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My Sunshine: Fashion & Accessories Pictorial



Welcome to reality my fellow earthlings 🙂 After the fairytale in Boss & Me with all those luxurious coats, watches, rings and props, we’ll now take a look at what ordinary human beings like us can afford or wear? This post will also explore how poor or cheapskate this production is compared to the lavishness in Boss & Me. I know I know, you are going to put the blame on my WC that most of the budget has gone to pay him. But he is a vegetarian so how much can he eat 😛 ?

Anyway this is still an eye opener as I’ve never heard of most of the brands. After these 2 drama, I’ve sort of become more informed in regards to brand names. Anyone has bought anything from these brands before since they are more affordable and casual? Please leave a comment if I’ve missed anything worth noting.

Mo Sheng’s Clothes

When the drama was airing, many netizens questioned if the production company was short of money.  Weibo-ers created a hashtag along the lines of #MySunshinesProductionCrewisPoor# because Mo Sheng’s clothes look cheap like something from taobao. They even called her Miss Zhao Tao Bao 😦  The production company replied her clothes are actually quite costly and of good quality. This is also a more matured and ordinary drama compared to Boss & Me which is more youthful and rich so they’ve to dress appropriately. Most will be shown after they got married. Due to the dull color in black, white and grey, they gave you such false impression. I’ve investigated their claim and concede some of her clothes are costly but most are affordable. However it seems like some of those expensive clothes are the artistes’ personal clothes so don’t deny that you are cheap 😛



Valentino – Italy fashion brand.

Wah it is Valentino 2014 fall/winter collection which is very current compared to Feng Teng’s outdated winter clothes, lol. As you can see Carina Lau (aka Mrs Tony Leung) wore it before in different color. How can Mo Sheng afford such an expensive clothes wore during the proposal scene? Yi Chen must have bought it for her 😛




Chloe – French fashion house

This is obviously Tang Yan’s personal clothes since she wore it to Perfect Match’s promotion interview before. Wow, 2 Wallace had seen the same clothes before lol. Why can’t she wear this to Yi Mei’s wedding instead of being wasted in a supermarket 😛 ?



5Preview – Swedish brand

Hoju: 5Preview is very popular with HK stars and is a trendy brand that people try to follow. Pictures of filming for TVB dramas in magazines often see a very chic, fashionable person wearing the 5Preview brand.



Alexander Wang – American brand

This unremarkable and ordinary knee length T-shirt is actually from this famous designer, wonder never ceases?



Undercover –  Japanese streetwear clothing

This is rather suitable for a professional photographer to wear but isn’t it a bit costly?


These 3 pieces of clothing that were worn during the honeymoon look like something from taobao. However they are in fact from famous overseas brands. If clothes can cry, they’ve probably cried like the ocean in Maldives 😛


Alice McCall – Australian fashion designer


Toga Archives – Japanese brand


Manoush – French feminine brand



Moschino – Italian luxury fashion house

For those who’ve read hoju’s episode 31 recap will be familiar with these foolish looking T-shirts. Yes, they don’t come cheap but they look like a zero should be omitted.


Hyoma – Japanese street fashion

I actually quite like this T-shirt for its uniqueness and cartoonish feel but this is not something I’ll wear to my marriage registration or take my wedding photo in it.






H:Connect – Korean fashion brand

From the pricing and the number of clothes used from this brand, it is evident this is the cheapest brand. You can even buy them while watching tv in China. This makes me wonder if H: Connect sponsored the clothes so saving the production company a few bucks.




All other clothes can be purchased from taobao even the designer ones as they are imitations. I won’t do a detailed listing of all the clothes that you can buy from there like I did in Boss & Me because I don’t like most of Mo Sheng’s clothes. For those who are interested, you can surf in taobao.

Yi Chen’s Clothes

Most of Yi Chen’s clothes are WC’s personal ones. That is why all those suits fitted him so well. You can see that he has good and rich taste. He likes Armani as I often see him in them. For your information he is the spokesperson for Seven Wolves known as Septwolves, a China menswear brand. In the drama, his clothes were mostly in blue, white, grey and black in line with his professional image as a lawyer. Hence, some netizens complained his clothes looked cheap. WC replied that among all his drama, his clothing for this drama are the most expensive and he was most well dressed.


Armani – Italian luxury brand


Z Zegna – Italian luxury fashion house

Hugo Boss – German luxury fashion house

Takeo Kikuchi – one of the most distinguished and long-time popular menswear brand in Japan



Burberry – British luxury brand

Gucci – Italian luxury brand

Alexander McQueen – British luxury brand

John Lobb – UK luxury shoes and boots brand

Lanvin – French high fashion house


Gant – US brand

I’ve mentioned in my episode 28 recap that the flora print shirt is from Gant.


The T-shirt that WC wore in the intense forced kiss scene is actually his own clothes which he also wore in The Amazing Race.


Many netizens complained that the production company must be very poor since WC has to wear his sister Jackie’s clothes from The Amazing Race lol. I believe it is more of a case of WC being thrifty which is a good habit. After the drama has finshed filming, WC got to keep the clothes so he gave them to Jackie. Why waste them since WC can’t wear them again as normally artiste will not be seen wearing the same clothes twice.? Such a nice brother, giving you second hand clothes, haha…

If you can understand Chinese, take a look at this video clip on the fashion in the drama:



Zocai – China jewelry brand based in Shenzhen

After reading so many foreign brands, at last there is one China home grown brand.


The Sunshine necklace is also from Zocai and it is pretty affordable.

pic (9)


Cartier – reowned French jeweller

Although it looks small on the screen, it is quite expensive. If you want a cheaper one, you can get the fake one below as China is notorious for its imitation goods 😦




Rebecca Wigs – from US

Hoju: Many fans have complained that, if they want to be a true “My Sunshine” fan, it is very difficult.  So many expensive brand names that are unaffordable, so instead, let’s buy a “same style wig as Tang Yan”? I can only say “Ha, ha!” Do you think the wig on Tang Tang’s head is a cheap product? You are so naive! The production company explained that wigs were used to follow the plot in the novel even though Tiffany has nice flowy long hair.


I forgot who wrote she likes young Mo Sheng’s hat so this is for you 😛




Balenciaga – French fashion house

Oh such a waste to let such an expensive backpack being trampled by Yi Chen’s forced kissing lol.



Salvatore Ferragamo – Italian luxury brand

Some netizens complained lawyer He is really poor because he only had $500 in his wallet. However it is a Ferragamo wallet so he can’t be that poor. Hey Himmy, I don’t know what is the brand of the WC’s bag you asked me before. In view of WC’s rich taste, I am pretty sure it is a branded one either Ferragamo, Prada, Hermes, LV etc which is too expensive for you. Hence I’ll recommend you to get the one in taobao lol.


Jenova –  China local brand

This bag which was used to store Mo Sheng’s expensive camera is very cheap, only RMB898.


Once again WC was spotted using his personal backpack. Anybody knows the brand?



Cartier Santos – reowned French jeweller

This is WC’s personal watch. See, see, I told you he has got good and expensive taste 😛


Tissot – luxury Swiss watchmaking company

Huh, really that cheap? Is it an imitation one? You’ll notice the youngsters used the cheap stuff.

pic (6) pic (7)

Veaka – China brand

It is not surprising all Chinese brands are a lot cheaper than foreign brands.



Hasselblad – Swedish manufacturer

Wah such an expensive camera, worthy for a photographer who had returned from overseas.


Leica – Geman optics company

This is actually another of Mo Sheng’s camera white she was taking photos of Xiang Heng. Naughty WC was just playing with it 😛


Canon – Japanese brand

I wonder if the production company really bought those cameras or they were sponsored as they are pretty expensive?


T2O mode (TV to Online) was first tested with this drama. It provides interactive television shopping experience as most of the target audience for this drama are those who are internet savvy. If your mobile phone has the shopping application, you can scan the TV logo on the screen and enter the TV series interactive page. Then you can buy what is in the drama at a discount while watching it. Hence poor WC has been selling everything from bed sheets, pillow, kitchen design to clothes.



 When you live in Shanghai, is there only 1 hospital where you can go? If such is the case, then you better don’t fall sick there.


 Why does our super rich Feng Teng has to share an apartment with Yi Chen? Okay, I’ll suspend belief and accept what one of my reader told me that they are living in the same building but different apartments.


Why are the interior layouts the same? Same layout but different floor? Some people may enjoy spotting the similarity in this drama with Boss & Me but I am bored. I want to see new and fresh stuff so please don’t let Xiao Nai lives there next lol. This makes me wonder why you need to rent back the same apartment unless this apartment is owned by the boss’s of the production company?

Hoju: Yi Chen’s (and Feng Teng’s while we’re at it) apartment is in the Ocean One apartment complex in Shanghai’s Pudong area. A known luxury apartment that also provides service apartments, which they call Fraser Suites, for expats. I’m speculating the production team might have rented one of the service apartments to film, since I highly doubt they would pay to own one of these.  Lawyer He’s 300 square metre (~ 3200 square ft) apartment costs a whopping 57 million RMB (approximately 9.1 million USD). 28 year old Lawyer He definitely isn’t suffering. As for Feng Teng, well that’s just small change.



Sob sob, how can you do this to our great lawyer HE? Have him working in such a shabby and run-down office 😦 The production crew explained shabby looking doesn’t mean cheap and it was rented because of its suitability. They further reiterated, the whole production cost about RMB60m so approximately RMB2m per episode so in line with the production cost of first tier drama production in China. If it is not cheap then the real estate in Shanghai must be really exorbitant to make a lawyer firm rent a warehouse as office 😦


Has Shan Shan’s jewelry shop closed down so Yi Chen’s law firm has taken over the lease?

m50-creative-parkimage-3 M50-1-大

Hoju: When Lawyer He went to meet Mo Sheng at Treasure or when Mo Sheng went charging to the firm to confront Miffy, they were actually only a hop and a skip away. 😉  Yes, the same general site was used for Yuan Xiang He Law Firm, Treasure’s office, and the coffee shop that Mo Sheng and Xiao Xiao like to have their girl talk in. All those scenes were filmed at M50 Creative Park, a former textile factory and warehouse area now turned art district. A quick look at some google images makes me suspect that perhaps the gallery Ying Hui built for Mo Sheng’s photos might have been filmed in one of the art galleries here as well, but that is not confirmed. And yes, I recognize it as the filming site for tons of Boss and Me scenes as well…



Did you notice the airport, Ying Hui’s office and the auditorium where Ying Hui gave his speech are familiar looking? Yes, they are all the same place. Wow, this is even worse than a TVB production but HK is small and there is a lack of space. Can’t they find 3 different venues to film them? So sloppy 😦


Hoju:  Airport scenes (whether they be New York, California, Shanghai, or HK), Ying Hui’s American office, Chang Hua University’s auditorium where Ying Hui spoke, and even the off-campus debate competition they supposedly took the bus to were all filmed at Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts (SIVA). They probably used all their money renting that luxury apartment so they had to scrimp and save and rent the school for several scenes…?

pic (1) pic (2)

Hoju: We saw this office all over Boss and Me and it was also the site of that business meeting in episode 1 where Lawyer He schooled Xu Ying. The filming was done in the newly Nov 2014-completed Sky Soho building in Hongqiao Shanghai.


Hoju: The site of the proposal and the kiss that turned into a sputter.  😉 “Mo Sheng said she likes ‘dated’ things, but this chapel is not the least bit old. It is the chapel on the property of the relatively new Starwood hotel, Le Méridien She Shan Shanghai and was built specifically for weddings held at the hotel.” If you look carefully in the photo below taken from within the hotel, you can see the chapel out the window.


Hoju: The Chang Hua University scenes were filmed mainly Shanghai Normal University (SHNU) and some at Soochow University campus.  However, as peanuts had mentioned, when Wallace and Tang Yan went back to re-film their version of the university scenes, school had already started so they were limited on how much they could do.

Oldest teaching building in SHNU. That should be it in the background behind Yi Chen and Mo Sheng?

Teaching building no. 3 at SHNU.  Confirmed by an SHNU student to have seen the filming of the first kiss there.

Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 11.14.03 PMScreen Shot 2015-01-31 at 11.15.12 PM
The “Bridge of Thinking” in SHNU

Soochow University was the filming site of the centennial celebration

image21thumb_duolun road (11)

Hoju: Yi City scenes, including the one where young Mo Sheng meets the young Yi Mei for the first time when they are on winter break, mainly were filmed on the historic Duolun Road in Shanghai.

2015122164952813 2015122164951641

Hoju: Most scenes in the United States were filmed on an island in the Yangcheng Lake in Suzhou.

Product Placements

pic (13)

pic (15)

Rio Wine – This needs no introduction as you’ve seen it in Boss & Me and practically every episode of My Sunshine. However you may not be aware of the different kinds of Rio products. Did you notice the canned drinks that Mo Sheng knocked down when she saw Yi Chen in the supermarket are Rio canned drink?


999 Gan Mao Ling Ke Li – 999 Effective Granulated Cold Medicine


Yakult – for those from Malaysia, this is different from the Vitagen produced in Malaysia.

pic (8)unnamed

Nongfu Spring  – bottled water. I think Yi Chen has a fridge full of them.

pic (4)unnamed

Haima – Mazda in disguise 😛 Bongsd said everyone in the drama drives Haima except Yi Chen gets to drive his white BMW in accordance to the novel.


Red Bull – If you live in China, you either drink Red Bull or Rio 😛


Apple Mac – this needs no introduction so I am not sure why it was doing product placement?


Hoju: Other product placements less obvious in the drama but still there are Taobao app and Laiwang app (both Alibaba products)


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  1. *giggles* thanks for the post! I am truly shocked that what TY was wearing were mostly real brand name stuff. -0- WC looked fine. I really like both of them in trench coats, both in the poster as well as the last scene. 😉

  2. Lawyer He’s briefcase should be a Louis Vuitton.
    TY just do not look good in anything with her wigs.

    Main reason for this slopy production is due to the soon to be release SS movie?
    Its a real shame as finally WC gets a perfect happy ending. Consolation is it did not pull down WC’s popularity.

    • SS movie & drama are fr different coys. No doubt the budget for the movie is bigger as at most they only need to film 3 hrs for screening. Hence they get to go to the real US 😛

  3. Amazing…how you gals notice all the detailes, Boss and ME, and even here!

  4. Haha! I practically laughed my head off at all those sarcastic and very humorous remarks about MS’s clothes. LOL! 😀 Strange how all those expensive designer clothes don’t look good on TY when she practically has a model’s figure. Please don’t tell me she was actually wearing the imitation ones from Taobao. 😛
    Needless to say, WC has an impeccable sense of ‘haute couture’. I love how he goes for all those figure-hugging shortened suit jackets since they accentuate his long and slim legs so much, especially the all-black suit he wore at the airport in Episode 1. It really is a case of the man wearing the clothes and NOT the clothes wearing the man; now that would be an outright disaster for the wearer. Those Chinese netizens who criticised his clothes in “Sunshine” probably couldn’t differentiate between an ‘haute couture’ designer suit and a Taobao imitation since Taobao has now successfully invaded every facet of our daily life.
    And that Santos Cartier wristwatch is so WC – such refined and understated elegance – just like the man himself. 🙂

    • I was really wondering why should we buy costly brand when even TY couldn’t make them look high couture brand. Imagine common people like us wearing these. For my part I will be looking like a beggar then. 😛
      No Canadian brand`? I should write to the production and propose them to diversify their products placement. hehehe

      Thanks everyone for the recaps. I really enjoyed reading your fashion and behind the scene post.

      See you for the next drama recap. I am wondering if Hoju will recap the drama `Nirvana in Fire which I hope will be soon released?

      • Haha, you may look good in drag 😛

        U r lucky there is no Canadian brand since most of the clothes are so awful 🙂

        Recap is not our specialty so we’ll only do abt 1 a year so see you next year lol.

      • Feng Teng wore a Canadian brand winter jacket. I guess we’ll take that as a token nod to the country? 😉

        How’d you know that is one of my favourite c-novels EVER? Have I gushed about it on here? I love that story and have been eagerly anticipating the drama, which looks amazing so far! While i believe in “never say never”, I also don’t think there’s much of a chance I’ll recap Nirvana. Like peanuts said, recaps are not my specialty at all. I’m much happier in my translating world… :p

    • Those designer clothes were designed for Westerners? Also as Meg wrote, TY doesn’t look good in anything bcos of her awful wig.

      Ya poor WC being criticised for wearing Jackie’s clothes lol.

  5. Haha its me who like the hat lol :p, thanks peanuts

  6. actually, i really2 like mosheng’s cloths.. i don’t understand why people saying they are ugly (but some of them does looks cheap)
    i like all her cloth so far (im at ep9) i like her style, its something that chubby girl like me can’t wear, it won’t look good on me, so i kinda envy her. n its looks comfortable too. the choice of the cloths are suitable with the mood of the story, can you imagine mosheng in hot pink shirt but her face wears a very gloomy expression.. it’s will ruin the whole frame.

    i like heyichen’s black-white tshirt!! 😀

    i 100% agree with your points about the set.. its really2 frustrating to see such office, for both treasure n heyichen law firm. maybe rental for run-down place is much much much cheaper so they can cut down the cost of production…. can’t they find a better place?? its doesn’t have to be like fengteng group building but a slightly better than a run-down office is enough.. if they want to make it looks classic and vintage, they are totally failed, its a run-down warehouse you renting dear sunshine production!!

    ps: they will filming ‘a slight smile is alluring’ too??? by the same production? and.. i wish they don’t use the same apartment for xiao nai too… they don’t need to be neighbour. xD

    • Huh? MS’s clothes are mostly loose fitting so u’ve no problem wearing them so quickly go & buy some lol.

      The production coy said it is not cheaper. But I can see the wall on YC’s office peeling off. I didn’t include that shot bcos I dun want to be too critical 😛

      Yes, your Xiao Nai will be filmed this year by the same production coy, very soon. GM is also the scriptwriter. I heard abt your defection & unfaithfulness to Feng Teng 😛

      • its loose fitting on MS bcoz she’s thin, if not thin it’s won’t look like that even buy bigger size. hmmm.. mybe i should buy n take a look again. but.. taobao not shipping internationally rite?

        same production?? i don’t know i should happy with it or hate it. i don’t want to see rio n some reuse and recycle set anymore. n GM as scriptwriter, seriously i kinda worried.. now i see different if the scriptwriter is the author, since she’s the author she can change whatever she likes because all the characters are hers (i still can’t accept why Yinghui seems so different in novel n drama), but if other scriptwriter they are more careful in changing anything coz worried they might offended the author (which they already did in shanshan) n the fans.

        aiyooo… don’t make it sound so bad lar… xD fengteng is richer but xiaonai seems to be more fun and genius. xD plus too many friends like fengteng already after watching boss&me, i don’t want to share with them xD ahahaha

        ps: i will forgive and close one eye of this production coy if they cast wuyifan as xiaonai!! xD

        • Previously taobao used to ship to China only but I think some do ship overseas now but u’ve to pay postage cost.

          U are wrong. If the author is not the scriptwriter, they’ll change everything upside down. With the author as scriptwriter, it’ll follow the novel closely except for secondary characters.

          The buzz for Xiao Nai in the drama is not your darling Kris but nothing is confirmed yet so he may still have a chance. Anyway your Kris is a movie star so I doubt he’ll downgrade himself to act in a drama lol. Even if he is not in the drama, high chance that he’ll be the movie Xiao Nai so you are in a win win situation. If he fails to get either role, then u seriously need to change idol lol.

          • isn’t sunshine follow faithfully to the novel, just adding some stuff here n there abit.

            my kris won’t be that arrogant don’t want to downgrade himself to act in a drama lar… he’s a very hardworking one 🙂 as long as its make himself&meigeni happy, i think he will take any job.

            so gonna have drama n movie version ah?? interesting.. but im worried the CG if not look good. they need to hire a genius like xiaonai for the CG.

            i told my sister, xiaonai already overthrown jiangzhisu as my most fav. character ever all the time.

    • to think about it again, i think i have a very weird taste in fashion. things others hate i like them (mosheng’s short hair, mosheng’s casual style) and things others like i don’t really like (yichen’s short suit, don’t get me wrong…i think WC got the perfect body for suit but i just don’t like shortened suit)

      ps: why we don’t have edit comment function. T.T

  7. Ew, those netizens complaining over the cheapness is too annoying and shallow-minded. :/

    Btw, I have always wondered, but how come the production company had to spend so much money on Wallace? Is he that arrogant?

  8. This is so funny. Thanks for putting this together. I know brand names and I could tell WC had expensive suits since they fitted him really good. For TY, even they were brand names, they didn’t fit with the style of the story or her body type.
    In some US cities, some of the most expensive condos were converted from warehouse buildings, since they allow the condos/offices to have 20 foot ceilings and floor to ceiling windows so his office being a warehouse was fine with me. I just didn’t like there wasn’t any doors so any conversations could prob be heard all over. Condos units have the same layout on each floor. If you live on 112, the rooms directly above such as 212, 312, 412, etc will have the same floor plan while 110, 210, 310 will be similar to each other but different from 112, the only differences from each unit is the material used if they are custom built.
    TVB series reuse the same houses/costumes over and over and no one complains.

    • Yes, yes, you’re right. I was gonna bring up the issue of converted old warehouses into luxury condos and offices but you beat me to it. LOL! Call it retro, eclectic, aesthetic, free-form or whatever but it is the trend now in Western architecture especially in Great Britain and Australia. It just hasn’t caught on in Asia yet. Wish I can afford one of these as I just love old buildings. 🙂 I don’t know why everyone was panning Lawyer He’s office; it really is very stylish and in mode, especially the very creative wooden staircase and solid wooden beams in the interior. 🙂

      • Yes, I saw a few of these retro warehouses b4 but lawyer He’s one seems incomplete or should I say not well polished enough bcos the wall is peeling/cracking lol. Btw I need to offer you a writing spot in future WC’s drama that is worth recapping to give the readers a diff kind of opinion 😛

        • Oh, no! Now that would be a disaster in the making. Your readers will be so put off by my weird tastes and opinions that they’ll never come back to your blog ever again. LOL! 😀 The basic essence of converting old buildings into new livable ones is to retain their existing characteristics and individual features right down to the peeling paint, cracks in the walls and even creepers on their façade. Haha! What can I say? It’s called ART! LOL! 😀

  9. I think, Mo Sheng’s outfits look ‘cheap’ bcuz of her. She couldnt make those ‘expensive’ clothes look expensive. she needs to hire a new fashion stylist. with those wigs.. oh My God.. nuff said.

    Wallace is handsome as always. i just love him. bias? perhaps. bcuz of this post, i re-watched Best Time last night. lols

    • You must have watched all the parts with Alex, you traitor 😛 Btw are those clothes in Best Time, WC’s own clothes? Are they Armani or branded one?

      • If it’s me I’ll definitely skip all Alex part, how could you stand that dull guy 😦

        I doubt it’s WC ‘s clothes, they look stylish but also look cheap not WC taste.

        • LOLs, hilarious.. himmy3’s comment on how dull he was.. lols.. bcuz he’s handsome, so forgivable even he was a dull guy 😀

          yeah, those look cheap. thank God, Wallace has a good body so whatever he wears would be nice. better in My Sunshine, but still.. his hairstyle in Best Time was the best.. 🙂

          but everytime i see him drinking wine, he looks sooooooo sexy..

          • Lol you so superficial 😛

            Yaya, WC looked the best in Best Time. He look soooo good in those cheap clothes, he upgraded those clothes lol.

            Totally agreed, every time he drink and getting drunk he look lushtfull! 😀

      • haha, Peanuts said im a traitor for this. but in my deepest heart, Wallace always be my priority, lols (mianhe oppas,lols kidding) 😀

        not many men is like that, getting lustful and smexy.. so seductive.. not many la.. so far, only wallace chung comes to my mind.. anyone else?

        oh ya, i read in AVV that there are some novels would be adapted to movie and dramas.. but i dont think wallace will participate in one of those.. 😦

        • I think Lee Jun Ki is sexy in some way but not lustful, he didn’t make me wanna eat him lol. Needless to say WC nailed it without even trying! 😀
          Like others and my sister’s constant reminder, he had pass the age for idol drama. It’s time for him to be father lol.
          And WC with baby is my next weakness!

  10. The black and white shirt YC wore at the supermarket is also WC’s clothes. He wore it at one of Fall in Love promotion event, but I don’t know what brand it is.

    • I really like the dress Mosheng wore in episode 25 ( the blue striped dress with weird patches on the side). It is so cute. Anyone knows similar dress or what brand it is ? Thankssss

  11. They’re really going to film Xiao nai & bei wei wei? any idea who are the leads?? I can’t wait!

    • Yes, going to milk the cow (Gu Man) dry lol. There are a few candidates so stay tune to find out who’ll win the role. I think will start filming this year so should be on your screen soon 😛

  12. Hi, Thank you for this info. Really appreciated and have learned a lot. 🙂
    In addition. I recognise some expensive design furniture: the Tolomeo desk lamp (Italian brand) and a lot of chairs of Charles and Ray Eames (two American architects). The real stuff is really really expensive but I’m not sure the production team used the real stuff or the “fake” ones. 🙂

  13. I generally don’t comment on people’s fashion as they I firmly believe each person is entitled to their own style.

    However, I will note that it’s not insomuch that Mo Sheng’s clothing looking cheap but more of a case of it being ill-fitting. Unfortunately, the clothes were just too big. Totally unsuitable for her build.

    Now I do recall at one stage baggy clothes were in fashion but here the clothes have done her great disservice. Tang Yan’s small frame looks lost and she appears to be completely swallowed up by her collar.

    We have individual ways of expressing ourselves and perhaps the clothes were design to set some sort of precedence for the mood and feel of the drama but surely it shouldn’t be distracting. I can assure I found the whole ensemble very distracting from the wig to some of her outfits. It’s such a pity because the Mo Sheng I’d imagine in the novel was much more stylish.

    As for Wallace – he dresses exactly how a corporate lawyer should look. Professional, smart but with a touch of dependability with the greys and navys. Handsome without being too overt – definitely my kind of lawyer. I really can’t fault his wardrobe.

  14. Thank you for this fun post dearie^^

    I’ve been a silent reader and have been waiting for the last episode recap to post, but I had to collect my thoughts here, lol. First off, congratulations on the 2-millionth views!! It’s so wonderful to know where I can get my overdose of WC, kekeke.

    Anywho, I recognize most of the brands and I’m just so disappointed in the fact that the production gave the excuse of “Mo Sheng is a photographer, thus giving her a ‘comfortable’ style etc…”, I’m an occasional photographer and I believe in good style, especially casual and comfortable fits. I find this “reasoning” so unfair for her character. *rawr* I acknowledge the oversized look they gave her, but they didn’t even try to help her and it just looked sloppy. They just plopped the clothes over TY and let her shoot for the day. 😦 I believe the overall look they gave Mo Sheng was way too spunky for her mellow tone (especially in the beginning half, but I know this differs from the drama). Through the entire drama, I want to say that I saw potential in no more than 4 pieces of Mo Sheng’s wardrobe, but she was not styled at all. Such a waste and this makes me so sad to see the beautiful character continuously in super oversized shirts/shirt-dresses, tights and sneakers. But ultimately, even her heart shines through her bad and expensive clothes so that’s all that matters, lol. And even Yi Chen doesn’t seem to mind so I guess this is my own little rant, haha^^ My favorite outfit of Mo Sheng’s was at the very end. Because trench coats make a bad outfit into the best outfit. LOL:):):) The only reason I was able to tolerate her wardrobe (to which I just began ignoring it completely,) is because of Yi Chen’s nice form fitting suits. I’m a little surprised to know that they are WC’s personal clothes. Such good taste…good and expensive, amazing quality taste. *thumbs up*

    I’ve seen several comments that are surprised with Mo Sheng being able to afford these brands, but in actuality, she’s quite the money maker also. Photographers in the high industry make amazing money, especially Mo Sheng who is supposedly shooting celebrities. That’s an easy $50,000+ dollars. And also considering that she was in the U.S. doing this, that’s way, way, wayyyy ton of money. It’s possible that she could have been a millionaire too, haha… okay, maybe not.
    All of the tech in this drama are just awesome. Maybe they didn’t have enough funds for Yi Chen’s wardrobe all from renting/buying the cameras alone, yikes! Lol. I wish they made Mo Sheng love her camera more though. I think as a photographer, it’s religion for you to go everywhere with it. I’ll just imagine that she did bring it everywhere with her but they didn’t show the scenes where she took photos of her everyday adventures with her fantastic hubby. =)

    Thank you so much for the drama locations. I’ve been wanting to know for my next possible visit. XD

  15. I loved the recaps. Best I’ve seen. Your personal comments had me in stitches. Thanks for a great job. All about the fashion was too fun. Some of TY fashions had me laughing but they were fresh. The wigs however were distracting. TY did her best with those wigs. The location shots were a distraction also. But what can they do when the production cost are so sky high. All in all wasn’t it about the story. I read the English translation first then watched the drama. To bad there was so much nit picking about the overall drama. I will watch it again as the love story is classic. Thanks for the hard work. Ginny

  16. Men in Armani suits is the best, so WC is the best hahahha…….

  17. This is just wow!!! I get lost watching the dramas and don’t take much notice of all these details.

  18. Hi Just wonder do you know the brand of working bag that used by Yi Chen in the drama. is it LV???

  19. Is ep 32 recap posted already?

  20. I though WC had a very good looking clothes. He wear them very well. All the clothes he wore, casual or formal were well fit on him. Whereas TY sorry but even if her clothes weren’t cheap, they didn’t suit her one bit. Most clothes were just like plain big bags on her. Her chubby friend wore better looking clothes that make her look very fashion forward. I don’t care about the price, the most important is that the clothes you wear fit you and give you a nice looking appearance. It wasn’t the case for MS.
    I prefer WC clothes than Feng Teng, but i hugely prefer Shan Shan clothes than Moshen. The price doesn’t matter.

  21. Ah, about the product placement it was sometime awful mainly the RIO product but after Shan Shan……no surprise. And it make me laugh to spot all the setting from Shan Shan. I wasn’t very bother about that except as regards to the multiple airport settings. I recognize the Feng Teng apartment at first glance but they transform it very well.

    PS: MS wig’s were horrible!!!!!

  22. I am surprised – I honestly thought most of MS’s clothes were from Taobao – they were all oversized and baggy and didn’t give her that elegant feel like how Shan Shan was in Boss & Me. Then again, I understand why now – that both their styles should be different because of their occupations. It would’ve been better if more thought was given to her so she would look awesome next to the ever-amazing Yi Chen. 🙂 Kudos to the netizens who spotted the similarities between 2 of those shows.

    I am so, so tired of Rio. It’s practically everywhere – and in every party they drink those awful coloured drinks. I wouldn’t even consider them as alcohol – just seems too frivolous simply because it comes in too many colours (yes I am uptight about it).

    The Haima distinction was a bit odd – but glad that at least Yi Chen got to ride the BMW. In Boss & Me there was more variety of car brands which was quite pleasing to the eye.

    Looking forward to the 3rd adaptation of Gu Man’s novel! Hopefully less similarities this time and NO more Rio!

    • After watching the drama I’m actually wanna try some Rio lol. And I heard their sales goes up by x4 after the drama aired, good for them.
      So how does it taste like? Worth trying? I’d like to drink it while think about Yi Chen haha… Guess that’s how their sales goes up. lol

      • I bet Rio paid top dollar to advertise but it is all worth it. I dislike Rio bcos I am so sick of seeing it but I do wanna try to judge if it is tasty or not. I’ll ask my dad’s fren to bring Rio fr China for me later lol.

        • I actually didn’t hate it. After Best Time’s heavenly over Pepsi attack, I’m kinda immune to most products replacement now. Tell me after you try. 😉

  23. I can’t stop laughing will reading your remarks. Your sarcasm is at its best! Hahahaha. Had fun reading while taking short break (is 45mins considered short?!lol) from my study hours. Keep on writing, peeps! Keep on making people as well as yourself happy! Thanksss

  24. This is insane!!! 🙂 Do you work in the fashion industry lol? I am blown away by all the details!

    Personally I don’t think Wallace gave Jackie used clothes because their sizes are different. They wore sibling matching shirts in The Amazing Race. My secret guess is that Rita’s company made two sets of outfits for them to wear. Wallace commented that the clothes he wore in My Sunshine were the best he had worn in TV dramas.

    • Haha, I don’t work in the creative industry. I got all the info from Chinese articles. When it comes to WC, I’ll leave no stone unturn 😛

      You could be right as WC can’t be that cheapskate lol. Ya, all the branded suits really made him look fit as a fiddle. Indeed, he looked younger & has a better hairstyle in BT but his clothes in BT are kind of cheap looking (as per BT’s superfan 😛 )

      • W’s LLC was brilliant. I loved his lines of describing what the business world is like. His clothes looked cheap especially in village scenes because LLC is a man of humble roots. Not necessarily because the team was broke lol.

  25. When I watched sunshine. I really dislike Mo Sheng ‘s clothes. It’s not that they look cheap or not. They just look odd.. About 90percent I didn’t like.

    I tot yi Chen clothes were fine and suited to his profession and his character. And most importantly they tailor fit him very well.

    I watched boss and me about a week apart from this drama and noticed the hospital but didn’t notice this office space until you pointed out here. Haha really alot of recycled filming areas

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