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Turning Back Time (若只如初见) – Chapter 1


Peanuts: Welcome cloudandsea, our new translator aboard. Although she’ll only be translating a short story, if the response is good, she may end up translating a longer novel later so you know what to do la 😛 She is well-known in SSB for her fondness for male leads with disabilities, such a compassionate girl 🙂

Hi girls! I have been lurking around in SSB for quite a long time but because I am really inactive, so you don’t really see me around. 😛 So… hi everybody! Turning Back Time (若只如初见) is a novel by Fei Bao (靡宝) that I really enjoy reading and I really want to share and spread the love for this amazing novel. This author is not Mo Bao Fei Bao although it seems like they have the same name. There was one point that I thought authors that has the name Fei Bao in it can really write well. Continue reading