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Dream of a Floating Life; Promise for Three Lifetimes: The Crown Prince Visits


And so, on Peanuts’ recommendation, I am currently listening to Dream of a Floating Life; Promise for Three Lifetimes. In a typical C-novel fashion, I am both hilariously amused (Peanuts promised that after Episode 5, I will laugh till I die. While I have not passed on, I admit that it was a close call) and teary-eyed sad. And I have just passed the halfway point. I’m just bracing myself for full on Angst ahead.

The story revolves around 3 characters: The immortal Ye Xiao (her given name means smile or laugh, which really is too happy since her full time occupation seems to be having her heart broken), Bai Li Jun Hua, the Master of Penglai Island, who spends most of the story pining and searching for his lost love and Liu Hua Xuan, a powerful immortal of the same standing with the Heavenly Emperor who once betrayed Ye Xiao. Without giving too much away, the story basically tells of the love and relationship entanglements between these three immortals, which take place across all the realms. It’s hard to give a summary because their love lives are really so messy – chronologically, Ye Xiao meets Liu Hua Xuan first and he is her first love. But we meet Ye Xiao with Bai Li Jun Huang in the story first, so I’m naturally more attached to him. 😛

The following scene takes place during their “second lifetime” and the reason why Peanuts promised that I will “laugh until I die”. If you are looking for a fast paced and short (only 46 chapters in the audiobook!) listen/read, this is quite a good blitz so far. Of course, when I started translating this, I was at Chapter 24? Now I’m at Chapter 44 and the story’s drawing to a close. I might do a more informative review later when I have had time to digest how I feel. The last 6 chapters is gut wrenching but Peanuts promised a happy ending so I shall finish it before commenting.

Spoilers ahead, although this is mostly at the start of their second life, which I don’t think spoils the rest of the story. I think it just provides comic relief and also a setting for the when the three main characters came together for the first time.

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