next three weeks is going to be the “choke point”. I think it is more of “you should finish whatever work you can this weekend so that you have hope of going home during the next three weeks.

So Peanuts (and by extension, Lidge :D) will have to hold down the fort here until I can see the light of day again. But I will try to put in at least a monthly appearance with the Monthly Challenges.

Anyway, back to more interesting and entertaining topics, this week we’re going to discuss what we feel are the most romantic scene(s) in C-novels (I know that the challenge is “THE” most romantic scenes, but given that this is our blog and our challenge, we’re playing by our rules – anyway, who will actually complain about getting more than one scene here?) And as a SPECIAL bonus, Peanuts have joined in the game, and added her opinions below.

And if you’re thinking why isn’t it “Most Favourite Male Character this month”, the answer is also the our-blog-our-challenge line/rationale again. We/I will do whatever we fancy, whenever we fancy it instead of being tied down to a schedule. :P. And the surprise keeps things interesting too, no? But if you’re really wondering when the “Most Favourite Male Character” Challenge is going to be posted, it’s tentatively next month. Peanuts has dibs on it (and no, she refuse to disclose who are the finalists. 😦  )

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