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Boss & Me: Fashion & Accessories Pictorial


I’ve decided to put all the clothing and accessory pictures in one post. Instead of doing the standard review, my final post will on the fashion and accessories in the drama.  This is one of those rare drama where you can feast your eyes on the clothes and accessories as you won’t get such an opportunity in You Are My Sunshine as I am sure Yi Chen cannot afford all those international luxury brand names. I’ve made improvement to my previous post and included Shan Shan’s clothes and Feng Teng’s cars in the pictorial as well so do take a peep:)

I am also enclosing this cute fan-made MV with an English song for your enjoyment.

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Boss and Me (杉杉来了): Episode 33 Final Review & Recap



At last, I am posting the final episode but it was written mostly by lidge:) After 32 episodes, I was too tired out and can’t write the last one so I asked lidge, my partner in crime to help me to finish it:) It is very rare for lidge to say yes to my request so you better leave plenty of encouraging comments for her, lol. Actually, I am someone who is rather sentimental and don’t like to say goodbye or don’t know how to say goodbye so I’ve decided not to write an overall review since I’ve written nearly everything in my episode reviews and recaps. As cover pictures, I’ve included nearly all the kisses and pinches to remember the wonderful time we had in watching this drama:)  You can google for other reviews as there are about more than 5 online. But I’ll do a final post on the drama so stay tune:P Thank you for reading & commenting. See you again in You Are My Sunshine🙂

I got duped:( That silly tv channel withheld 5 mins of the drama to be shown on the following day so I thought I’ll get an episode:( But I only got the last 5 mins of Shan Shan reminiscing about her relationship then she goes to the rooftop to meet Feng Teng to watch the New Year Eve’s fireworks together. My my, what anti-climax. That is such a subdue ending? No banquet? No wedding gown like the typical idol drama? I feel kind of disappointed:( According to the rumor mill in baidu, there maybe a sequel but don’t quote me on it. I’ll tell you if that is really true as this drama is rather well-received in China so I won’t be surprised if they’ll film one. But it won’t be really following the novel so I ‘ve my reservation on it. Moreover, sequels are nearly never good or better than the original so maybe better to leave us with the best memories.

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Boss and Me (杉杉来了): Episode 31 & 32 Review & Recap


These 2 episodes are basically about Shan Shan trying to earn money to repay Feng Teng the money Liu Liu’s boyfriend has run away with. During the progress, she starts to grow up to take notice of Feng Teng’s weaknesses, to be more confident, assertive, smarter and more business savvy to match Feng Teng’ better.

Where in the world has peanuts gone? Peanuts has been busy subbing at Since the manager has uploaded and started subbing, I’ll try to incorporate my mini-subs in there to help them to speed up. But lidge said, it’ll probably finish right before You Are My Sunshine’ is broadcast. Well, with friend like her, who needs enemy, lol?

Another housekeeping matter is bongsd isn’t thrill that her screen captures have been floating on the internet without credit. We don’t own the copyright to the drama but she did spend time and effort to capture and arrange those pictures nicely. She didn’t put any stamp on them because it’ll make the pictures look less perfect. We don’t mind sharing but please acknowledge her hard work, clap clap:)

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Boss and Me (杉杉来了): Episode 30 Review & Recap


This episode is basically about the prenuptial agreement and meeting the parents. Shan Shan gets her reassurance that Feng Teng does intend to marry her and grow old with her. He also wants to have children with her. Actually, for the book purists, you can treat this as the ending of the drama as it follows the book rather closely. The next 3 episodes deviate substantially from the novel.

I’ve translated the theme song of the drama into English. It is called Promise of the Wind (Fēng Zhī Nuò Yán). In Chinese, wind is pronounced as Feng but the Feng in Feng Teng’s name does not mean wind. It is just a surname. However, the Feng in his company’s name means wind. Hence, you can say, the promise of the wind is Feng Teng’s promise to Shan Shan. Oh, the song is so sweet and appropriate. At the beginning I didn’t really like the song but I’ve since eaten back my words and like it very much now. Bongsd even has it as her ring tone, lol.  I’ve also included the 3 other songs in the drama and will translate 2 of them into English later. I’ve also found a fan-made MV to share with you here if you still can’t get enough of the drama, LOL.

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Boss and Me (杉杉来了): Episode 29 Review & Recap


Firstly, I want to repeat myself and write this one final time: THERE IS CURRENTLY NO ENGLISH SUBTITLES ONLINE AT ALL!!!  In view that this drama is so popular, there is high possibility that will sub it eventually so go and check their website often. If you can’t wait, reading our novel translation and/or my episode reviews will help you to understand the most important parts of the drama.

I’ve been slacked so I only managed to write an episode. It is mainly about Shan Shan’s doubts as to whether Feng Teng is marrying her because of the false pregnancy or he really loves her and wants to marry her. By the end of the episode, we’ve a formal proposal to clear all her insecurities. Continue reading


Boss and Me (杉杉来了): Episode 28 Review & Recap


This episode deserves a post by itself because it is a very sweet and special episode. It is packed with so much cuteness and fluffiness until you may end up having a toothache, haha…..This is a must watch episode so make sure you don’t miss or skip it. Thank you to all the readers who’ve contributed pictures and opinions. I still have 5 more episodes to review but I am warning you that I may be slow because the euphoria has died down with the ending of the drama. Also, I need plenty of time to produce a quality post. But I’ll definitely finish it and edit the first 6 episodes as well. To celebrate the ending of the drama, you can re-watch all the kisses here, LOL

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Boss and Me (杉杉来了): Episode 26 & 27 Review & Recap


Episode 26 is about Shan Shan and Feng Teng’s reconciliation. Clap! Clap! What a heartfelt confession on when he started to like Shan Shan. Then, we have more of their sweet and mushy interactions, especially the love letter incident. Melanie was complaining that Shan Shan doesn’t have a true admirer in the novel and she hopes the drama will rectified that but no luck:( Also, I am enclosing the youtube link for the song, sang by the band Dish which you’ll frequently hear in the drama.

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Boss and Me (杉杉来了): Episode 23 to 25 Review & Recap


Episode 23 is all sweet and cute about Shan Shan wanting to take the CPA exam, just like the novel. Whereas episodes 24 and 25 are additional to the novel to fill the drama with some angst. I don’t really like angst but I guess they are needed to make the relationship grows stronger by putting some obstacles in their way. Nobody has a smooth sailing life, not even someone rich & handsome like Feng Teng. It is also to squeeze a few drops of tears from bongsd, haha….Nope, I didn’t cry because it is not really sad or am I being too unemotional:P?

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Boss and Me (杉杉来了): Episode 19 to 22 Review & Recap


In order to catch up, I am combining 4 episodes together in 1 post since episodes 20, 21 and the beginning of 22 don’t have much on the OTP.  Thus, everything will be rather summarized and brief from their cold war to their reconciliation. The shoe shop scene is also one of my favorite , showing the high and mighty Feng Teng willing to bend himself to take off Shan Shan’s boot, LOL. I also have a present for you. If you are wondering what is the name of the English song that has been played many times in the drama, it is called Roll the Dice by Gao Shan. Haha, she is also called Shan:P

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Boss and Me (杉杉来了): Episode 17 & 18 Review & Recap


These 2 episodes are basically about eat, eat and eat somemore, LOL. Shan Shan still feels insecured with the relationship but they are eating their way to strengthen it. Firstly, Feng Teng openly declares their dating relationship. Then, he finds her an apartment to stay and brings her around to introduce her as his girlfriends. Still plenty of sweet and cute scenes, so don’t skip these 2 episodes. Oh, 3 more nights left only and we’ve to say goodbye to the drama:(

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