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Why Does My Sunshine Become So Popular?

The recap for episode 32 will only be out at the weekend as my illustrator has gone on a trip. So, please be patient. In the meantime, Himmy has a treat for you. It is a radio program discussing about My Sunshine in ENGLISH !!!! Haha, you see Wallace Chung’s fame has travelled far until to the Western world. But uncle, why you kept on pronouncing his surname wrongly? Obviously he was only paying lip service and has no clue who in the world is WC except he is handsome and popular 😛 The 2 women sounded quite smitten with WC so I wonder about their age. No, no, I am not one of the broadcaster although I sound like her in my worship of WC, lol. I don’t agree with the finding that most who watched it are under 30s. Those who are over 30s could be too busy to watch it nightly so they’ll watch everything in one go later or buy the DVD. Since hoju and I’ve been doing all the writing in the recaps, we’ll take a rest and let you voice your opinion on it. Click into the post to see the pictorial of He Yi Chen 😛

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My Sunshine: Fashion & Accessories Pictorial


Welcome to reality my fellow earthlings 🙂 After the fairytale in Boss & Me with all those luxurious coats, watches, rings and props, we’ll now take a look at what ordinary human beings like us can afford or wear? This post will also explore how poor or cheapskate this production is compared to the lavishness in Boss & Me. I know I know, you are going to put the blame on my WC that most of the budget has gone to pay him. But he is a vegetarian so how much can he eat 😛 ?

Anyway this is still an eye opener as I’ve never heard of most of the brands. After these 2 drama, I’ve sort of become more informed in regards to brand names. Anyone has bought anything from these brands before since they are more affordable and casual? Please leave a comment if I’ve missed anything worth noting.

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My Sunshine (何以笙箫默): Episode 31 Review and Recap

*sniffle* This is my last episode recap and concludes my first (and likely, only) time doing a drama recap. Thanks for humouring me and reading my blatherings.  Back to translating after this, which is much more my comfort zone. (BTW, Really, Really Miss You translations will be back to their regular posting schedule next week.)

More of the handsome guy, the rest of the wedding, another wedding, and flashbacks to young, carefree days.  Overall, a pretty sunshine-y episode of My Sunshine.

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My Sunshine (何以笙箫默): Episode 30 Review and Recap

1The blog has just hit 2 million views and it is not even 2 years old yet, still a baby in the blogosphere, lol. Thank you to all the contributors and supporters who helped the blog to achieve its milestone so soon 🙂 Also a big thank you to Gu Man and her Shan Shan and Yi Chen which are helping the blog to grow up fast.

I feel a bit jealous of hoju because she got such a fun-filled episode 29 and what do I get? Oh mother, I am stuck with Mo Sheng’s mum for half of the episode and the other half with that Yuan Feng. The only silver lining in my cloud is at the end when the wedding was held. As you would have noticed, update has slowed down because we hate to say good-bye.

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My Sunshine (何以笙箫默): Episode 29 Review and Recap

1The dragging is so evident in this episode. Long flashbacks of scenes we really don’t need to relive again, and talking and talking and talking about Yuan Feng and Xiao Xiao’s relationship. Good thing they slipped the three bosses and some couple-y moments in there. The highlight is another “forced kiss on the couch”, but this time, Mo Sheng’s definitely got the upper hand. 😉

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My Sunshine (何以笙箫默): Episode 28 Review and Recap


Cry, cry, why I get to recap such a boring episode :(? Except WC in his flora print shirt, this episode put me to sleep. Hence I am going to concentrate on his shirt 🙂 Hey Anon, are the gifs below the extra bits you mentioned in the condensed version. I honestly can’t spot anything extra compared to the drama. Anyway, I am including them here to spice up the episode rcap lol.


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My Sunshine (何以笙箫默): Episode 26 Review and Recap


For those who didn’t read my post properly the drama only has 32 episodes so it had ended on Sunday night. This is because the production company has edited away 3 episodes to make the drama appears less draggy. Instead they are showing a 3 hours condensed version, something akin to a movie to fulfilled their contractual obligation of 18 nights on air. I didn’t notice any new clip and I also didn’t notice the couch has been extended, probably because I didn’t pay attention. This episode has nothing much except 2 bed scenes. But they are very tame yet very sweet and mushy. You also get to meet Mo Sheng’s mum.

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My Sunshine (何以笙箫默): Episode 25 Review and Recap


My recap is slower than my watching because writing is a lot harder than watching 😦 I am satisfied with the ending which is exactly like the book. I think the last episode has the most WC so it is the best episode where my eyes never left the tv. This episode is also good with WC looking so domesticated, going to supermarket and cooking. He is no longer like the Yi Chen in the novel since it is mentioned that Yi Chen seldom smiles in the novel. Anyway it is good to see Yi Chen looking so happy, no longer sad and in pain.

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My Sunshine (何以笙箫默): Episode 24 Review and Recap


Heehee, I got allocated to recap this episode full of WC 🙂 Due to popular demand, I asked chewywon to design a cover which shows WC with nothing on, lol. Actually I was a bit disappointed as the long-awaited scene is so tame. However I am one who focus on WC’s face, not his body so I am still okay. Yui and Himmy, are you still hungry lol? The proposal scene and the conversation on the bed are the highlights of this sweet episode.

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