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Silent Separation (何以笙箫默) – Gu Man (Epilogue 1.1)

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This is the first epilogue which is written from Yi Mei’s perspective. Nonetheless it’ll still give you an insight into the relationship between Yi Chen and Mo Sheng.  The epilogue is quite poignant about Yi Mei’s unrequited love for Yi Chen. Because the female lead of this novel is Mo Sheng, so you’ll ship her with Yi Chen but normally you’ll root for the girl who’ve always harbored a secret crush on the male lead since young and wish they can end up together.

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Silent Separation (何以笙箫默) – Gu Man (Chapter 12.3)


Sob sob, this is it, the ending of the novel. It does seem a bit abrupt with the last minute introduction and resolution of the mystery. However, it does seem like the most appropriate way to settle it. I am not one who subscribe to the principle of ‘an eye for an eye’ so forgiving is the best way to move forward to find happiness. I think the drama will be more flesh out but there is still the epilogues to enhance your understanding of the story as well as to continue the story. You also have to say goodbye to lidge as I’ll translate the epilogues.

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Silent Separation (何以笙箫默) – Gu Man (Chapter 12.2)

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This is the second last post of the novel and the final post will be next week, excluding the epilogues. Are you sad that it’ll be ending soon? Before we finish off, one last mystery to be solved as to why Mo Sheng’s mum and Yi Chen acted the way they did. The cover picture is from Seoul In Love Now who is also a WC’s fan. She said it could be from WC’s movie Secret Garden. It has nothing to do with the drama but I am using it because it looks better than the drama stills and bongsd advised me to use it to support WC as it is relevant to this post:P

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Silent Separation (何以笙箫默) – Gu Man (Chapter 12.1)


At last, this famous picture from the novel can make its appearance. We say goodbye to Ying Hui and the couple celebrate Christmas and Lunar New Year happily together. I think Gu Man loves the festive seasons very much as you’ll remember Shan Shan and Feng Teng also celebrate them together. Oh, my poor Wallace Chung will probably need to wear a coat in summer to film that. But I bet he’ll look at least equally as good as Zhang Han in his coat, if not better, lol.

If you are curious, the Chinese wordings on the picture are:

Under the snowy night, on a crowded street,
For the first time, she felt Christmas was a holiday worth celebrating.

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Silent Separation (何以笙箫默) – Gu Man (Chapter 11.2)


Peanuts: Surprise that you get a new translation so fast, lol? I’ll be working extra hard to make sure I’ll finish translating the novel ahead of Wallace Chung’s drama,  haha……but only the novel, not the epilogues 😛  We still have one more chapter to go then the epilogues so I am confident I can beat him, heehee…..Yi Chen is back and everything will be sweet like sugar from now onward:)

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Silent Separation (何以笙箫默) – Gu Man (Chapter 11.1)


Peanuts: This post is entirely on Ying Hui and his back story with Mo Sheng. He probably made his appearance too late so I don’t feel much for him no matter how nice, rich and talented he is. The picture above is that of the real Ying Hui in the drama. The actor’s name is Kevin Tan Kai. Handsome or not, LOL? The moral of this story is that you should always be a Good Samaritan:) According to lidge, Ying Hui is based on Robin Li who founded the Chinese search engine Baidu. Wow, he is quite good looking. I’ll be more excited if he acted as Ying Hui in the drama, LOL.

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Silent Separation (何以笙箫默) – Gu Man (Chapter 10.3)

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Peanuts: I left all of you with a cliff-hanger more than a month ago so I hope nobody has fallen off the cliff:P Did you miss Yi Chen or Mo Sheng, haha? I’ll try to update weekly so that at least I’ll finish the translation before the drama is broadcast but no promise because I am busy and is also feeling  rather slack:P The last part of chapter 10 is basically about the 2 important men in Mo Sheng’s life. We get an insight into Yi Chen’s thoughts as well as the beginning of Ying Hui’s back story.

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