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MY DARLING (Completed)

MY DARLING (Completed)

Popular idol artiste, Jian Bianlin, had a girl whom he grew up with and loved for a long time.
But she… had turned down his love confession, and constantly so over the years at that.

When he was still a youth, he fell for her. He wanted to be close to her, to be together, as a couple, with her, and to wordlessly watch over her.
Even though he was now an idol of the people, a brilliant shining star sought after by the masses, none of this could compare to her smiling face.
He truly wanted to take his heart out for her so that she could see, apart from her, who else could possibly be held in there?

That childhood friend would not come around? That was fine. He continued his pursuit. And at long last, he had his happy ending.
“I’ve… never had a girlfriend. It’s my first time in a relationship. I’ll appreciate any guidance and comments,” that idol modestly stated.
“As long as you don’t do anything to hurt or betray me, from now onward, I will never initiate breaking up with you,” she replied solemnly.

As Mr. Qian Zhongshu[1] once said, “Hereafter for us, there shall be no absence in life, only parting in death.”


[1] 钱钟书. Qian Zhongshu (1910-1998) was a Chinese scholar and writer known for his outstanding literary and scholarly achievements.

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