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Who Gets the World Part 2: Anger


This is peanuts, a squatter on Hui Er’s blog:P Thanks to her generosity, I’ve an avenue to promote my love for the audio book. If you can understand Mandarin, you must listen to it. My translation cannot do justice to the awesome audio book. I think listening to the audio book is a more rewarding experience compared to reading the novel even if you can read Chinese. What are you waiting for:P?

You can visit ShuShengBar to get more info. If you do not want to be spoiled, stop reading:P You can read my summary for better understanding of the snippet. I’ve included part of AcrossTime’s translation posted in SSB to facilitate better understanding of my translation.

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Who Gets the World Part 1: A Bargain


So, Peanuts – rabid die hard lover of the Ancient/Wuxia epic Who Gets the World – has kindly translated the following scene for everyone’s enjoyment. But really, her intention is to hook more people into listening to the audiobook with her. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more WGTW translations from her

You can visit ShuShengBar’s page on this book to get more info. The audiobook production quality is really high and very enjoyable – it’s almost like listening to a radiodrama. I really love Bai Feng Xi as a character – she’s totally kickass.

Please read the summary before reading this to faciliate your understanding of the novel.

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