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Swordsman (2013): Pretty Crack!


h00t. When I saw this, my jaw dropped and I could not think for a few minutes. It was like… So much prettiness *spazzes out*. The next (nearly rational) thought was, “Is this what WH would look like if he was cast as DFBB?”

Which of course led me to even greater heights of spazziness as I pondered on the next Yumama rewrite. LHC will be DFBB and CQE will be a female Linghu Chong (or Linghu Chonghua) . And its going to be all about the Doomed Love! story between a crossdressing heroine (whose best friend YLS is in love with her because YLS does not know LHCH is a girl and when she does find out, her grief sends her into the arms of LPZ) and a castrated DFBB (who regrets it because he can now do no boating). Because nothing much can top the cracktastic-ness of CQE’s female DFBB after this.