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My Darling (我的曼达林) — Epilogue and Author’s Afterword *NOVEL COMPLETED*

This is the end of My Darling! Woohoo! This final post contains the epilogue and author’s afterword, which are both only in the printed book (actually, there’s an editor’s afterword, too, but I didn’t include that), as well as some customary closing comments from me.  Thank you to everyone who has been reading along and especially those who dropped an encouraging little comment, even though I haven’t been around this last month to respond.

Ah, to be the son of a celebrity. The little guy is just adorable…

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My Darling (我的曼达林) — Final Chapter Part 2 of 2

Passing on a hello from the author, Mo Bao Fei Bao, who asked me to send her regards to all the readers on this blog of the translated versions of her novel. ❤

A short, cute conclusion to the main story. Only the epilogue to follow!

Their story really did begin long ago…

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My Darling (我的曼达林) — Chapter 8.2

Prior to that moment on the phone when he had begged her to let him try one last time, Jian Bianlin had actually tried once to “ask” Chu Jian to give him a chance. Can you think of when that was? (I admit it. My heart went out to Jian Bianlin when I found out about that, and I choked up a bit.)

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My Darling (我的曼达林) — Chapter 8.1

Some housekeeping stuff first. I am heading to China and, as of next update, will be gone until the end of July. Same vacation procedure as last time, so many of you will be familiar with this.

  • While I am away, you will still get your updates. I have translated the subsequent chapters already and scheduled them to post at the usual posting times of Tuesday/Friday evenings, N. American time. (Forgive me if there are more errors than usual. I’ve tried, but with so many posts to prep, I’m sure I let a lot slip through the cracks. Another round of edits will occur when I return.)
  • Since I’m in China, I may have sporadic access (or no access!) to the blog, so I will not be replying to comments like I usually do. Of course, please don’t let that stop you from commenting. I still promise to read every single one when I’m back but won’t be able to respond individually to them because of sheer volume of backlog. I will be back a few days after the very last chapter for this story is posted. You can put in an @hoju if there is something you specifically want me to respond to when I’m home.
  • Peanuts is also on vacation for the next while, but she has offered to help me keep an eye out to make sure technology actually works and everything gets posted at the correct times. Thanks, Peanuts! 🙂
  • Next/previous chapter links and index may not get updated until I get back. Thanks for your patience on that.

That’s it! See you all in a month-ish!

An evening of reminiscing, and also, the significance of the ring! And LOL at the last thing that Jian Bianlin says in this chapter.

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