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Challenge 3: Most Favourite Male Characters



I am supposed to write this challenge sometime ago but I’ve been procrastinating until now, the end of the month. I better wash my hand of this as I realised I am someone who doesn’t like to take up challenge, too stressful. Hui3r, you can do all your challenges and I’ll comment whenever I want, hehe…I like most of my male characters so I do not really rank them because I don’t like to play favouritism.

Did you enjoy reading Lidge and my comments on the top 35 favourite male characters in chinese romance novels? Are they similar to your rankings? Since I ranted so much on it, I gonna do my own favourite list. However I am not going to do 35. Instead I am going to elaborate on three from different book genre which you can probably guess from looking at the pictures. It is the quality not the quantity that counts, haha…

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35 Favourite Male Characters in Chinese Romance Novels


Peanuts: Two months ago, Lidge sent me a Baidu poll result on China’s choice of top 35 Favourite Male Characters in Chinese romance novels. I don’t really agree with most of their rankings. As usual, He Yi Chen from Gu Man’s novel Why We Become Silent comes first. I find He Yi Chen alright but not my number one favourite but Lidge loves him. Thus, to each its own. For your information, Ye Hua is ranked fourth. I suspect Dong Hua is not ranked because the poll is outdated. If you want to know my favourite male characters, click here.

Lidge: 35 Favourite Male Characters in Chinese Romance Novels or what I like to call “35 reasons why we read Chinese romance novels”…haha. My comments are in black. Peanuts comments are in italic. Are you ready? OK, here we gooo……

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Introducing the C-Novel Monthly Challenge

So have you guys missed me? Sorry that I have been a bit MIA over the last week – Real Life caught up, and frankly I have been in a little bit of a writing rut as well. Thanks to Peanuts for holding up the fort and bringing you guys all sorts of goodies while I have been away. 🙂

So I have been bumming around in fandom and I cannot escape that there are all sorts of writing challenges and I thought that it would be cool to do one for C-novels as well. Of course, most places do 30 day challenges but frankly, I don’t think I can keep up with that kind of schedule. Therefore, what I am going to do is a monthly challenge, which may or may not be extended.

I couldn’t find a challenge meme that was suitable for C-novels. But I got pretty inspired by 30 Day Wuxia and Ancient Chinese Series Challenge so I adapted that for C-Novels.

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