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Tang Qi’s Books Mini-Special – Part 17

Thank you for your concern. The blog, hoju and I are still well and alive. If there is no update for more than half a year, then you should start to worry 😛 I am annoyed to discover that a website posted my mini-specials without linking or crediting me. When I am annoyed, I’ve no mood to do anything. Needless to say, they also didn’t ask for my permission. I want to reiterate that I don’t want anything on this blog to be re-posted anywhere in this world. It is even more irritating that they can’t even copy well. They only copied the text but not my pretty pictures. I can’t stand having such an imperfect and ugly copy floating around. Whenever I find any pretty pictures or any grammar/spelling errors, I’ll update my posts continuously.

To celebrate the ending of the drama Eternal Love, I’ve dug up something which I’ve not posted before to share with you. Hamster also translated number nine from her Pillow Book artbook.

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Hua Xu Yin (华胥引) – Chapter 12.2


This is the last part of hamster’s translation. All of you should know by now, why she is stopping the translation and also took down Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossom and The Pillow Book translations from her blog. Thus, don’t ask me where you can read them because I don’t know. Also, I can’t ask her for a copy and distribute them around as it would defeat the purpose of her taking them down in the first place. Maybe one day, she will post them back so all you can do is wait.

I am not sure what will happen to this translation since it has changed hands so many times. I am trying to have it finished but there are always so many obstacles in the way.  I just want to know in view of the plagiarism accusation against Tang Qi and the fairly conclusive evidence in Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms, are you still interested to read this novel? It is a waste of time and effort to translate something that very little people is interested in reading.

If you want a summary of Jiu Jiu’s story, click here.

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Hua Xu Yin (华胥引) – Chapter 12.1


Dear readers, if you don’t know the big news about the author of this novel by now, click here. Because of this, hamster will not be continuing with the translation after this chapter. As a reader, I know you’ll be disappointed but we must respect hamster’s wishes since her heart is not in it anymore. Anyhow I want to thank her for translating the 2 chapters.

The blog always tries its best to finish any novel which it had started. When hui3r can’t continue with the translation, I tried to find another capable individual to continue where she has left off and found hamster. Unfortunately this happened and we are back to square one. I won’t comment on the author’s questionable characteristics and I assure you that the blog doesn’t support plagiarism of any kind. So far, there is no compelling evidence like in Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms that this novel has been plagiarized.

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Hua Xu Yin (华胥引) – Chapter 11.2


Part 3 – Chapter 1.2

I couldn’t be certain how much time had passed but the rain still showed no sign of letting up. In the distance, a snarling like that of a tiger faintly sounded.

I struggled to climb up from the mud and briefly considered whether an egg would win against a rock. The answer was no, it wouldn’t. I was able to kill a young leopard with my strength (or lack thereof) only because Heaven had nodded off. If I wanted to kill a matured tiger, then I had better pray Heaven never wakes up again.

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Hua Xu Yin Summary Part 3 – Jiu Jiu’s Story (华胥引- 柸中雪)

99 & Gong

This is another super angst sub-story in the novel so get ready some tissues. You need to pay more attention to this story because you will not get to watch it in the drama. I think it has been omitted because of the perceived incestuous nature of the story. This is Hui3r’s favourite sub-story and her parting gift to you as hamster has taken over the translation.

As for me, I am only okay with it because I am annoyed with Jiu Jiu. She chose not to believe in Gongyi Fei when he told him everything. She also decided to unilaterally make the sacrifice for him, but never bothered to consult him or find out more information. Many interpreted that as her determination to kill herself. She did not know how to appreciate and cherish Gongyi Fei the first time round. But when given the chance again, Gongyi Fei has already forgotten about her. Hence, everything ended in tragedy due to fate as well as her personal shortcomings. Indeed, I feel sad for her but I feel even sadder for Gongyi Fei who has to live with what could have been.

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Hua Xu Yin (华胥引) – Chapter 11.1


Hi everyone, this is Hamster. Let me preface this post with a few words. No, I’m not moving to Peanuts’ house, if you’re wondering haha. I’ve decided to pick up translating Huaxu Yin because I would like to see this Tangqi Gongzi work completed. And in the interest of keeping the chapters together, I have asked Peanuts to let me guest blog on her site.

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Adapting Novels to Dramas/Movies


I know I posted this feature twice before but I’ve since modified and expanded it so the information is very current. I don’t like to make lots of posts:P I also have changed one of the cover picture so can you spot which one lol? Okay, now I’ve changed another cover picture because bongsd asked me to change Xiao Xiao’s clothes, LOL.

I am going to jump on the bandwagon and give you a preview of what up and coming c-dramas you can expect appearing on your screen soon. However my focus will primarily be on Chinese novels that have or will be adapted into dramas. They are sitting on quite some finished stock. In the meantime, some books are in the process of being filmed while some book copyrights have been sold. If you are interested in the stories, there are links to the book bar or external sources. If there is a trailer or any video, the link is in bracket. This post will be constantly updated with the latest information.

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Hua Xu Yin (华胥引) – Chapter 6.1


Arh – did anyone miss me while I was gone? I had to take a break to recuperate emotionally after translating the ending of Song Ning’s story in one breath. I felt so drained and emotionally paralysed afterwards. But discussing it with you all in the comments section of the last post helped me find some degree of closure.

It is as if T7 knows the number she did on our poor hearts and eyes, the first part of Chapter 6 is somewhat melancholic with some bits of funny thrown into the mix. Chapter 6.1 marks the beginning of Ying Ge’s Story – Thirteenth Moon, which I understand is a favourite for many of our readers here.

If you want to read the summary of Thirteenth Moon’s story, click here.

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Hua Xu Yin (华胥引) – Chapter 5.3


Ahhhhh Surprise Post! THis is the finale to Song Ning’s story. The original schedule would have had me finishing this this week anyway, and I really didn’t want to hang on to this anymore. This is one of the most heart rending stories, and I really wanted to finish it quickly and move on to the next part. 😛

Here’s a picture for you all, of what could have been happier times for Song Ning and Shen An.

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Hua Xu Yin (华胥引) – Chapter 5.2



Posting a little earlier than usual. This chapter shows what could have been between Shen An. If you remember, Jun Fu explained once that the Hua Xu Realm is born from the human heart, but everyone within it is a shadow of their real selves, and would behave exactly how their real selves would.

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