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The Road Home (归路) — Chapter 5

This time, we are given a look into adolescent Lu Chen’s life and what kind of family he comes from.

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The Road Home (归路) — Chapter 3

A note: I realized today that I forgot to include the lyrics of the song mentioned in the prologue. For those who are interested, you can go back to the end of the prologue’s post. I’ve linked a video of the song and put the translated lyrics there. (And if no one is interested, I still had to include it for completeness’s sake. LOL.) Sorry, I was away too long and forgot my usual routine. 🤣

Their hearts may not have forgotten one another, but ten years is a big distance to bridge. Luckily, there seem to be a few people who, knowingly or unknowingly, are helping them to bridge it. 😉

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The Road Home (归路) — Chapter 1

There will be mention of military rank and organization in this novel. To be honest, although I’ve read up on how its structured in China, I’m not certain that I’ve gotten the most accurate translation of those (and English articles aren’t always consistent in their terminology >_<). I’m a layman when it comes to this stuff, so if anyone is more knowledgable, feel free to point out any inaccuracies.

Years later, he has still some of the same mannerisms, but the way he treats her isn’t the same anymore.

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The Road Home (归路) — Introduction and Prologue

Hope you have all been well. I’ve spent my last several months unwinding, going on vacation, preparing for next projects—basically everything but hanging out on this blog.😜 My apologies for all the comments I’ve missed and didn’t reply to.

Here is my next project, which I will officially begin posting next week. See you soon!

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Easily Set Aflame (轻易放火) — Epilogue 4 (Part 3 of 3) *NOVEL COMPLETED*

This translation went through most of my winter, all of my spring, and half of my summer. Those were some sweet seasons. 🙂 I hope the story brought you some smiles as you read along. Thank you to all those who commented; comments help a translator’s motivation. 🙂 To those who are joining in to read now, welcome, and enjoy.

Truly, it’s like a beautiful fairy-tale ending. I love happy endings. ❤

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