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The Journey Of Flower – Chapter 1


Trailer in Chinese. Trailer with Viet subs. Trailer in English.

Peanuts: The troublemaker lidge has decided to make it on her own & has set up her own blog so go there to continue reading the translation 🙂

lidge: To celebrate the release of the trailer for The Journey Of Flower, I’ve translated chapter 1 of the novel from which the drama is based on. Thanks to Peanuts for finding the cute pics below. I approve!! 😀

Peanuts: I better put a word of warning here that there is high probability that this translation will not get finished so don’t come and complain to me as lidge is independent from me, as well as the blog :P. Anyway, do support lidge & her quest to conquer Wallace Huo, lol.

lidge: Yes, I’m afraid I don’t have a lot of time to work on this project because I’m busy trying to get Wallace Huo to marry me 😛 :D.

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