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Three Lives Three Worlds Mini- Special (Dong Feng Edition) – Part 16

Wah, Dong Hua and Feng Jiu won the favourite couple poll by a landslide. Thus, you are rewarded with a special on the most loved couple. According to Tang Qi’s official weibo, she will finish writing the draft for The Pillow Book 2 today as a birthday gift to her editor. Thus we won’t need to wait much longer for the publication of the book.

I also have a gift for my readers which is a Chinese fan-made MV with English subtitles. Actually Lidge and I have translated that sometime ago without putting the subtitles in a MV. The dialogue in the MV are included in that post. A big thank you to Phong Nhi for helping me to put the subtitles and uploaded it to youtube. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival, everyone! Enjoy looking at the moon and eating mooncake:)

This time, we will have a poll as to whether you like Dong Hua Dijun or Bai Feng Jiu better.

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Who Gets the World Part 3: Relationship


I am posting my final scene translation of my favourite book. Since I’ve translated half of it a long time ago, I might as well not waste it. Thus, I’ve finished my translation which has taken me a long time. This snippet highlights the ambiguity of the male and female leads relationship as well as a light-hearted interlude on the female lead’s feline phobia, lol. I can’t stop singing praises of the excellent quality of the audiobook as it is finished except the epilogues.Thank you for reading and hopefully you will give the book a try if you can read Chinese or understand Mandarin. Read my summary with spoilers for a better understanding of this snippet.

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Hua Qian Gu (The Journey of Flower) Novel Summary & Spoilers – 仙侠奇缘之花千骨


Please direct any enquiries or comments to lidge who is a HQG as well as WH’s expert :This is my personal blog so I am entitled to write my bias opinion. I do not like the novel so I did not finish the novel or watch the drama. You have the freedom to disagree with me in a constructive and polite manner. But any rude comment which amounts to personal attack will be deleted.

This book is ranked number 9 on the old top 100 Chinese Romance Novels poll which you can find on hamster’s blog. However I have never really like xian xia book because they are the hardest to understand. I am probably doing this feature to bash Bai Zi Hua so you have been warned. Serendipity said my teacher phobia is well-known in shusheng bar, haha. For your information, I have only heard 20% of the story but I have read the summary. Currently, I am waiting for the better quality audio book to be released.

I’ve written a summary including the ending, so you will be spoiled. I have also included some of the most memorable quotations spoken by the lead characters as well as an English translated MV. Actually I feel this is one of the better written xian xia book, definitely better than Chong Zi, thanks to the awesome supporting males and a little worm, lol.  I drafted this feature a long time ago but it has taken me ages to finish it so please excuse its poor quality as I have forgotten a lot of stuff:(

According to what I have read the leads for the drama adaptation have been decided. Zhao Li Ying will be Hua Qian Gu and Wallace Huo will be Bai Zi Hua. The drama will be quite different from the novel because the setting will change from xian xia to wuxia. For your information Hui3r is a devoted Wallace Huo’s fan:P Also, make sure you read queenanon’s comments below because she has written very detailed review and analysis of the novel. She is a superfan of this novel so her writings are heaps better than mine.

Latest Update: According to my source who is crazy about this drama as well as Wallace, Hua Qian Gu will be filmed as a fantasy drama just like the novel but they will also film some wuxia parts. Thus, if the fantasy drama doesn’t pass SARFT’s censorship, then they’ll re-edit it to be a wuxia drama in order to be aired on tv. However, the fantasy version which is exactly like the novel will be released to overseas audience. A looney WH’s fan is translating the book into English so if you want to read it, click here.

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Three Lives Three Worlds Mini- Special (Couples Edition) – Part 15


This week mini-special will be on the five couples in Three Live Three Worlds. Do you know all of them? I’ve also included a poll to select the most loved couple. I guess the winner will be either Ye Hua & Bai Qian or Dong Feng pair. Anyway, this is just for fun only, so no hard feeling except maybe Dijun will take out his Cang He sword if he doesn’t win the poll, lol. I bet most of you don’t know who is Shao Wan. She is the ancestor goddess of the Ghoul Clan (Xiao Yan’s ancestor) and will have a love-hate complicated relationship with Mo Yuan, Bai Qian’s ‘shifu’ and also Ye Hua’s brother.

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Tang Qi’s Books Mini-Special – Part 13


A Happy Belated Children’s Day (1 June) to all my readers who are still a child or a child at heart:) Also, wishing all of you an early Dragon Boat Festival (Duanwu) which will be on 12 June. Peanuts will be going away for about 1 month so there may be little or no update.  Initially I plan to read the Pillow Book 2 during my holiday so I can post spoilers for all of you but unfortunately Tang Qi has postponed the release date from 12 June to the end of July:( Good news for those who wanna see Dong Hua Dijun naked as according to fans in Baidu, there will be ‘boating’ scenes in Book 2, lol. In the meantime, don’t miss me too much:P

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When Spring Ends, I’ll See You Again Novel Introduction & Excerpts


I’ve a request from Thailand (Sa-wat-dee Kah which means hello) to translate the prologue of this xian xia novel but there is no prologue in the book. There is a MV to the prologue so I am translating the dialogue. In addition, I will translate a few interesting excerpts from the novel. To facilitate better understanding of the storyline, I’ve included the synopsis/ intro and summary/ ending from shusheng bar.

For your information this is not my favourite book because of the structure the story is written as well as a less than swoon-worthy male lead. I only know the gist of the story. I will definitely listen to the audiobook later because the female lead is lovely, smart, strong & sweet, my kind of girl. According to Lidge, she feels that this story doesn’t focus on the relationship of the main couple but rather on the maturation of the main female lead through her personal decisions. She loves deeply, works hard for the main male lead to return her affections, recognizes that the supporting male lead had sacrificed so much for her, and in the end, chooses painful reincarnation cycles to repay the kindness of the supporting lead.

What she loves most about this story is the integrity and morals of the female lead, especially her empathy for the supporting male lead because she sees and appreciates him for loving her the way she loves the male lead.  This rarely happens in romance novels because the female lead is usually too preoccupied with her relationship with the male lead to notice anything or anyone else.

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Three Lives Three Worlds Meet Hua Xu Yin Mini-Special – Part 12


Yeah, it is three lives, three worlds special time! This week we have got guests who time travel from Hua Xu Yin. I’ve translated some sugar sweet scripts as well as some sour like lemons one to offer you a more balanced reading experience, heehee…Also, the first one is written by me, nice or not, haha?

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