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Three Lives Three Worlds Meet Hua Xu Yin Mini-Special – Part 12


Yeah, it is three lives, three worlds special time! This week we have got guests who time travel from Hua Xu Yin. I’ve translated some sugar sweet scripts as well as some sour like lemons one to offer you a more balanced reading experience, heehee…Also, the first one is written by me, nice or not, haha?

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Three Lives Three Worlds Epilogue: Spoof on Little Dough’s Great Name


I found this cartoon in the 10 Miles of Peach Blossom artbook. It is based on an epilogue which hamster didn’t translate. Thus I will do the translation since it is short. I want to try my hand at translating at least a small part of Tang Qi’s book:) So, here is another goody to make your wait for part 2 of Book 1 of The Pillow Book more bearable:P Bai Qian wanted to change 团子’s (Tuan Zi meaning little dumpling) name to 黒子 (Hei Zi meaning black son) but our poor little dough didn’t like it 😦

Note: The translator for 10 Miles of Peach Blossom called hamster translated Ye Hua’s POV but she had taken her translation offline. Thus, please contact her directly for a copy. If you search hard enough, you’ll also find an illegal copy or two online (don’t ask me for the link since it is illegal).

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Three Lives Three Worlds (三生三世) Mini-Special – Part 11


Anyone miss my 3L3W specials:P? Actually I wanted to stop translating as I am getting bored with it. I think my readers are also feeling likewise. However, Lidge was reading The Pillow Book and we had some very interesing and funny discussions on it. This reignites my love flame so here is another instalment to tide you over till hamster comes back from her holi:) FYI, the last one is written by me, heehee….

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Mini-Special on Tang Qi’s Ancient Novels – Part 10


I am doing something different this week. I won’t be focusing on any character but I will be featuring all of Tang Qi’s ancient novels. For those who did not read Hua Xu Yin, don’t worry as you can still understand the special. All you need to know is the protagonists in Hua Xu Yin are Su Yu (also known as Mu Yan) and Ye Zhen (also known as A Fu). They are a sweet & loving pair with an adorable pet tiger called xiao huang who loves to eat roast chicken. All the sub-plots in Hua Xu Yin can be considered sad tragedies:(  Nonetheless there is also some dry humour in that book which is Tang Qi’s trademark:)

I need to reiterate most of these specials are originally written by Tang Qi’s many talented fans in baidu. I only search, read, understand, compile, sort, translate, edit and modify with my ‘poetic license’:P

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Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Mini-Special (Ye Hua & Bai Qian Edition) – Part 8


Due to popular request, we’ve a mini-special on Ye Hua this week. I can’t do Ye Hua without Bai Qian so the two of them are featured together. All the pictures are taken from the artbook which hamster has just bought & I plan to buy. Aren’t they pretty?

Do you think Ye Hua look handsome? Is he better looking or Mo Yuan? Do they really look alike??? I feel Ye Hua is better looking than our Dijun:) Well, at least he has black hair and is a lot younger, haha…Plus he is definitely a better cook. The only downside is he does not have ice face’s brand of dry humour:P

I think I heard in Baidu that there will be a fourth 3L3W book on Mo Yuan. In fact according to rumour, Tang Qi might skip book 3 on Lian Song & Cheng Yu and write Book 4 instead. Oh, please don’t abandon my rogue Lian Song:(

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Three Lives Three Worlds Mini-Special (Children Edition) – Part 5


Since the cute and adorable little dough is a clear favourite with many 3L3W fans, I decide to do a post entirely devoted to him. Happy, haha? Lidge, this post is to reward you for all your hard work in translating Shan Shan:) I am sure most of you can guess who will be my focus for the next part, lol.

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Tang Qi Gong Zi’s Books Mini-Special – Part 4


Yeh, little dough is back with his good friend Bai Gun Gun:) If you don’t know, he is the unborn son of Dong Hua & Feng Jiu. As usual, we’ve an adorable Dijun who provides much of the laughter:P

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Three Lives Three Worlds (三生三世) Mini-Special – Part 3


Today is the ‘full moon’ birthday of my baby blog so I am posting Part 3 as a thank you gift for your support:) Part 3 of the specials will focus more on Lian Song, a favourite with Mei, hamster & me:P He is the male lead in 3L3W Book 3 – Bu Shen Lian (Lotus). He likes Cheng Yu who tells the little dough all the naughty things he shouldn’t know. Dong Hua and him are best buddies. Bu Shen Lian has been posted online up to chapter 3 only and Tang Qi will resume writing it in Sept. Thus we’ll only get to read it in 2014:( Sorry Lidge, no little dough here but he’ll make a comeback in Part 4:). FYI, some of the specials are not written by Tang Qi but her talented fans. Anyway, they are all witty & funny so enjoy them !

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Tang Qi Gong Zi’s Books Mini-Special – Part 2


Part 2 of the specials include characters from Tang Qi’s other books, Hua Xu Yin and Twice Blooming Flower. Hua Xu Yin is currently being filmed into a drama with Kevin Cheng, Yuan Hong and Jiang Xin. However, it’ll not be following the novel closely, so go to Chenguang’s orchard if you are interested to read the English translation. You can also find some snippets by Hui Er on this blog. There is no English translation for Twice Blooming Flower but you can get more information from the book bar. You can still enjoy the specials without reading these two books but it’ll be much more enjoyable if you’ve read them. Enjoy !

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Three Lives Three Worlds (三生三世) Mini-Special – Part 1


For fans of Three Lifes, Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms who miss the book and little dough. Also, for fans of Three Lifes, Three Worlds, The Pillow Book who are patiently waiting for the English translation. A big thank you to hamster for translating both books to English. I found some mini specials and want to share them with fans of both books. I can’t read Chinese so there might be errors or omissions in my translation, so please don’t lodge a complain:) If you want to rant or rave about the books, you can come & visit peanuts at the book bar. Hope you enjoy them !

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