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Life: A Black and White Film (一生一世,黑白影画) — Chapter 14.4

Birthday week day 4 of 7.

I’ve always maintained that though Wen Han is ordinary, she still contains an inner strength. Do you see that here in this scene?

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Life: A Black and White Film (一生一世,黑白影画) — Chapter 14.3

Birthday week day 3 of 7.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Unfortunately, I don’t have a lovey-dovey post to provide on this day. Far from it, in fact. But it is an extra long update. 🙂 Thank goodness it’s birthday week with daily updates, and we can get through this part quickly. 🙂

The scene is familiar, but roles have switched.

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Life: A Black and White Film (一生一世,黑白影画) — Chapter 14.2

Birthday week day 2 of 7. And furthermore, February 13 is the birthday of the author of this story. Happy birthday, Mo Bao Fei Bao!!!

As Wen Han said, everything is about to begin. Will Cheng Muyun get to carry out his plan?

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Life: A Black and White Film (一生一世,黑白影画) — Chapter 14.1

Happy 5th birthday to Fanatical! 🎉🎈🎂🍰 I didn’t come to the blog until a year later, but I am so very happy to have found it. And we here at hui3r are happy that all of you found us, regardless of when in those five years you came. 🙂 Our sincerest thanks for all your support! Here is day 1 of 7 of birthday week posts. 🙂

Their slice of peacefulness must come to an end.

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Life: A Black and White Film (一生一世,黑白影画) — Chapter 13.3

So, in two days, on Monday, February 12, it will be the 5th anniversary of this blog! Wow. As a way of celebrating, for our birthday week of February 12 to 18, I will post daily updates for Black and White Film. (Blog time runs on Beijing time. For those on the other side of the ocean, this may actually begin on the evening of February 11 for you.) Come celebrate with us. 🙂

Cheng Muyun is under surveillance, but he still has his own mission. What do you think he wants to do? And how?

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Life: A Black and White Film (一生一世,黑白影画) — Chapter 13.1

My apologies ahead of time. I will be absent from the blog for a short while and very likely not replying to comments. I am saying goodbye to my doggie and fur baby of 15 years. Will be back when ready. The next several posts have been pre-scheduled, so you will not miss anything. Cheers all. Every day, remind the ones you love just how much you love them.

Sometimes, the things most taken for granted by ordinary people are some of the most precious and longed-after things to other people.

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