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Perfect Couple Recap – Episode 1



I’m taking a little diversion from C-novels and introducing a bit of c-drama into the blog. Coincidentally, the last drama recap I tried to do was also a Wallace Huo vehicle: The Swordsman. Alas, that fizzled out and died – couldn’t even blog about one more ep to finish the ending because it was so epicly bad.

Perfect Couple stars Wallace Huo and Tang Yan. The trailer shows some cute chemistry, and the style of storytelling reminds me of Ming Yue Ting Feng (I have withdrawal symptoms). Story by Tong Hua, which is my justification for recapping it on this blog: to see whether she can translate her writing into the small screen. If you haven’t already, you can find out more about the info by going to Koala’s site.

The show literally starts with a large plaque bearing the phrase ‘Perfect Couple” parading down the streets (just in case we were expecting this to be another show), making its way to the Jin Mansion. Gabby bystanders tells us that General Jin and Jiang’s family enjoys imperial favour. Through the same gabby bystanders, our female lead, Yu Qilin (Tang Yan) dressed in street clothes learns that General Jin’s has only one son, Jin Yuanbao.

Just as she turns, our female lead bumps into a rude girl. Serves her right that rude girl gets pickpocketed in the middle of the altercation, but our little heroine heroically rushes after the pickpocket anyway. We see that our male lead, Jin Yuanbao (Wallace Huo) observing from afar, telling his subordinates how he wants to find the mastermind behind the pickpocket.

Meanwhile, the plaque reached the Jin Mansion. The eunuch reads the empress dowager’s imperial decree bestowing marriage between Jin Yuanbao and Jiang Xiaoxuan, and congratulates Yuanbao’s mother, who is the niece of the empress dowager. He looks around for Yuanbao and his cousin steps up to stage whisper to Yuanbao’s mother that he’s not around.

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 1.08.27 PM

Qilin had already caught up with the pickpocket and proceeds to show off some of her rather impressive martial arts. Haha – it’s quickly established that she’s going to be the brawn to Yuanbao’s brains; he can fight, but she’s better at it. Yuanbao isn’t happy – if she catches the pickpocket and drags him to the authorities, he won’t be able to dig further. So he steps up and “defends” the pickpocket. In the midst of the argument, she sees his token and identifies him as an investigator.

The pickpocket of course bolts for it. They catch him and extract a note from him and Brainy deduces that there’s a shady business afoot about selling women to brothels. Yuanbao finally identifies himself as the number one investigator in the Capital, Jin Yuanbao. Qilin seems happy to see him and tries to hug him but he stops her with his fan. She tells him she wants to become his disciple, and that her dream is to be an investigator like him. He ignores her and then she hugs his legs; the struggle makes it look like he’s trying to get his pants of him (yum). He actually hitches his pants up after his subordinates get her off him.

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 8.14.28 AM

Yuanbao refuses to go home when his servant comes up to look for him. Instead he wants to go to the brothel to continue investigating. Qilin looks up with interest.

The Jiang entourage arrives and is welcomed by Liu Wenzhou, the Jin Mansion’s butler and Yuanbao’s cousin. If Yuanbao can be described to be uninterested in the marriage, then bride-to-be is downright against the marriage – she wants to run away. Perhaps it’s also good here to introduce the second male lead who’s stuffed awkwardly into the scene; he’s Gu Changfeng who tried to first peddle medicine to Liu Wenzhuo, and then to Jiang Xiaoxuan.

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 12.48.59 PM

Yuanbao goes to the brothel to literally sniff out his suspect. No one seems suspicious until we meet Chor Chor. Qilin is also at the brothel, more specifically in Chor Chor’s room. She finds some incriminating evidence when Yuanbao and Chor Chor enters the room.

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 12.49.50 PM

Chor Chor dances for him but before long, she winds up on him with Qilin hiding around and causing all sorts of ruckus, revealing herself. She tries to brazen herself as Chor Chor’s patron, scolding her for entertaining other men behind her back. Chor Chor runs away while Yuanbao and Qilin fights. Not sure why, but Qilin again doggedly tries to strip Yuanbao.

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 12.44.52 PM

Finally catching on that something’s wrong, Yuanbao’s subordinates rushes in only to be stopped by masked men in black carrying swords. Chor Chor takes one look at the fighting and takes off in the other direction.

Yuanbao’s subordinates finally gets in to save him. Qilin runs away and we finally learn that her determination to strip his pants because she wants to identify whether he is her mother’s son (ah dang – what an innocent purpose). She declares that she will not give up until she gets his pants off finds out the truth. Yuanbao draws Chor Chor and Qilin’s portraits and sends people to find them. He runs home to get lectured by his mother.

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 12.47.03 PM

He objects to the marriage because they are not the perfect couple as described by the plaque; how can two people who have never seen each other be described as the perfect couple? His mother rants at him saying that his bride to be is a warm and gentle, pretty, of the right age and background. He retorts that what he wants is a relationship that has actual feelings; all of the aforementioned is immaterial in that case. *claps claps* So our Brain has a heart attached too. 😛

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 1.07.51 PM

His cousin/butler Liu Wenzhuo tries to interject but Yuanbao tells him to get out (only, much more politely) which he does. Mother and son continues their tiff. Mummy says that it’s too late; even if she was willing to cancel the wedding, the wedding is now bestowed on them by the empress dowager. So Son replies, that he will beg the empress dowager to rescind her decision, much to Mummy’s horror…


All in all, it’s not a bad first episode. I think our enjoyment of this series pretty much depends on your expectations. In the first episode, we have established the following: bickering couple, secondary couple that is well – truly secondary, villainous cousin (this one’s established in the trailer actually). I guess the only thing that amuses me right now is how the birth secret motivates Qilin to try to get Yuanbao’s pants off at every opportunity, while Yuanbao tries to preserve his dignity.

Ultimately, from the first episode, the scale of the story feels small since we are used to Tong Hua’s sweeping tear inducing epics. It is definitely different from her usual genre. But I think it’s good that we are taking a break away from the usual palace/harem/let’s fight for the throne storylines  that was so 2011.

I am thinking of recapping this series, but bearing in mind that they are airing 3 episodes a night, perhaps not in as great detail as this first ep. Plus I am away for the whole of next week, and you guys would have raced ahead of me. Might do some breezy summaries instead.

31 thoughts on “Perfect Couple Recap – Episode 1

  1. YES!!! It’s like you’ve read my mind, Hui3r~ 😀 My fingers have been itching to talk about the drama but koala hasn’t posted up her review/recap yet.

    Feels like I’ve been waiting forever for this drama to air ever since I first read about TY and WH being cast. Their romance in CP3 is probably my favorite c-drama OTP of all-time (okay, 2nd favorite – #1 spot goes to ArGe’s Huang Rong x Guo Jing). They had amazing off-the-charts chemistry in CP3 and TY was so visually stunning there that I’m a little shocked at how much her beauty has been downplayed in “Perfect Couple”.

    I zipped through the first three episodes and they were quite likable, especially the third one (but the version I watched was cut off rather abruptly). Tang Yan’s character is pretty zany and WH’s Yunbao is amusing in his own way. I thought for sure that he would be a powerful martial artist, but he’s weaker than Qilin, lol!

    The pacing of the drama is surprisingly very fast, (maybe even too fast??) as they’re already married. I definitely wouldn’t have minded a few more interactions between the OTP before getting down to the wedding scene, but alas…

    What I didn’t like about the drama was the editing of the episodes. The first 3 episodes combined are even shorter then the average length of 1 k-drama episode. The production team (editing team? tv station??) probably does this to milk the ratings, and it wouldn’t have been so bad if each episode hadn’t ended at such abrupt moments. It made the transition into the next episode awkward to watch at the start. Hmms, or maybe it’s just me nitpicking. ^^;;

    and OMG, did anyone else rewind and re-watch their marriage rites/ceremony scene more than once?? The way food fell out of Qilin’s sleeves during her bows……and the WTF looks on Yuanbao’s face each time = priceless. LMAO!!

    So far, it’s too early to tell how I feel about Tong Hua’s foray into comedy, but I agree that her script is very different from her usual book writings in terms of mood and tone.

    Overall, I’m not disappointed and I’m definitely continuing this; seems like this silly drama is just what the doctor prescribed to offset the more serious and somber BBJQ which I believe will air in a few hours.

    oh, and about the villainous cousin, do I detect a hint of interest on his part for our female lead?

    • I haven’t had the chance to watch the Perfect Couple! But I can’t wait, plus it’s being shown on one of my cable channels so I plan to fast forward through it on the weekend with all my taped recordings!

      I think Wallace Huo looks so gooood!

      I used to find the 3 episodes a night thing the Chinese broadcasters do to be strange, but I got used to it and just treat it like one episode broken into three parts. To be honest, I think the plot sounds a bit weak :(, but I’m excited to see what Tong Hua has in stall for us!

      • Yay! A weekend drama marathon is always fun, no need to have to wait each day to catch the next episode~ 😀

        but if I can tempt you, you can catch the episodes on maplestage:

        they’re not in HDTV (and I’m not sure if the rips were bad, but there were small parts where the video would freeze but the audio would continue) but the plus side is that the videos are uploaded on YouTube 🙂

        and OMG, does our gorgeous leading man never age!? I swear he looks almost the same as he did during his idol days in Taiwan.

        I think the 3 episodes a night for this drama wouldn’t have bothered me so much if they had selected better scenes to input the breaks. Hahaha, at this point, I would even prefer cliffhangers to having an episode suddenly end on me midway through a conversation.

        I agree, the plot is by no means excellent…and I have the feeling that some scenes were cut because Perfect Couple started off a little lackluster compared to the quality writing we usually get from Tong Hua. Maybe this is the difference between a scriptwriter and book writer? But this drama was light and entertaining, nonetheless. 😀

      • I have been the online versions are those they use in the DVD, so a bit longer. Arh. can’t wait for the weekend to come so I can squee with you.

    • You can watch the uncut & complete version abt an hr long:

      I don’t really fancy WH bcos he reminds me of my teacher, lol. But hui3r is crazy abt him & even stole my timeslot so no Yi Chen today & you know who to blame, lol.

      • OMG!! Thank you peanuts!! It’s in HD and uncut~ Going to watch from this channel from now on.

        I would have been so lucky to have a teacher half as good-looking as WH~ 😀 Hui3r has good taste!

        Oh, so we can expect Lawyer He in your next update? ;P I can’t wait~

        • Peanuts is not a fan of WH. 😛

          Arh Peanuts, as usual, your search skills are much better than mine. HD! I would have screencapped from this ver if i found it first. :p

          Don’t blame me if you don’t post. I’m going to post PC recaps pretty rapidly, so there’s bound to be a double post sometime or other.

    • Hahaha… I haven’t watched 2nd and 3rd episode yet. Will watch them tonight.

      Ah. The villainous cousin is def angling for Qilin – it’s in the trailer, so I won’t count that as a spoiler. Can I just say that the actor for this role has a villainous face as well?

      • I think peanuts’ link to the HD videos have been taken down, so I watched a lower quality one on youtube. I’m so surprised this is written by Tong Hua! Hui3r, I think your recap of episode 1 was better than the real episode itself!!! I still love Wallace Huo, who is so pretty and Long Er like in the show, but his character is pretty hard to like. And Tang Yan (so pretty as well)’s character seems to be trying too hard to be the feisty young girl from the jianghu. I hope it gets better and their chemistry improves!

        *SPOILER* For episode 3, it was really a suspension of disbelief that Tang Yan couldn’t check Wallace Huo’s shorts then after he fainted on her in the bedroom (I can’t rmb their real character names haha), didn’t she just show in Episode 1 that she had better martial art skills than him? *END SPOILER*

        • She was drunk?

          Thanks – hahaha, i was being a bit snarky in my recap. I’m so sad. At this point, I’m finding the production to be very weak from every aspect. I’m not feeling much love for the characters, except wallace. Tang Yan’s a bit awkward, maybe she’ll grow into the character later. And unless you haven’t realised, I am really not interested in the second pairing at all. AT ALL.

        • *SPOILER* I agree! I thought she was pretending to be the Jiang xiaojie, but I wonder how anyone can expect to believe her act since she’s sort of undignified

          ooooh, but I am interested in Yuanbao’s servant (the scholarly one) and Jiang xiaojie’s story. He makes me laugh and I think they would make such a cute couple. 😀 *SPOILER*

          episodes 4-6 are up!

      • I just re-watched the trailer (I watched it months ago and forgot everything except for Yuanbao stabbing Qilin) and well, looks like we don”t even need 38 episodes, the 22 minute trailer told the entire story already. =X

        • Hahahaha… That’s what I just told decembi privately. I really don’t know if I can recap 38 eps. At the same time, breezy summaries is not my style – I tend to be a bit verbose and detailed.

        • Yes the 22 minute trailer did tell the entire story. But I actually like spoilers because I like happy endings. I don’t expect perfect couple to be amazing but I do expect it to be entertaining. So far it is entertaining enough for me to attempt the recaps as I am a fan of ancient dramas.

          I can’t do detailed recaps but I probably will recap the entire series and keep it condensed on one extremely long blog post if nobody else is going to attempt it. It doesn’t take me long to do a short recap, I timed myself yesterday under an hour for 3 episodes.

        • @thehungryegghead You’re faster than me. I keep backtracking and go… OOOOH. It looks like I forgot something need to put it down. Before long, it’s about two pages long.

  2. thanks hui3r for the translation 🙂

  3. off-topic, but it looks like episodes 1-2 of BBJQ are up on YT. 😀

    • Hi Joanna thanks for the link i watched 6 episodes in maplestages 🙂 even im not understand much chinese but its fun to watch perfect couple:)

  4. Thanks for the recap, I was wondering about this drama!

    • I think it’s entertaining! It’s definitely worth a watch! Although production is a bit inconsistent.

      • The thing is that it is a comedy and usually I’m not that into the Chinese comedy dramas. >__> Usually they tend to be more exaggerated?

        • In this case, the early part of the shows is really exaggerated. Loads of fun to watch, but super “mei ying yang” / un-nutritious. Hahahha… Just watching for the skinship, cute scenes, etc. Storyline what storyline?

  5. hui3r…thx for recapping the eps…i thought no one is doing any recaps of this series. i love to see my xu changqing n zi xuan again.

    been watching upt to ep 6 n the story has a fast pace which i like though i don’t understand a word they said as i don’t read nor speak mandarin but i can get the gist of the story.

    • Ahh… Poor you. But honestly, this show doesn’t really need any understanding of mandarin to get the gist of what they are on about. I’m just watching for the screencap-squeeworthy moments. LOL.

  6. It sounds interesting. I didn’t know that Tong Hua is also a scriptwriter though you can expect that since she is such a popular novel author and nearly every novel of her (I guess so?) has a screen adaption.

    Even though the drama starts off with a funny couple I doubt that it would stay so lighthearted. It’s Tong Hua after all whose style is complicated =)))

  7. Glad to see you and Dramatictealeaves recapping Perfect Couple.

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