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When Spring Ends, I’ll See You Again Novel Introduction & Excerpts



I’ve a request from Thailand (Sa-wat-dee Kah which means hello) to translate the prologue of this xian xia novel but there is no prologue in the book. There is a MV to the prologue so I am translating the dialogue. In addition, I will translate a few interesting excerpts from the novel. To facilitate better understanding of the storyline, I’ve included the synopsis/ intro and summary/ ending from shusheng bar.

For your information this is not my favourite book because of the structure the story is written as well as a less than swoon-worthy male lead. I only know the gist of the story. I will definitely listen to the audiobook later because the female lead is lovely, smart, strong & sweet, my kind of girl. According to Lidge, she feels that this story doesn’t focus on the relationship of the main couple but rather on the maturation of the main female lead through her personal decisions. She loves deeply, works hard for the main male lead to return her affections, recognizes that the supporting male lead had sacrificed so much for her, and in the end, chooses painful reincarnation cycles to repay the kindness of the supporting lead.

What she loves most about this story is the integrity and morals of the female lead, especially her empathy for the supporting male lead because she sees and appreciates him for loving her the way she loves the male lead.  This rarely happens in romance novels because the female lead is usually too preoccupied with her relationship with the male lead to notice anything or anyone else.

Introduction – by skyblu629

A thousand years ago, she was only a camellia sprite, yet he was the controller of the Central Heavens, Zhong Tian King!

In the centennial Flower Festival, she confessed her love for him. Everyone laughed at her. She angrily said, “I want to be his Divine Empress.” He smiled, “Then cultivate.” From then on, she focused on cultivating.

Five hundred years later, she asked again, “When can I be your Divine Empress?” He was silent for a moment, then smiled and said, “I’ll talk to you about it after you enter the Immortal (Xian) Registry.”

The women who wants to be his Divine Empress is more than millions. She finally understands the reason for his silence. She decides to turn back and choose that mortal fate, “to use your body to repay a kindness.” She abandoned cultivation, and reincarnates forever. She doesn’t ever want to be a Xian, she just wants to forget him!

Now, because of his thousand-year guilt, he reversed fate, bringing the reincarnated her to her previous life, focusing on helping her cultivate again. He desires to fix the debt of the past. When spring ends, these two meet again….

That day, the brilliant red, the unrestrained camellia will bewilder whose eyes?

I wanted to make you become an immortal, but in the end you made me a mortal.

Video to Prologue with Translated English Dialogue – by peanuts

0.42 -“Shen Jun Da Ren (Emperor of the Gods), I…….Can I be your Divine Empress?”

1.00 – “If someone else becomes your Divine Empress, I’ll not care about you anymore.”

1.10 – “The deity world cares very much about bloodline, a mere little sprite like you, even though you get to cultivate and become an immortal, you also won’t have the chance to be the Divine Empress.”

1:34 – “Even if I were to wait forever, I also can’t be your Divine Empress. You’ve been lying to me all along.”

2.00 – “I beg Shen Jun Da Ren to let me go to repay his kindness.”

2.07 – “Once you drink the water, from now on, you’ll no longer belong to my race, merely to exchange for a lifetime of companionship, he is even more important than you being a Divine Empress?”

“I’m just a mere sprite, has no fate with immortality, Shen Jun Da Ren is …… too far away from me.”

“You will experience perpetual reincarnation, breaking your immortal (xian) fate, you ……will not regret?”

“I do not seek immortality and is willing to be a mortal, life after life. I will not regret.”


Excerpts from Novel – by peanuts


“Shen Jun Da Ren, I…….Can I be your Divine Empress?”, she asked shyly, full of expectation.

There is a burst of laughters.

“Why are you laughing? I like Shen Jun Da Ren so I want to be his Divine Empress!”, she felt slightly shy and angry.

“Then cultivate.”, he replied with a voice filled with amusement.


In the blink of an eye, a period of time has passed and the scene has changed. The clouds billow and roll, boundless, where the two shadows are very fuzzy, one looks tall and lofty and the other is a bit short and small.

“I beg Shen Jun Da Ren to agree.”, the woman asked softly.

“Because not being of the same type, if you insist on this, you will be violating the Heavenly law and certainly will be punished.”, the man’s voice is still so gentle and sweet.  “Mankind have six realms of reincarnation but you do not, if the root is broken, your spirit will disperse in the end. ”

“Then so be it! I only seek to repay him for a lifetime.” Her speech full of arrogance.

The man is silent for a moment, then sighed: “This is the Jade Pool water, if you drink it, you can transform back to your original appearance, your spirit will be able to reincarnate together with his spirit.”

“Thank you, Shen Jun Da Ren.”, she said happily.

“Once you drink the water, from now on, you’ll no longer belong to my race, merely to exchange for a lifetime of companionship, he is even more important than you being a Divine Empress?”


“I’m just a mere sprite, has no fate with immortality, Shen Jun Da Ren is …… too far away from me.”

“You will experience perpetual reincarnation, breaking your immortal (xian) fate, you ……”

“I do not seek immortality and is willing to be a mortal, life after life.”

“You will not regret?”

“I will not regret.”


Gong Zi (means son of nobility) laid on the bamboo couch, playing with the wine cup in his hands, although the face is expressionless, his pair of eyes is  exceptionally clear and twinkling, looking desolate and lonely.

He raised the wine cup at her and said in a serious tone: “Why don’t you repay my favour by marrying me?”

“This …… I’m a sprite.”

“I like sprite.”

She replied anxiously, “But I like someone else.”

He laughed: “Then there is no other way, it is you who begged me to save you, little Hong Cha (means black tea).”

She is annoyed: “I’ve told you, my name is not little Hong Cha.”


“Little Hong Cha, you are still angry?”, he smiled and squatted in front of her.

Suddenly feeling a little nervous, she did not say anything.

Gong Zi pulled her leaves: “I do not like my life, you also do not like to cultivate, if we get together, without him, there will be someone who will like you dearly, isn’t it good?”

She could not help but asked: “You are surrounded by so many beauties, do you still need to like me?”

Gong Zi replied: “I ​​only like little Hong Cha, as long as you like me for a few years, I will be satisfied. Anyway, I will not live long, you can give it a try to see if I treat you better than him, so how?”

She curiously asked, “Why do you like me?”

Gong Zi replied: “Because only you know I am living unhappily.”


“I cannot remember,” Hong Ning pushed him away, her hands are still searching the ground and finally cried out loud, “Where is Bai Ling? Past and present lives, why I do not remember? I do not remember anything!”

Jin Xiu: “He has been changed by the mortal world, so this is his punishment, this is the will of Heaven .”

Hong Ning ignored him.

“You still do not understand?” Jin Xiu pulled her up and comforted her, “Actually …… everything in the world also has its life cycle, the rules of life and death, so you don’t need to be sad.”

“So what, “Hong Ning struggled, “Life cycle, where do I go to find him? What about me? Today if not because of Bai Ling, the one who will turn into ashes will be me!”

Jin Xiu replied: “You will not because everything is destinated.”


As if she is looking at a mirror, illuminating the heart as bright as snow, Hong Ning cannot help but laughed: “So I mistakenly think that you reciprocate my love.” She slowly stood up, straightened her clothes, lifted her eyes to look at him, smilingly said: “Zhong Tian King, you don’t need to feel guilty, you do not owe me anything, instead I owe you. Seclusion is really boring and those pills taste awful but I actually able to endure until today, this is strange.”

The ground is bare and empty, nothing is left behind.

She shook her head and tears are flowing down again: “He always thought that I cultivate because of him.”

Hong Ning said coldly: “The will of Heaven? I only believe that good is rewarded with good and evil with evil. With the cover-up and protection, demon and fox are able to kill freely, even not afraid of Heaven’s rules. What is the world of the immortals? Still similar to the mortal world, lock in constant strife and willing to bend the law for one’s advantage, in fact more disgusting than the mortal world. I was muddled, that kind of place will not have what I wanted!”

Jin Xiu replied: “You ……”


A sharp and clear noise interrupted him, the jade hairpin snapped into two and is being thrown on the floor. Hong Ning stepped back: “I, Hong Ning swear I will never cultivate to become an immortal this life or future lives, otherwise I will end up like him having the spirit dispersed ……”, she is unable to find her voice anymore.

The tone is firm with implied sarcasm, the people who is swearing is just like before, so decisive.

Jin Xiu bent down to pick up the broken jade hairpin and said softly: “Always so easily because of other people swore ​​this kind of oath.”

How can an immortal like you understand the mortal’s feelings? Hong Ning looked at him, gradually, her lips curled into a sneer.

She no longer paid any attention to him, turned and returned to her room.


Her current daze look is just like how she looked like when she was a little sprite, staring blankly at him, her infatuation is written all over her face. Jin Xiu chuckled and pulled her hands.

Hong Ning looked at him for a moment, suddenly said: “Shen Jun Da Ren.”

His hands froze in mid-air, his eyes slowly turned back to look at her face.

Seeing his reaction, Hong Ning smile calmly and shaking her head: “I do not remember anything, but before I often have a strange dream. In the dream, there is a little sprite who wanted to be the Divine Empress, but I have never managed to see the face of that Shen Jun Da Ren.”

After a lapse of thousands of years, the voice in my memory is still familiar, is it fortunate or unfortunate not to remember what happened in the past lives? Jin Xiu did not say anything, looked down to check her wrist bleeding wound.

“After Bai Ling passed away, I did not dream it anymore.” Hong Ning quickly withdrew her hand, “Congratulations, for getting two new good disciples.”

Jin Xiu is quiet for a moment, then said: “It is all fated, why you still do not understand? Originally Wu Ling can avoid the tragedy, Bi Qin at most,will revert back to his original form, but Wu Ling is bent on helping him, leading to today’s catastrophe. Now in order to save his brother Bi Qin has to give up his Taoist internal alchemy and will revert back to his original form. Didn’t all these turn out exactly in accordance to Heaven’s will …… ”

“I only know of their brotherly love and loyalty.”, Hong Ning softly interrupted him, ” What is Heaven’s will, you expect Wu Ling to look on without lifting a finger when Bi Qin is in trouble, this kind of immortal is not worth while for me to become one.”

Jin Xiu sighed, paused and raised his hand to wipe the smudges on her face:” To get something, we must first give up some things, this is an age old unchanging princple on heaven and earth, you are just too stubborn”

Hong Ning tried to avoid his hands: “The stubborn one is you.”


Seeing her pale face, Jin Xiu did not say anything anymore, just trying to feed her the pill.

The pill is sparkling like dewdrop and excuded a fragrance like nectar. Hong Ning looked at him and looked at that medicine, then pushed it away: “Shen Jun Da Ren is too far away from me.”

Jin Xiu is stumped for words 

Hong Ning asked: “That sprite is me?”

The tone is very weak but that bold, ignorant and fearless look, is just like the person he met many years ago in the Flower Festival. Jin Xiu is quiet for a second then smiled: “Yes.”

“I do not know my own limited abilities.”, Hong Ning could not help laughing, “You are Shen Jun Da Ren?”

Jin Xiu did not reply.

Hong Ning said: “I ​​do not understand. She is the one who voluntarily chose to reincarnate, the stubborn one is you, actually what are you feeling guilty about?”

Guilty about what? Because he did not tell her the truth, he lied to her. Jin Xiu looked at her: “You already do not remember your past lives.”

“I do not need to remember, they have nothing to do with me.”, Hong Ning frowned. “Now I am an ordinary mortal, there will be countless past and future lives, so all these are not important. I only care about this life, which I have my own plans, but I will never cultivate, so don’t bother wasting your effort.”

Ending (Spoiler) – by lidge

Hong Ning remembers everything and her memory begins way back when she was an unimportant camellia flower and meets Jin Xiu at a flower banquet in the heavens.  She declares her love for him and tells him she wants to be his queen.  He tells her she needs to cultivate.  To do that, she undergoes challenges to move to the next level.  One of the challenges is to go to the human world but it’s important for her not to fall in love with a human.

She goes and becomes a camellia flower in the supporting guy’s (he is called gong zi) yard.  That part of the yard is about to be leveled to build something so she begs him to leave it alone.  He agrees if she promises to appear to him in human form every night to talk to him.  Eventually, their relationship deepens.  One day, Hong Ning sees him with another woman (she only sees the woman’s back) and thinks he has betrayed her and lied that he loved her.  Hong Ning is mad at him so she doesn’t appear in human form to talk to him anymore.

One day, there’s a big storm and a big rock rolls towards her.  She’s a flower and thus, is defenseless.  Suddenly, gong zi appears to stop the rock and is killed by it.  Finally, Hong Ning realizes that it had been a misunderstanding.  The woman Hong Ning saw is Jin Xiu’s servant who appeared in Hong Ning’s form so gong zi  thought he was talking to Hong Ning, hence the big misunderstanding.  At this point, Hong Ning realizes the huge sacrifice gong zi had done for her and how much she had hurt him.  She abandons cultivation and chooses to enter a cycle of reincarnation to repay gong zi.  And she does.

Finally, Hong Ning is in some sort of trouble and Jin Xiu appears to save her.  In the end, Jin Xiu chooses to save Hong Ning by giving up his heavenly status and becomes human and goes through reincarnation like Hong Ning.  Fast forward to modern time, Hong Ning is an employee and she will meet her boss who is Jing Xiu.  This is where the story ends, but we’re led to believe they”ll be together because they’re fated to be with each other.

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  2. Actually, they’re fated together because when they saved Bai Ling from the griffin (? can’t really remember), they both got splashed with the blood. The blood is supposed to have some mystical property that binds their soul together for all their reincarnations. The biggest reason that Jin Xiu wouldn’t give up immortality originally was because he didn’t just want one lifetime. He wanted forever. And hey, I’m not dead. =]

    • Arrrgh skyblu u r alive & back, lol. Tears of joy, hugs & kisses:) Long time no hear my fren, are u still reading chinese novels or have you moved on to greener pasture, lol? Xiaoyuer is back so I posted this partly to lure you out of lurking & it worked, haha..

      Did u listen to the audiobook? I listened to abt 10 chapters but put it on hiatus bcos I think Shu Ke & me just can’t get along. I still haven’t finished chong zi:( Actually it is not that i dislike xian xia as i like heavy sweetness, floating life, pillow book & piao piao. Ya, I can only listen to books with humour, whereas I know you love angsty books.

      • I actually haven’t been reading Chinese novels for a while, I’m waiting for a good angst ridden novel to pull me back in. The problem with When Spring Ends is that some parts are so interesting and other parts fall kind of flat. Overall I did like it though. I’m actually in an anime/drama phase again. Ouran High School is still cute the second time around. I’m going to give the drama a try.

  3. Your kindness make me cry!
    I really really appreciate your kindness.
    Yahoooooo – finally I can know this all of story.

    Thank You so much ^^

    • You are welcome. Since you are so keen, I try my best but I cannnot read Chinese. I translated using pinyin since I can understand Mandarin so hopefully they are correct, lol.

      • Not worries about Correct. I trust you!
        in fact, I am not good at in English but I try very hard to communicate with you.
        Becoz I love the ancient Chinese story ^^

  4. As a loyal fan of the fantasy genre I read this novel, too. I liked it although I’ve already forgotten the details. And I found the storyline a little bit confusing when the main girl meet the second male character (sorry I don’t know their names in Chinese).

    I like Chong Zi more. It left a really strong impression in my mind.

    I’ve discovered that I love stories with the main girl chasing after the guy >___< At first he doesn't like her but then falls in love with her stubbornness. Yeah it's really one of my favourite themes 😀

    • I am allergic to Shu Ke’s books. I don’t like Chong Zi bcos it is too slow & not enough awesome characters compared with Hua Xian Gu. When Spring Ends is also draggy. Your meat is my poison, lol.

      Girl chases boy, lol. Plenty of novels have that kind of storyline. I don’t mind or care who chase who as long as the novels are funny & interesting.

      • I’ve heard that Hua Xian Gu is pretty good and I’ve always wanted to read it but nobody has translated the novel 😦 Though the book was published in Vietnam not long ago I still can’t read it because I don’t live in Vietnam 😦

        • There is no Viet translation of HXG available online? Ebook? Buy the physical book online? Oh, if you can understand Chinese, you can read or listen to the audiobook:P Btw, it’ll be adapted into a drama. Filming will start in Marh/April. Guess what? They gonna change it from xianxia to wuxia. See, see not only poor Hua Xu Yin get butcherd:P Anything with the word ‘Hua’ must be destroyed, lol.

      • I know, I’ve heard about the adaption too 😦 It’s really terrible.

  5. Wahhh! Loved the excerpts! It made me feel like I’ve read through the entire book! Now I won’t need to struggle by using a dictionary trying to find out what the heck does each word mean! Thank you so much!!!!

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