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Perfect Couple (金玉良缘) – Episodes 2-3 Recap


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I have come to the decision on whether to recap this show. Instead of doing detailed recaps, I will be doing a highlights recap from episode 4. You probably can follow the general gist of the drama from them, but it’s more of a place for me to share my thoughts/rants.

thehungryegghead is doing recaps of this drama on her blog. I am not sure if she will be continuing it, but they’re definitely faster than my updates! She has already recapped up to Episode 6.

Liu Wenzhuo leaves in a huff and meets his sister storming up in a similar huff. The sister is unhappy that Yuanbao is getting married. To her, she is the one who is childhood sweethearts with Yuanbao (not sure if Yuanbao shares the same view), and their aunt even promised in the past that she would let them get married when they grew up.

But their conversation soon takes a turn to show us that perhaps, girl cousin is not so much in love with Yuanbao as  much as they no longer want to be in no-man’s land: neither servant nor master. She wants to marry Yuanbao so their position will be firmly established within the Jin family and also use the connection to rebuild their Liu family.

And then the true shadiness of Liu Wenzhuo is revealed. In an exchange with a man in a bamboo grove, we come to know that he’s the mastermind behind the pickpocket and Chor Chor.

Qilin tries to enter the Jin Mansion, this time disguised as a Persian dancer bringing a wedding gift. Unfortunately, her plans were foiled yet again.

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 6.13.58 PM

Ok, more lecturing from Mommy, this time in front of the ancestral tablets. Oh dangabits – there is an imperial fighting for the throne storyline after all because Mommy says that the Empress Dowager was left with no choice but to make an alliance between the Jin and Jiang families, to support the Crown Prince against his younger brother, the treacherous Second Prince. Yuanbao points out that you can’t guarantee national security with a marriage alliance; he vows that he will find evidence to bring the Second Prince to justice.

Speaking of which, apparently Villianous Cousin is in cahoots with an even bigger villian, ie the Second Prince. His Highness is not happy with how his evil schemes have been wrecked. Evil and Eviller hatch a plan to prevent the marriage alliance by killing Jiang Xiaoxuan.

Both our leads decide that a visit to the inn where Miss Jiang is staying in is in order. Qilin wants to sneak into the the Jin Mansion under the cover of the wedding party. Using her l33t martial skills, she gracefully jumped over the wall. Yuanbao also planned to enter the premises the same way, except success eluded him. They say a picture paints a thousand words so I will let a screencap inform you of the outcome. Let’s just say, he gained entrance in a less dignified way – Doggie was not happy to share the same entrance/exist.

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 6.22.31 PM

“Whatever you’re about to say, don’t say it.”

Poor Miss Jiang really doesn’t want to get married. She’s in love with a poor scholar who hasn’t been in contact. She was in the middle of a very lady-like fit when Qilin fell from the roof in the bathtub. In the commotion, Miss Jiang took her pre-packed bundle and ran off leaving Qilin to first deal with Evil Cousin here to assassinate Xiaoxuan and then with Yuanbao who proposes a marriage of convenience.

Xiaoxuan’s absence and the commotion leaves Qilin trapped in Xiaoxuan’s room until wedding day. She had already pretended to be Xiaoxuan, so without any other choice of leaving, she impersonates Xiaoxuan, which suits her find because who else is more qualified to strip Yuanbao on their wedding night?

Villain Cousin finds Chor Chor in his rooms. Chor Chor begs him to help her escape. After a prolonged sob story scene, Villain Cousin suddenly knocks Chor Chor unconscious. He presents a bloody hairpin to his contact with the Second Prince and promises Chor Chor will never appear again.

But wait! Chor Chor’s alive! She finds herself in a horse carriage running to goodness knows where, with money and a note telling her never to return to the Central Plains.

Off to the wedding we go. Our poor Qilin’s so hungry she’s taken to stuffing food inside her sleeves, except they all come rolling out when she makes her bows. Note: Might need to do a gallery of WH’s WTFerry expressions later.

"Almost Success!"

“Almost Success!”

Wedding night a.k.a. operation strip Yuanbao. He makes her dance for him (I’m not sure what is the acting direction, it might just have been “Tang Yan, dance like you’re marching a dance”), they play drinking games. Of course, in a pattern that is well established, she outdrinks him. 😛

Haha- apparently an overzealous new mother-in-law has decided to expedite Project Grandchild by feeding them aphrodisiac. Rawr. Except Qilin punches Yuanbao out before Project Pantstrip and Project Grandchild can proceed.

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 6.25.17 PM

Both wake up the next morning feeling all sorts of awkward. They start berating each other, than Yuanbao sees the bloodstained white hanky he wiped his nosebleed earlier (from Qilin’s punch) and assumed that They Did It. This HAS to be the best scene in the show so far. Jiang Xiaoxuan’s maid comes in to hurry them because they have to pay their respects in the morning. Mommy’s servant goes into the room and finds the same hanky and pretty much comes to the same conclusion.

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 6.23.02 PM

“Say it isn’t so”

Meanwhile, Jiang Xiaoxuan doesn’t seem to be getting anywhere with her search. In fact, she nearly gets robbed and raped. Luckily, Gu Changfeng is at hand to save her.

Is anyone surprised that our darling Qilin mucks up the tea serving ceremony. But her mom-in-law is so happy to drink tea served by her daughter-in-law that Qilin could really do no wrong.


The production value seems to be a bit inconsistent in the first three episodes. The lighting is often too harsh, especially the night scenes.

Wallace Huo looks like he’s having balls of fun as Yuanbao but Tang Yan still seems to be a bit awkward around the ages. The first three episodes actually progressed pretty speedily with them married by the end of it; there were a lot of laughs and gif-able moments. It sets up the heroes, villains and sidekicks pretty clearly, although it seems to be trying to persuade us that Liu Wenzhuo actually has aheart.

But I think many of us are a bit disappointed with the writing. Perhaps it was a case of mismanaged expectations. The story feels shallow with a lot of a cheap laughs, if they didn’t tell us it is Tong Hua, I would never have guessed. However, the trailers, opening and ending themes does show some angsty scenes. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


28 thoughts on “Perfect Couple (金玉良缘) – Episodes 2-3 Recap

  1. Thankssssss for the translation Hui3r:) i also already watched 6 episodes 🙂

    • I’m only watching episode 4 now. LOL.

      • lol, I’m on episode 5 but that’s only because I spent last night watching the first two episodes of BBJQ which confused the heck out of me because the timeline seems to be all over the place.

      • yes , i watched right away even not understand much chinese 🙂 but now nothing to watched and read 😦 but anyway thanks hui3r for translation and introduce this perfect couple its fun to watch 🙂

        • No problem. Viki might be subbing it, if you’re not fluent in chinese.

          I think this might be more entertaining than BBJQ. I’m getting the heebiebajeebies from BBJQ because 1) it’s milking BBJX and 2) it’s spoiling my fondness for BBJX.

  2. LOL, yea! The blood stained handkerchief scene was pretty funny because they were both talking circles around each other. I mean, was he so drunk that he didn’t remember being punched in the face? Ahahahaha, it even caused misunderstanding for Mom’s spy. 😀

    “l33t martial arts skills”
    LMAO!! oh how you slay me, Hui3r! XD

    • and the tea ceremony….*face palms* I was like, “Nooooo, you’re not paying respect to your dead ancestors!” =X

    • Wahahahaha. Honestly, I’m just watching it for the cute scenes between YB and QL. Not interested in anything else. 😛

      • YB and QL are so lovely together 😀

      • ^ LOL @ the “spam” bit 😀
        (I tend to spam my own blog too hehe)

        But yeah, I’ve been waiting for a Wallace/Tang Yan reunion ever since Chinese Paladin 3 cuz their characters had that epic 3 lifetime romance only to separate at the end because of CIRCUMSTANCES (which was really disappointing). Apparently Wallace and Tang Yan heard about the fans’ disappointment so they got together to make a happy ending for the screen romance they started in CP3 😀

        • No way. I heard their chemistry was really good in CP3. That’s nice of them, but somehow, I don’t think it’s the same.

          I really should go watch CP3, since everyone’s raving about them there.

        • No no no you misunderstand me. Wallace and Tang Yan were FANTASTIC in CP3! It’s only disappointing that their characters had to separate at the end while they both still love each other! Tang Yan’s character resumed growing old and Wallace’s character had to become the Shushan Leader (like a Taoist monk) at the end. The last shot of them in CP3 were them pining for each other in their separate places, all alone and staring longingly at the sky and thinking of each other.

        • Fans were disappointed because they (including me) all wanted Wallace’s and Tang Yan’s characters to be together at the end, because their characters overcame so many obstacles to be together and got through all these struggles only to separate like that at the end when the world was finally saved!

          Talking about this is bringing back all my CP3 feels LOL

        • Ahahah… the reason why you still remember is most likely because of the epicly sad ending?

          What I meant was that having a good ending in CP does not make up for the sadness in CP3. :[ Because ultimately they’re different characters.

          • LOL maybe that’s why authors/scriptwriters always like to write sad endings, to make the readers/audience remember the story more…

            Oh yes I agree. Perfect Couple and CP3 are different series and the characters are different, but it’s just nice to see Wallace’s and Tang Yan’s characters get a happy ending for once, even if it’s in a different series 😀

        • There is a lot of comfort to be taken from the title of the show; they could hardly have a tragic heartbreaking ending with the title “Perfect Couple”.

  3. Teehee! I want the WTFerry expression gallery! I think I only liked the part where food starts flowing out of Tang Yan’s gown from each bow and Wallace just gives a what the hell is happening with my bride face hahahahaha

  4. Where can I watch perfect couple online? I am from the US, subtitles are not necessary but I do not have cable access and I really want to watch this drama!

  5. I totally love that cdrama, tho some parts were like WHY the heck they but these in.. but yeah Wallace robed my heart and Tang Yan seriosuly made me to want to watch her other works.

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