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Life: A Black and White Film (一生一世,黑白影画) — Epilogue *NOVEL COMPLETED*

As promised, I set up a post in which you can write some words to the author of this story, Mo Bao Fei Bao. They will be gathered and made into a gift for her. If you are interested, click here.

With this post, this novel translation has officially come to an end. Woohoo! Last post contains the epilogue and a few customary closing thoughts from me, including a few of my own personal thoughts on the story and the character of Cheng Muyun. Thanks for all those who joined in on the ride or will be joining in. 🙂

This epilogue brings in a couple of well-loved characters from one of the author’s other books (unfortunately, I have not gotten to translating that book yet). The fight against darkness is still long from ending, so there is no need to try to make everything so clear and defined. While you can, enjoy life and what you have, and be drunken until your head is graced by white.

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Life: A Black and White Film (一生一世,黑白影画) — The End (Part 2)

The conclusion! Hoju’s promise is always a happy ending, remember? Only one more update, the epilogue, to follow. 🙂

Cheng Muyun had resigned himself to loneliness, but perhaps Wen Han truly was sent to him by Heaven, for never again will either of them be alone.

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Life: A Black and White Film (一生一世,黑白影画) — Chapter 15.4

Attention Mo Bao Fei Bao international fans: I am trying to gauge interest here. I am working with some Chinese fans to put together a little gift for MBFB. The plan is a booklet that contains fans’ favourite lines from her novels and also any words and well wishes that you might want to send her. We would love to have her international fans participate in this. It would be quite simple. Let me know a quote or two from any one of her novels (it can be from the English translation) that you love, and then say some words to her. It can be literally just a few words or it can be paragraphs, and feel free to write away in English. If need be, I will translate it, but MBFB’s English is actually quite good, though she denies it vehemently. LOL. Would any of you be interested in doing something like this? If there is enough interest, I will set up a separate post for this and gather all of your words to pass on. Please let me know in the comments of this post if this is something that you would participate in. 🙂

I don’t often use photographs for the title pic of a post, but this one truly evokes “Cheng Muyun” to me.

This chapter was quite interesting to translate and to capture the feel from the original text. The emotions are not blatant, but if you dwell upon the chapter, you’ll find they are there and ache the heart. And mine ached, for Cheng Muyun, and for those others. Everyone will have their story. This, here, is at last a close on this chapter of Cheng Muyun’s life. What did he have to do? What was the price he had to pay? Good? Evil? Who can say?

(I purposely have not been leaving “additional comments,” which, longtime readers may know, is not typical of me. LOL. I do have lots of thoughts, but I’m holding them to not bias you or give spoilers. Perhaps, at the end, I will not be able to contain them all and spill out some. But only at the very end. Tehe, it may turn out to be a long babble to myself.)

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Life: A Black and White Film (一生一世,黑白影画) — Chapter 15.3

Birthday week day 7 of 7! And this is the end of birthday week! Thanks for all who stopped by, and again, thank you for all your support over these last five years! Black and White Film updates will revert back to the regular posting schedule of Tuesday/Friday evenings, N. American time. Cheers, and wishing for many more years with you guys. ❤

So now, the mystery is already completely solved, right? Or is it? 😉

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Life: A Black and White Film (一生一世,黑白影画) — Chapter 15.1

Birthday week day 5 of 7. Happy Lunar New Year from Peanuts and me to all of our readers! Wishing health and joy to you and your loved ones in this Year of the Dog!

So abruptly, he’s gone. Did he leave anything behind? And what about Wen Han’s suspicions of Cheng Jiayi?

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Life: A Black and White Film (一生一世,黑白影画) — Chapter 14.3

Birthday week day 3 of 7.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Unfortunately, I don’t have a lovey-dovey post to provide on this day. Far from it, in fact. But it is an extra long update. 🙂 Thank goodness it’s birthday week with daily updates, and we can get through this part quickly. 🙂

The scene is familiar, but roles have switched.

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Life: A Black and White Film (一生一世,黑白影画) — Chapter 14.2

Birthday week day 2 of 7. And furthermore, February 13 is the birthday of the author of this story. Happy birthday, Mo Bao Fei Bao!!!

As Wen Han said, everything is about to begin. Will Cheng Muyun get to carry out his plan?

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