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Tang Qi’s Books Mini-Special – Part 13



A Happy Belated Children’s Day (1 June) to all my readers who are still a child or a child at heart:) Also, wishing all of you an early Dragon Boat Festival (Duanwu) which will be on 12 June. Peanuts will be going away for about 1 month so there may be little or no update.  Initially I plan to read the Pillow Book 2 during my holiday so I can post spoilers for all of you but unfortunately Tang Qi has postponed the release date from 12 June to the end of July:( Good news for those who wanna see Dong Hua Dijun naked as according to fans in Baidu, there will be ‘boating’ scenes in Book 2, lol. In the meantime, don’t miss me too much:P


Dragon boat

What are the female leads doing on Dragon Boat Festival day?

Jun Fu: “Learn from Mu Yan on how to wrap sticky rice dumplings (zongzi), his skill is very good.”

Bai Qian: “Learn from Ye Hua on how to wrap sticky rice dumplings (zongzi), his skill is quite good.”

Yan Song: “Learn from Qin Mo on how to wrap sticky rice dumplings (zongzi), he is really good at it.”

Feng Jiu: “Dragon Boat Festival? When is the Dragon Boat Festival, passed already?”

(Although Dijun is not around … Feng Jiu, how can you lost track of time?)


Which festival do the female leads like best?

Bai Qian: “Valentine’s day.”

Yan Song: “Valentine’s day.”

Jun Fu: “Valentine’s day.”

Shao Wan: “Valentine’s day.” (I don’t know who is this woman but I think she is the female lead in the 4th book with Mo Yuan)

Cheng Yu: “Valentine’s day.”

Feng Jiu: “…… Children’s day.”



Bai Qian: “Ye Hua …… I’ve embroidered this mandarin duck pillow for half a day yet I still could not finish it.”

Ye Hua: “Qian Qian, it is fine. If you feel tired, do not embroider anymore.”

Yan Song: “Qin Mo, take a look, I’ve made clothes for Lang Lang.”

Qin Mo: “Then… Song Song, did you make one for me?”

Yan Song: “You are so rich yet you want me to make clothes for you?”

Qin Mo (hug Yan Song’s waist): “Song Song, I want you to make for me …”

Su Chen: “Xiao huang… why your fur is still not growing?”

Xiao huang (after smelling the aroma of the roast chicken, it looked bitterly at Su Chen, then look at its naked body): “…”

Su Chen (looked up at the sky): “The embroidery contest is around the corner … if your fur is still not growing, what are we gonna embroider?“

Xiao huang: “…”

Feng  (shy): “Dijun …… I, I embroidered a handkerchief for you.”

Dong Hua (observe Feng Jiu’s expression): “Not bad.”

Dong Hua (see some small wordings on the handkerchief: “Did you write me a poem to express your love?”

Feng Jiu (sheepishly run away swiftly) “Read it.”

Dong Hua smilingly read out the wordings:

“Dijun I really do not like to eat your sweet and sour fish”

Dong Hua: “…”


Yan Song: “Brother, is my singing good or bad?”

Qin Mo: “Not…not bad”

Cheng Yu: “Rogue, is my singing good or bad?”

Lian Song: “… Very good, very good.” … (3rd Royal Highness dares not say bad)

Jun Fu: “Mu Yan, is my singing good or bad?”

Mu Yan: “Do not worry, no matter what … when compare with Jun Wei, you are definitely number one.”

Feng Jiu: “Dong Hua, is my singing good or bad?”

Dong Hua: “Did you change your singing voice to a male fox?”



Jun Fu: “Mu Yan, I cannot sleep.”

Mu Yan: “Never mind since you do not need to get up early.”

Bai Qian: “Ye Hua, I cannot sleep.”

Ye Hua: “Then we shall do something meaningful.”

Bai Qian: “……”

Yan Song: “Brother, I cannot sleep.”

Qin Mo: “Well, I’ll sing you a lullaby?”

Yan Song (angry resentment): “Brother, I’m not a child.~”

Feng Jiu: “Dong Hua, I cannot sleep.”

Dong Hua: “Xiao Bai, sleep lah. I’ll chant the Buddhist sutra to hypnotize you.”

Feng Jiu: “……”


What are the male leads most regrettable things in life?

Ye Hua: “When she was Susu, I did not protect her well (already very good π_π).”

Mu Yan: “When she was Ye Zhen, I invaded Wei country resulting in her sucide.”

Qin Mo: “When she was Lolita, I did not cherish her.”

Lian Song: “When she was a red lotus fairy, I did not win back her heart from my second brother.”

Dong Hua: “When she was a little fox, I did not often cook her favorite dish, sweet and sour fish to indulge her.”


Jun Fu: “Mu Yan, if I want you to choose between the throne and me, which will you pick?”

Mu Yan: “You want to hear an honest or fake reply?

Jun Fu (indecisive): “Fake, fake one”

Mu Yan: “The throne.”

Jun Fu smacks Mu Yan’s lip.

Qin Mo: “Song Song, between novels and me you can only choose one.”

Yan Song: “With great difficulty and reluctance I’ll pick you”

Qin Mo (raise eyebrows): “Reluctant? I’ll let you know what is willingly.”

Yan Song: “. . . . . .”

Ye Hua: “Qian Qian, if I want you to choose between A Li and me who’ll you pick?”

Bai Qian: “Are you jealous? Are you jealous?”

Ye Hua: “. . . . . .“

Feng Jiu: “Dong Hua, if I want you to choose between Lian Song and me, you can only choose one, who will you pick?”

Dong Hua: “. . . . . .”


Qin Mo: “Lin Qiao and me, you can only choose one.”

Yan Song: “Your question is a roundabout way for me to choose life or death? Rest assured, now I have you and Yan Lang, I will not take things too hard.”

Qin Mo: : “.. . . . . “

Ye Hua: “Mo Yuan and me, you can only choose one.”

Bai Qian: “My husband and my mentor, equally important. You better change to Li Jing.”

Ye Hua: “. . . . . .”

Dong Hua: “Roasted yam and me, you can only choose one.”

Feng Jiu (indecisive for a long time and finally come up with a brilliant idea): “You!”

Dong Hua (pleased): “Not bad.”

Feng Jiu: “So, you are considered my man.”

Dong Hua: “You are my woman.“

Feng Jiu: “Hey, since you are my man, from now onwards, you have to roast yam for me to eat every day!”

Dong Hua: “. . . . . .”

Bai Li: “Xiao huang and me, you can only choose one.”

Jun Wei (grit teeth): “Son, bite him!”


Gong Yi Fei asks Jiu Jiu (original line): “How do you see me, your brother · · or a man?”

Xiao huang asks Jun Wei: “How do you see me, your son. . . or a slave?”

Mo Yuan asks Ye Hua: “How do you see me, your brother. . . or a love rival?”

Bai Qian asks Li Jing: “How do you see me, a woman. . . or a man?”

Lian Song asks Dong Hua: “How do you see me, your friend. . . or your lover?”

Dong Hua asks little dough: “How do you see me, your brother. . . or grandfather?”


Little dough asks Ye Hua: “How do you see me, your son. . . or a tool to help you to pursue mummy?”

Yan Lang asks Qin Mo: “How do you see me, your son. . . or a tool to help you pursue mummy?”

Xiao huang asks Jun Wei: “How do you see me, your son. . . or a tool to help you pursue mummy?”

Gun Gun asks Dong Hua: “How do you see me, your son. . . or a love rival?”
Little dough:. . . . . .
Yan Lang:. . . . . .
Xiao huang:. . . . .

Gun Gun, you win.

13 thoughts on “Tang Qi’s Books Mini-Special – Part 13

  1. OMG OMG… the Dong Hua family… they really stand out, from husband to wife, from father to son, lol. I’m always waiting for their turn and then burst out of laughing. It is so cute *heart fluttering*
    Feng Jiu is really childish, how can her most favorite day is Children’s Day, I wonder :3
    Thanks so much for your translation. So you will not update for a while? Well, I’m sad now 😦 It’s my habit to lurk around your page ar~~~ *so saddd* T^T

    • Oh, thank you for being a lurker, so sweet of you, haha. I will try to post Shan Shan at least weekly to keep you happy. I have time to translate these two weeks but no equipment:( I don’t know how to use my iPad. The google translate doesn’t work!!! I need a laptop or desktop which are at home.

      Yah, dong Hua and family are funny. Will do a special on the kids in july.

      • Well, I dont really trust google translate, lol. Anyway, if you are on your vacation, you should relax all you want, I’ll still be right here waiting for you =)), haha.. Of course I am happy to have any new posts from you, hehe..
        Ah, I’ve wanted to ask you about the Shan Shan’s audio, though I don’t understand Mandarin, I still want to try listening to it, but where can I listen to it? I don’t know T^T

        • I need google to read/pinyin the chinese for me, not translate into English. If google can translate well, save me a lot of time but it cannot:(

          Go to shusheng bar, my novel blog. The two radio drama links are there. Don’t listen to the audiobook, it is boring. I relistened to them on the plane yesterday, still so funny and happy, lol.

    • Because Dong Hua is only doting her in children day 😄

      Dong Hua is not romantic person. On valentine Day, he might teased his wife a lot 😂

  2. Awww lOl i lurk around ur site too.

    btw do you know where we can order her new book online?? is there a way to preorder?? please let me know 😀

    • As far as I know tang 7 is still writing the book. It could be delayed till sept so no pre ordering yet. When there is, you can order from or book., the amazon of china. But I think they will not deliver to overseas address. By the way there is a fake version floating around. Anyway, once the book is released, someone will post it online in no time.

  3. DongHua- ‘sleep lah’…oh my,I can’t imagine DongHua speak with this dialect. It’s wonderful.

  4. I’ve been playing Age Of Wushu lately that I had NOT come back to check this site… and now I did. TT
    Anyway, AS ALWAYS, LMAO. I love donghua, fengjiu, and gungun’s best. LMAO
    Puts a smile on my face. Thanks so much for sharing .LMAO

  5. The more I read from here …. I really want to read the book now … alas~ the book has been deleted from online servers… but I am really glad I read this!! It’s been 4 years… Never heard of this series until this year really.. Thank you for all your hard work!!

  6. I love Dong Hua’s story 😂😂😂

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