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Hua Xu Yin (华胥引) – Introduction and Chapter 2.1


Hi everyone. As Peanuts would be quick to point out, nobody knows me now so I must reintroduce myself. I am hui3r, the shadowy landlord of this blog who disappeared into Real Life for far too long. But now I am back, in bits. And I thank everyone for supporting this blog. And definitely to Peanuts for keeping it alive!

The C-Novel bug has once again bitten me, which led to my resurfacing (among other factors). After much discussion with Peanuts (and much wiffy-waffing around on my part), I have decided to continue translating Hua Xu Yin by Tang Qi Gong Zi. As some of you might know, I had originally translated some bits and pieces and Chenguang had picked up the translating project. However, seeing that she had been on hiatus for quite a while and I have not received any response from her regarding this project, I am now continuing this project alone.

Peanuts has done a brilliant job so far of summarising the sub-stories for everyone’s enjoyment. So what we have decided to do (again, after much discussion with Peanuts and wiffy-waffing around on my part) is to translate the main story which relates to Jun Fu and Mu Yen. We will link up with the sub-story summaries and add scene translations where appropriate. We decided to this so that we can hopefully make faster progress on completing Jun Fu and Mu Yen’s story first.

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50 Most Influential Chinese Romance Internet Novels


I am back, anyone miss me, lol? I could have posted this earlier but was waiting for Lidge’s comments. I think because she has been reading Gu Man’s latest book so she is slow like a tortise, haha…I am following up on my top 35 Guys with 50 Influential Novels. There is a bit of overlap. I don’t really agree with some of their rankings or inclusion but to each its own. I have not read a fair bit of them especially the ancient novels but Lidge is worse than me, haha. Okay, all shall be unveiled now………….

[Hui3r – Just came back from a long hiatus, so hijacked this post for a bit to add in my two cents. peanuts recced me some books she wont touch with a 10 foot pole for various reasons, but I dutifully finished. x____x]

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Hua Xu Yin Summary Part 2 – Ying Ge’s Story (华胥引- 十三月)


This is my favourite sub-story. This is also the story with the most fan-made MVs so they confirmed my good taste, lol. What can I say except fate can work for you but it can also work against you. This story is really sad yet I can see silver lining because they met each other and got to spend the best parts of their short but sweet life together. It somehow reflects the fate of the main protagonists of the novel but with a difference.

I am not sure I agree with Rong Yuan’s unilateral decision to die alone and not spend the rest of his remaining life with his loved one. He may perceive what he has done are all for her own good but what did she think? This story is so much more touching because their ending is inevitable but it is by no means due to their character flaws like the other three sub-stories. Rong Yuan is also a favourite male lead with many readers as he is protective and devoted. On the other hand, his nephew Rong Xun is the most hated character in the novel, even worse than Shen An. Thus, I don’t want to read an epilogue from his point of view.

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Hua Xu Yin Summary Part 1 – Song Ning’s Story (华胥引- 浮生尽)


Since the drama adaptation will be rather different from the novel, I have decided to do five summaries, one main story and four sub-stories. I have also included pictures from the official pictorial album which I have bought. In addition, I have included translation of a fan-made MV so you can enjoy the story better with visual aid. Because I cannot read the Chinese subtitles and with my limited language skill, there will be errors and omissions in the translation.

The first sub-story is on Song Ning & Shen An. Before you start watching the fan-made MV, you should read the summary in Koala’s Playground  and comment in Mookie’s blog to gain an understanding of this sub-story.

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How Your Favourite Novelists Look Like? – Part 1


Have you ever wondered how your favourite Chinese novelists look like? I have decided to become a private detective like Sherlock Holmes for a few days to research and dig out their photos for you. I have tried my best but I cannot guarantee all those pictures are real. Some authors have many pictures available online and I have chosen those which look the most natural and clear. Curiosity kills the cat so you’ve been warned:P

Do your favourite authors look like your imaginations? Are you shocked or surprised by their photos? There are more to come so stay tune for Part 2 if you are curious to know how Feng Nong who is the author of A Lonesome Fragrance Waiting to be Appreciated and Fresh Gor Gor who is the author of Hua Qian Gu plus many others look like.

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50 Most Loving Couples in Chinese Novels Pictorials


I have posted influential novels as well as attractive male characters and favourite male characters poll results. I am not going to post attractive female characters because I strongly disagree with most of the rankings. Instead, I am going to post 50 most loving couples. I am also not really satisfied with this rankings.  Where are my Yun Ge & Ling gege or Yu’er & Huo Qu Bing? There is only 1 couple each from Tong Hua and Xin Yi Wu’s novels and none from Fei Wo Si Cun’s novels. However, the couples from Big Grey Wolf With Wings’ novels are over-represented and I don’t fancy most of them. In addition, there is a BL couple. I will not be writing any comment in this post, as you can read them in my previous posts but I expect you to make plenty:P I am posting some loving pictures for you to drool on, lol. I have painstakingly searched for the most appropriate pictures as I find the pictures from the source material are not good enough.

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100 Most Attractive Male Characters in Chinese Internet Novels – Part 2


This has quite a lot of overlaps with the top 35 favourite male characters. You go and spot how many of them appear in both so you’ll know who are the popular and well-loved ones. A special mention must be given to Feng Teng, my Shan Shan’s beloved Big Boss, lol. Now, you know my self-interest in posting this article, heehee….If you are curious as to who is that ancient guy in the featured image, he is Rong Zhi (Feng Qui Huang). As for the handsome couple starring at you, they are Wei Wei & Xiao Nai (Just One Smile is Very Alluring). As usual, I only know about half of the books so no comments on those I don’t know which may be updated later.

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