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How Your Favourite Novelists Look Like? – Part 2


Have you ever wondered how your favourite Chinese novelists look like? I have decided to become a private detective like Sherlock Holmes for a few days to research and dig out their photos for you. I have tried my best but I cannot guarantee all those pictures are real. Some authors have many pictures available online and I have chosen those which look the most natural and clear. Curiosity kills the cat so you’ve been warned:P

I have written part 1 last month and this is the second and final part of the feature. This part may not have as many famous authors as part 1, it still has many up-and-coming authors as well as famous authors such as Feng Nong and Fresh Guo Guo.

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When Spring Ends, I’ll See You Again Novel Introduction & Excerpts


I’ve a request from Thailand (Sa-wat-dee Kah which means hello) to translate the prologue of this xian xia novel but there is no prologue in the book. There is a MV to the prologue so I am translating the dialogue. In addition, I will translate a few interesting excerpts from the novel. To facilitate better understanding of the storyline, I’ve included the synopsis/ intro and summary/ ending from shusheng bar.

For your information this is not my favourite book because of the structure the story is written as well as a less than swoon-worthy male lead. I only know the gist of the story. I will definitely listen to the audiobook later because the female lead is lovely, smart, strong & sweet, my kind of girl. According to Lidge, she feels that this story doesn’t focus on the relationship of the main couple but rather on the maturation of the main female lead through her personal decisions. She loves deeply, works hard for the main male lead to return her affections, recognizes that the supporting male lead had sacrificed so much for her, and in the end, chooses painful reincarnation cycles to repay the kindness of the supporting lead.

What she loves most about this story is the integrity and morals of the female lead, especially her empathy for the supporting male lead because she sees and appreciates him for loving her the way she loves the male lead.  This rarely happens in romance novels because the female lead is usually too preoccupied with her relationship with the male lead to notice anything or anyone else.

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