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Proud of Love’s Sound Track With English Translated Lyrics


The MVs have been released and I’ve been busy singing all these songs, so no time to do any novel translation, lol. You better tell me you like all the songs or else no translation update this week 😛 I feel that it is easier to translate a novel than a song 😦 Btw, viki has started subbing at breakneck speed so go and watch it. It won’t affect my translation since the novel and the drama are very different.

Any kind soul is welcome to sub the MVs for me but do credit me.

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Proud of Love – Episode 1 to 5 Review


Surprise !!! I’ve decided to write a short review. Although I complained about the drama, nonetheless it is still entertaining enough for me to write about it. The drama is rather well-received online in Youku with about 100 millions of click rate in the first week of broadcast and after 10 episodes. Viki has started subbing it and they are pretty fast. The Viet subs are also out. The raw is also doing fairly well in Youtube because many are watching it for the BL (Boy Love) content. Haha, I don’t know whether this is a good or bad thing. Anyway forget about the novel, just enjoy the drama by itself, then you won’t be disappointed.

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Proud of Love (Don’t be So Proud) Posters & Broadcast Date


For those who are following the translation of Don’t be So Proud, the drama which is called Proud of Love will commence broadcasting online on Youku on 19 of September. You can watch 2 episodes at 12 in the afternoon from Monday to Friday. It is understandable that a drama about soul swapping will not be able to get prime time airing on China TV.

I’ve included the promotional posters below. The first trailer has been released. It doesn’t look good, too silly and old school feel 😦 Plenty of complains on Weibo about picking the wrong cast and destroying the novel. Hence you may be better off reading my translation  😛 When it starts broadcasting, I’ll also include the Youku link if I can access it and the Youtube link if there is one. If you want information on English subbing, please go to viki or other subbing site. It is rather time consuming to do a detailed and good recap so I won’t be doing it.


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