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Boss and Me (杉杉来了): Episode 23 to 25 Review & Recap


Episode 23 is all sweet and cute about Shan Shan wanting to take the CPA exam, just like the novel. Whereas episodes 24 and 25 are additional to the novel to fill the drama with some angst. I don’t really like angst but I guess they are needed to make the relationship grows stronger by putting some obstacles in their way. Nobody has a smooth sailing life, not even someone rich & handsome like Feng Teng. It is also to squeeze a few drops of tears from bongsd, haha….Nope, I didn’t cry because it is not really sad or am I being too unemotional:P?

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Boss and Me (杉杉来了): Episode 19 to 22 Review & Recap


In order to catch up, I am combining 4 episodes together in 1 post since episodes 20, 21 and the beginning of 22 don’t have much on the OTP.  Thus, everything will be rather summarized and brief from their cold war to their reconciliation. The shoe shop scene is also one of my favorite , showing the high and mighty Feng Teng willing to bend himself to take off Shan Shan’s boot, LOL. I also have a present for you. If you are wondering what is the name of the English song that has been played many times in the drama, it is called Roll the Dice by Gao Shan. Haha, she is also called Shan:P

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Boss and Me (杉杉来了): Episode 17 & 18 Review & Recap


These 2 episodes are basically about eat, eat and eat somemore, LOL. Shan Shan still feels insecured with the relationship but they are eating their way to strengthen it. Firstly, Feng Teng openly declares their dating relationship. Then, he finds her an apartment to stay and brings her around to introduce her as his girlfriends. Still plenty of sweet and cute scenes, so don’t skip these 2 episodes. Oh, 3 more nights left only and we’ve to say goodbye to the drama:(

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Boss and Me (杉杉来了): Episode 15 & 16 Review & Recap


These 2 episodes are basically about Shan Shan’s doubts and insecurities over her relationship with Feng Teng as reflected in the rumor on Li Shu as Feng Teng’s secret lover and the Valentine’s Day celebration incidents. All these serve to strengthen their relationship further. By the way, I found out that the cut-off at the end of the episode for the live broadcast is different from the youtube version. Youtube version has more scenes towards the end of the episode which is why they cannot release the last episode of the day as it’ll also include part of the 1st episode for the next day.

I know most people prefer listening to their real voices including me, as they sound more natural. However, I want to complain that Zhang Han seems to mumble his dialogues quiet a fair bit. Hence, I’ve great difficulty subbing his parts as you all should know by now, I can’t read Chinese except a few words. I depend on the talking to sub so there is high probability that I could have subbed wrongly not only his parts but other parts as well. I did doubt my Mandarin listening ability but I’ve since confirmed with Hui3r who is also watching the drama that he doesn’t speak clearly. I am not being critical here but to inform you that if you found any errors in my subbing, it is all Zhang Han’s fault:P

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Boss and Me (杉杉来了): Episode 13 & 14 Review & Recap


If you don’t know better you’ll think Li Shu is the main actress with the amount of screen time she has in these 2 episodes.  For me, the highlight is Shan Shan and Feng Teng’s clothes. Every outfits also very nice and cute, especially Shan Shan’s white earmuffs.  Feng Teng’s clothes are also very fashionable and accentuate his height.  For your information, the image design team is from Korea, the same team behind ‘Boys Before Flowers’ and ‘Secret Garden’.  I was busy cooking and eating my dinner so I didn’t pay much attention to the drama except the OTP scenes so my review will be patchy.

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Boss and Me (杉杉来了): Episode 12 Review & Recap


This is one of my favorite episode which is why I am taking to long to write:) Like my cover picture,  Shan Shan and Feng Teng are just so cute and sweet from the radish field to them reading books at home. Oh, after finishing this drama I may end up getting diabetes:P  Phong, you must not miss this episode. Also, I want to thank bongsd again for her wonderful screen captures and being able to work around my schedule as I take forever to finish a post. I’ve never posted daily before so this is hard as I am such a perfectionist and I’ve a full-time job:(

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Boss and Me (杉杉来了): Episode 11 Review & Recap


This episode is mainly about Shan Shan encountering some problems while on her way back to her hometown to celebrate the Lunar New Year. Needless to say Big Boss rescues her, as well as kidnaps her to his house. I like their interactions from the police station to his family residence. Both of them acted every well , their every expressions and words are priceless:) Oh, Shan Shan, you are just too cute for words, LOL. Next episode is also one of my favorite parts of the novel.

By the way, lidge wants to complain about  the English used in the opening credits.  It’s like they used google translate lol. There’s “genral supervise”??? “string” wth???? then there’s “scripwreter”??? haha…I did notice but I am not so petty or such a perfectionist in English like lidge:P  But I do agree with her as to why they have to add English to the opening credits and spell them wrongly. If you must add, at least make sure it’s correct.  How hard is it to look at an English movie and just copy words like “producer” and “scriptwriter”???

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