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Poll: Which Novel Should I Translate? (Closed)


The poll is closed and Silent Separation had been chosen as the next translation project.

Since there is only about a quarter of Shan Shan left to be translated, I’ve been thinking which book should I translate next or should I just retire and concentrate on reading my ever increasing pile of novels? Hence, I decide to let my readers exercise their preferences through voting in a poll. See, I am so nice, lol. Most of the books listed are written by Gu Man since I am a fan and you can find further information in the book bar. If you want to vote for other books, leave me a comment but no ancient, sad or long novels. In view that I will be translating a book written in a communist country, I do not necessary translate the book with the most votes. Nonetheless, it’ll form a big part of my consideration.

Thank you to everyone who voted. This is getting interesting. After two days of voting, it seems Silent Separation is going neck to neck with You Dare Marry Me, I Dare Marry You. Hey, don’t mix this book up with the K-drama Marry Him if You Dare ! I am surprised that this book has so many votes. Is it because there is no Viet translation? I wish to inform you that if this book does get translated, it will not be a word for word translation and some parts will be summarised. Anyway, I hope the result will reflect the preference of the majority. Bear in mind, the book with the most votes will not automatically be chosen:P

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I am Pickled Vegetable, You are Fish 我是酸菜,你是鱼 (Pilot Chapter)


I have been reading this novel called I am Pickled Vegetable, You are Fish. It is neither highly rated nor popular but I enjoy the humour in the book:) They crack me up, haha. From the title of the book, you can tell it is about food. Our female lead who is called Xie Ying Zi (meaning heroic) likes to eat, especially pickled vegetable fish which is a very famous Sichuan dish. This book is quite similar to Shan Shan where the staff vs the boss but not as cute or funny. However according to my standard it is still rather good. Ying Zi is smarter and spunkier than Shan Shan. Her interactions and battles with the male lead are rather entertaining and hilarious:)

I have translated the interesting parts of chapter one as an introduction. It will serve as a pilot chapter to see the readers reaction. So, please leave a comment as to what you think about it. If the response is good, I might translate this book after Shan Shan, probably at the end of the year. If I come across a better book between now and then, I’ll also do a pilot chapter. Thus this book might never get translated:P There is no Vietnamese translation so Lidge cannot help me:( Some of the humour might be lost in my translation eg when Ying Zi teases Zhu Meng, the book wrote ‘she is eating his tofu (beancurd)’ which is funny in Mandarin but it will not make sense in English if I do a literal translation. I’ve posted the synopsis and a comment in the book bar.

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