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Blazing Sunlight I (骄阳似我 上) – Chapter 1



Gu Man is certainly no stranger around these parts (Silent Separation is a story I’ve re-read countless times) and I guess it’s fitting that Fanatical’s latest translation project is Gu Man’s Blazing Sunlight. Now I’m particularly excited about this project because only part I of the two-parter has been released … which means the finale has yet to be set in stone and it would be such fun to speculate the ending together.

And while I’m on the topic of ‘together’, this will be a collaborative effort between me and resident chief Peanuts! As you guys know, Peanuts is juggling a few books currently so I’m only here to help ease her load temporarily since I’m confined by the unkind dimension that is time. The two of us will be taking each chapter as it comes so unfortunately there won’t be a fixed posting schedule. Please bear with us as we attempt to outwit time!

Lidge described Blazing Sunlight as an intermediate between Come & Eat, Shan Shan and Silent Separation and I agree with her. Tonally, it toggles lighthearted fare and wistful moods. Bits of humour that characterizes Come & Eat, Shan Shan are peppered throughout the novel to maintain a certain zest that is so typical of Gu Man. Yet, the story also manages to manoeuvre meatier moments with aplomb. I devoured the story in one reading and it is our hope that you will have the same experience we did. Having said that, not knowing the ending is pure frustration and your embarking on this journey with us would mean you’re a willing partaker of this agony so don’t complain that we didn’t forewarn you. 😉

Now December is a time for thanksgiving and I would like to give thanks for authors and their works they share with us. Reading is a timeless and inexpensive activity, yet one that we often take for granted. If you have enjoyed our translations and would like to purchase the original copy to support the author (oh the convenience and sense of ownership of a legit copy!), you may do so here.

Chapter One

End March of my fourth year, I concluded my internship at an accounting firm in Wu Xi and returned to my university in Nanjing. Truth be told, I would much rather be a couch potato and live off free meals at home but my mother had sadly reached her limits of maternal affection. But before returning to Nanjing, I sneakily raided the fridge one last time.

While I was still on the car, I messaged all my hostel mates: This Watermelon is rolling back to Nanjing right now. I expect to see every single one of you waiting to receive me at the school gate with cheering and much fanfare.

After ten minutes, I finally received a reply from Si Jing: Who is this? I don’t know you.

I cackled and my fingers flew in a frenzy: Ah, forget it then. Poor me, a chicken in my left hand and a duck in my right. They’re so heavy! I should just leave them on the car.

This time, I only needed to wait ten seconds before I received my replies.

Si Jing: Oh! My dear, you’re finally returning! Stay at the school gate and don’t move a muscle! I will come get you personally.

Xiao Feng: Watermelon, I’ve been missing you. These past days have been hard because I couldn’t see you even when I longed for you. Now, let’s enjoy some good meat together.

… Such enthusiasm raised goosebumps.

Once I alighted from the taxi, I saw a conspicuous crowd gathered at the school gate that was impossible to miss. My hostel mates totalled six including me. However, there were nine gathered there, five girls and four boys …

There was only one chicken and one duck, surely there was no need to bring their relatives and friends along? I really regretted not downing a chicken drumstick before reaching.

“Hahahaha … This is such an unexpected grand welcome. You guys shouldn’t have …”

Boss came over to yank my ear “Stupid child! You sure chose a good time to return. Today we’re dining at He Sheng.”

The mere mention of He Sheng sparked off a chain of thoughts on conditioned reflex.

He Sheng = Tastiest sauerkraut fish = Yummiest sweet and sour pork = Divine crab tofu ….

I was drooling as I held up the chicken and duck. “Can I not pay since I’m making special contributions?”

Si Jing looked exasperated “Stop destroying the image of our hostel! Zhuang Xu is treating.”

I was stupefied. Zhuang Xu … I cast a sideway glance at the person standing far off. Upon seeing me, the others all approached me. He was the only one who remained rooted to his original position.

Today he donned a light grey woolly and was expressionless.

Zhuang Xu. I also had a knee-jerk train of thoughts at the mention of his name.

Zhuang Xu = Most outstanding student in Finance = A handsome guy who would raise the school’s reputation up a notch = Rong Rong’s “friend” …

= Nie Xi Guang is a complete idiot!

*Our female protagonist is Nie Xi Guang. In mandarin, watermelon is xi gua. In other words, Watermelon/Xi Gua is Xi Guang’s nickname.

Suddenly my eyes started to ache. It’s been so long since, I’m so useless … Something felt like it was threatening to spill.

I immediately lifted my gaze to the heavens. One-a-thousand, two-a-thousand …

“What on earth are you staring at?” Boss always had a violent tendency and she yanked again at my ear heartlessly.

They must have imitated my actions and stared at the sky baffled. I smiled wanly and blinked innocently. “That’s strange, it’s not going to be a blue moon tonight is it?”

Zhuang Xu never ever treated! Even when he was awarded the top scholarship. Everyone knew that his father had passed early on and that he had a sickly mother as well as a younger brother who was currently attending senior high. Even so, he never once applied for financial assistance.

The words had just escaped my lips when I realized belatedly that my words were extremely sarcastic. The atmosphere turned awkward in an instant. Ah Fen glared reproachfully at me and in full view of everyone, pinched my hand viciously.

That hurt! How long has it been since she last cut her fingernails?! My tears were almost pinched out.

Pitiful me was used to being bullied by my hostel mates. I’ve since learnt that I could only afford to bubble with anger inside but not voice it out. In fact, I was overflowing with indignation! I didn’t say it on purpose; when dogs get anxious, they bite. Naturally, when I get anxious I would too …

Finally, it was Rong Rong who smiled to ease the tension “Zhuang Xu has signed on with Shanghai’s A Bank. His monthly salary will be in the vicinity of eight thousand.”

“Oh!” A Bank?! Eight thousand?! This was an amount that even postgraduates would not easily attain.

I stared at Zhuang Xu in wonderment. He was also looking straight at me and his clear black pupils were fixed on me as though he was curious to know how I would react to this announcement.

This … must be an illusion surely?

No matter what, I felt I ought to congratulate him. I approached him and said sincerely “Congratulations Zhuang Xu … Yup, well, next time I go to Shanghai for leisure, you must take me to the fun places, as well as oversee my food and lodgings …”

“Weren’t you supposed to be back tomorrow?”

He interrupted my nonsensical chattering with his clear, deep voice. I stared back at him woodily. With his height, he was literally looking down on me. I was confused. What was he asking me?

Ah Fen quickly came over and grabbed my hand and dragged me in the direction of He Sheng.

“Zhuang Xu are you still treating? I’ve almost starved to death!”

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Later on, when I was facing the table with the delicious array of food, I suddenly recalled that if not for my mother chasing me off, I would indeed only arrive the next day. When I called my hostel mates yesterday, that was also the plan I communicated to them.

Zhuang Xu … had no intention of inviting me did he?

A normal person with dignity would certainly throw his chopsticks down in disgust and stalk off but … was I a person with such dignity?!

Humph! I chewed at the pork with renewed vigour. Eating double portions now would be in keeping with my character. Thus, I ended up focussing only on the dishes and forgoing the rice. In fact, I specifically chose to eat the more expensive dishes and even ordered juice that was freshly squeezed …

A few descriptions would be apt: clean sweep, voracious appetite, chopsticks moving with purpose …

“Watermelon, you seem like an animal.” Xiao Feng who was seated on my left stared at me in awe.

It was only then that I realized I had become the star of the table. Not sure when exactly but everyone had put down their chopsticks to watch me eat. Zhuang Xu was seated directly opposite me. He gave me one glance before raising his hand to call the waiter.”

“We’ll like to order a few more dishes.”

My face had yet to blush when boss, who was seated on my right, pinched my thigh brutally. “You better behave.”

This was so depressing! I was merely channelling my grief onto food, was there a need to turn violent?

Fine. I shan’t eat then.

Besides, I really couldn’t handle more food at this point. I used my chopsticks to play with the remaining trotter in my bowl. Even I couldn’t believe I was eating this earlier, it was so oily.

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

The atmosphere livened up soon after and the topic of conversation always revolved around Zhuang Xu’s job. Ah Fen and Si Jing’s boyfriends were hostel mates with Zhuang Xu and after both of them had too much beer to drink, they wrapped their arms around Zhuang Xu’s shoulder and said “ Zhuang Xu, you’re the most capable in the faculty. Our livelihoods in future depend on you …”

Ah Fen and Si Jing laughed at the sight. Si Jing mused “Guess that means Rong Rong must find a new job now.”

Xiao Feng was eating so her words were muffled as she sought clarification “Why must she search again? The offer she has now is not bad.”

“That ‘s because her current job offer is in Nanjing which is too far from Shanghai.” Si Jing’s tone was playful as she bat her eyelids.

“Oh~” Xiao Feng was the perfect accomplice as she exclaimed in an exaggerated fashion. Suddenly, she turned to me and yelled “Watermelon!”

“Huh!” I was still playing with my trotter and was frightened by her sudden call. Weren’t we discussing Rong Rong? Why did she call me?

“The chicken you brought is delicious.” She said in a satisfactory manner.

I was speechless.

Xiao Feng, you’re the real animal. More specifically, you’re a pig.

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

“You pig.” Boss did not mince her words although her observation perfectly corroborated with my thoughts.

Si Jing smiled before bringing the conversation back to focus “There’s going to be a Shanghai career fair soon. Rong Rong, will you be attending?”

“That goes without saying.” Rong Rong placed her chopsticks down daintily. “There are more opportunities for career progression in Shanghai. Before this, I had already been sending over job applications.”

Si Jing winked “We weren’t even probing. Why are you so eager to explain yourself?”

I finally put that tortured piece of trotter in my mouth. I suddenly felt that this meal was unbearably long and boring. Perhaps this was in part due to my stuffing myself earlier.

I couldn’t help but look at Zhuang Xu who was deep in conversation with Si Jing’s boyfriend Zhuo Hui. He appeared not to be paying any attention to the conversation us girls were having.

013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.


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