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You’re My Glory (你是我的荣耀) – Chapter 36

This is the second last chapter and we don’t even have Yu Tu 😦 Anyway, it is okay since Jing Jing is more popular lol. The final chapter is rather long and I’ve not even started translating it so you better come back two weeks later.

I’ve people asking me whether they can translate my translated novels into another language. I don’t own the copyright to those novels so I am not in a position to give any kind of permission. Because I’ve translated those novels from the original Chinese novels, I would prefer any further translation to be based on the original Chinese novel and not my translation. More will be lost in translation to a different language. If you insist on using my translation as the basis, I hope you take the time and put in the effort to translate them properly and accurately.

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You’re My Glory (你是我的荣耀) – Chapter 35

Alas, Jing Jing and Yu Tu will meet again in the most unlikely of places. Don’t worry, our real mother Gu Man will only write HE novels 🙂 Final 3 chapters countdown will start now.

Recruitment time for  If you read Chinese novels or listen to Chinese audio books. Also, if your English is reasonably good. In addition, if you are interested to translate Chinese book synopsis into English and post it in SSB with or without a review, please leave me a comment. For those who frequently visit SSB, you might notice that I seldom translate book synopsis nowadays.  I didn’t even bother to translate the synopsis for this novel. This is because I am annoyed at some websites, which used my translated synopsis without crediting me or SSB. I might as well use translated synopsis from other websites and credit them, to save myself the time, effort and emotion. So, if you post any synopsis in SSB, be prepared to have it used elsewhere without proper credit when the book is being translated into English or adapted into a drama.

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You’re My Glory (你是我的荣耀) – Chapter 34

The place where Gu Man’s mum grew up is called Jing Tang (Whale Pond). It is a township under Yixing (the city where Gu Man was born and is living now). When she was young, she didn’t think that one day she’ll suddenly find this name to be so beautiful and full of romantic imagination. Travel to Whale Pond ~~~
She wanted to let you experience it ~ So she borrowed the name Jing City.

I am enclosing a picture of the bridge in Whale Pond for you to experience it 🙂

This chapter is mainly on the content of the letters. I don’t think they can be considered as love letters lol.

If you are still in the dark, SSB had been relaunched under the new name . Please bookmark it. There are still a lot of work to be done to update and improve the book bar so be patient.

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You’re My Glory (你是我的荣耀) – Chapter 33

As promised, SSB is up and running now during Lantern Festival in the West lol. The new address is, don’t go to the wrong site 😛 A big thank you to Amy for doing all the hard work. Also, give me some time to update and catch up since the bar is more than half a year behind 😦

Happy Lantern Festival to those who celebrate. You asked for it. There is Jing Jing in this chapter but no Yu Tu 😦 Instead there is Su Ye, Jing Jing’s ex-boyfriend. Haha, why the two people Jing Jing and Yu Tu dated are so full of themselves? I guess you’ve to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince 😛

I didn’t realize until wished Fanatical Happy 6th Anniversary today. OMG, how time flies that my beloved blog is already in kindergarten lol. As for Shushengbar, I’ve found a hosting company and set it up. Unfortunately it didn’t work so I’ve asked the hosting company for help to fix it so we are not there yet but not far from it 🙂

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You’re My Glory (你是我的荣耀) – Chapter 32

By right, you would be feeling sad and I’ll be feeling happy because the last 5 chapters countdown will begin 😛 But Gu Man posted 7 new epilogues on Chinese New Year’s Eve and more will come. This means we won’t be saying good-bye to Jing Jing and Yu Tu for a while, happy or not lol?

This chapter should be aptly titled “Love Letters to Jing Jing”. Before the advancement in technology, I used to be very happy when I received letters, especially the nice stationery. Although slow, it is more exciting than receiving an email. For those who miss Jing Jing, she’ll be back next week.

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You’re My Glory (你是我的荣耀) – Chapter 31

Happy Lunar/Chinese New Year to those who’ll be celebrating. This is the year of the pig, a good year for lazy people like lidge lol. Gu Man also wished everyone Happy Chinese New Year. She wished all of you good health in the new year and feeling sweet all year round!

In this chapter, Yu Tu takes a trip down memory lane. The gap between Jing Jing and him has always been big. I am wondering if my old desktop computer is still in the garage but I am too lazy to go & search. Otherwise it might be interesting to read up my old chat history in ICQ lol.

I’ve got the password to download SSB’s SQL database yet I failed to do so after many attempts. It could be because SSB’s domain name has changed. Hence, SSB cannot be restored on the first day of Chinese New Year. I am aiming to sort this out by the Lantern Festival which can be considered as the Chinese equivalent of Valentine’s Day.

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You’re My Glory (你是我的荣耀) – Chapter 30

Unfortunately, still no Jing Jing this week. Instead we’ve Xia Qing. Now we know why Yu Tu chose her. I don’t like her but her character was written rather realistically by Gu Man. Fortunately, the novel will have a happy ending. For those who left me comments, don’t worry and wait patiently for how Gu Man will let them end up together 🙂

Opps, forgot to mention, Happy Belated Birthday Bong !!! Her birthday is very easy to remember because it is on Australia Day lol.

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