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Three Lives Three Worlds Mini- Special (Couples Edition) – Part 15



This week mini-special will be on the five couples in Three Live Three Worlds. Do you know all of them? I’ve also included a poll to select the most loved couple. I guess the winner will be either Ye Hua & Bai Qian or Dong Feng pair. Anyway, this is just for fun only, so no hard feeling except maybe Dijun will take out his Cang He sword if he doesn’t win the poll, lol. I bet most of you don’t know who is Shao Wan. She is the ancestor goddess of the Ghoul Clan (Xiao Yan’s ancestor) and will have a love-hate complicated relationship with Mo Yuan, Bai Qian’s ‘shifu’ and also Ye Hua’s brother.


Ye Hua: “Qian Qian, thinking back, you saved me when I was injured and in my original form.”

Bai Qian: “Ah, our ill-fated relationship began from that time onwards.”

Ye Hua (shaking his head): “Qian Qian, actually I’ve already liked you much earlier.”

Bai Qian (surprised): “Oh, much earlier?”

Ye Hua (looking into the distance): “When I heard your painful voice, kept calling my brother to wake up.”

Bai Qian: “Indeed, you are a pedophilia.”

Ye Hua: “…… Why?”

Bai Qian: “Did you know how old you were at that time….. somemore like me, if not pedophilia, then what?”

Ye Hua: “…… After that.”

Bai Qian (sullen): “After that, I become the pedophile ……. this ill-fated relationship ah.”

Ye Hua: “Actually, I have something else to say ……”

Bai Qian: “What?”

Ye Hua: “I wanted to say from the start, this is not an ill-fated relationship. Qian Qian, loving you is the best thing I’ve ever done.”

Bai Qian (touched): “Oh, me too …… in fact, I would like to say,  since you’ve recovered your memory now, the pedophile is you again.”

Ye Hua: “…….”


Ye Hua: “Qian Qian, I’ll bring you out to celebrate Children’s Day.”

Bai Qian: “Actually, I think agewise, I should be the one to take you out.”

Ye Hua: “Okay, then you take me out!”

Bai Qian: “…… Why don’t you persist a little longer?”

Ye Hua: “Is there any use for me to persist longer?”

Bai Qian: “You can try.”

Ye Hua: “…… I’ll take you out, okay?”

Bai Qian: “No.”

Ye Hua: “…… Then, don’t bring little dough, okay?

Bai Qian: “Yes!”

Little dough: “……”

Xiao Wan & Mu Yan


Shao Wan: “Mo Yuan ……”

Mo Yuan: “This …… how did you get it?”

Shao Wan: “I just got back from Dong Hua’s place!”

Mo Yuan: “You went to challenge him?”

Shao Wan: “This time, it is really not my fault. He said you dare not fight with him. Naturally I felt angry and wanted to hit him, but got beaten instead ……”

Mo Yuan: “Then?”

Shao Wan: “Before leaving I  made a solemn vow that you will definitely go back to seek revenge for me!”

Mo Yuan: “You!”

Shao Wan: “We, the Ghoul Clan always keep our promises when it comes to fighting. If you do not go, I will fight the battle myself!”

Mo Yuan helplessly shook his head and picked up his Xuan Yuan sword, then went out ……

Shao Wan: “Feng Xing!”

Feng Xing: “Ancestor, I saw you punched yourself in the face!”

Shao Wan: “Yes! You are right!”


Shao Wan : “Lets settle the new hatreds and old grudges between the two of us.”

Mo Yuan: “If you count and calculate properly, it is you who owe me most of the time.”

Shao Wan: “…… Where got? You owe me more.”

Mo Yuan: “You owe me a wife!”

Shao Wan: “…… You!”

Mo Yuan: “When are you going to repay me?”

Shao Wan: “Seven hundred years later!”

Mo Yuan: “I want it now!”

Shao Wan: “…… The auspicious time has not come yet.”

Mo Yuan: “I have calculated our birthdates. One month later is a good time!”

Shao Wan: “When you …… become so thick-skinned?”

Mo Yuan: “Recently.”

Shao Wan: “……”

Mo Yuan: “Dong Hua said by having thick skin, you cannot penetrate it.”

Shao Wan: “What else did Dong Hua say?”

Mo Yuan: “Occasionally I should appear weak, the result will be even better!”

Shao Wan: “……”



Feng Jiu: “Dijun, I am bored.”

Dong Hua: “I will tell you a story.”

Feng Jiu: “Okay!”

Dong Hua: “Once upon a time there are two people. One is called ”I Love You“ and the other one is called ”I Don’t Love You“. Later, ”I Don’t Love you“ died, leaving behind the one called?“

Feng Jiu: ”I love you ah.“

Dong Hua: ”I love you too.“


Dong Hua: “Xiao Bai.”

Feng Jiu: “Don’t block my way! You go away!”

Dong Hua: “I am not going.”

Feng Jiu: “You don’t go, then I go!”

Dong Hua: “Fine, you go lah. I am injured and you are not concerned.”

Feng Jiu: “You, you are injured? You got hurt when we fought just now? Where is the injury, let me see.”

Dong Hua (carry Feng Jiu and point to his heart): “Here.”

Feng Jiu (blush): “You don’t want face (shameless).”

Dong Hua: “You are wrong, it is thick-skinned face.”

Feng Jiu: “……”


Feng Jiu: “Dijun, what are you doing!?”

Dong Hua: “I can’t see inside the dark cave.”

Feng Jiu: “Then, why are you pulling my clothes?”

Dong Hua: “By holding on to you, I won’t fall down.”

Feng Jiu: “Why do you kiss me!?”

Dong Hua: “I have been poisoned.”

Feng Jiu: “Why are you pulling my belt!?”

Dong Hua: “Sorry, my hand slipped. Lets eat some meat.”

Feng Jiu: “Okay, good!”

Dong Hua: “You cannot back out.”

Feng Jiu: “Of course not! You start working. I don’t know how to barbecue.”

Dong Hua: “Naturally, I’ll do the job myself.”

Then imagine yourself……:P



Ji Heng: “I heard that you have a crush on me?”

Xiao Yan (blushing): “Grandpa likes you, so how!?”

Ji Heng: “Unfortunately, you cannot compare with teacher.”

Xiao Yan: “Ice face is better looking than me, can fight better than me and is more refined, what other strengths does he have ah?”

Ji Heng (feeling sympathetic for Xiao Yan warrior): “We have no fate.”

Xiao Yan: “Grandpa does not believe in what the hell fate!”

Ji Heng (more sympathetic): “Then you…… continue to work hard …… I go first.”

Xiao Yan: “…”


Ji Heng: “Teacher has got married. I am heart-broken. I want to become a nun.”

Xiao Yan: “Ji Heng, don’t be sad. His ice face of a bear grandmother, it is his lost for not marrying you. Why don’t you consider ‘I’? (Shy).”

Ji Heng: “It is better that I become a nun!”

Xiao Yan: “Becoming a nun is also very good, as ‘grandpa’ admires Mother Teresa who is a nun …”

Ji Heng: “…”

Lian Song


Lian Song: “…… Why are you staring at me?”

Cheng Yu (bad mood): “You say, you tell me!”

Lian Song (bewildered): “Say what?”

Cheng Yu (outburst): “Your previous love relationships ah! You are a playboy and also a rogue! ! !”

Lian Song: “The one I truly love has only been you, don’t be so suspicious.”

Cheng Yu: “You would not tell me anything. This means that you are guilty! Guilty! ! !”

Lian Song (inner tears ~ oh, I’ve already turned over a new leaf for you, what else do you want?): “Cheng Yu, be good ~ don’t throw your tantrum anymore.”

Cheng Yu: “Hmph, you still would not say it. I know, I know everything! Godfather told me, the more you refuse to say, means what you have told me are all lies, you are a liar! ! !”

Lian Song: “It is not true …”

Cheng Yu (angry): “You get out. I don’t want to see you anymore!”

Lian Song (bleak): “Cheng Yu, you listen to my explaination.”

Cheng Yu (turned and left): “Also, godfather asked me to tell you that he knows that last time you helped Yan Chi Wu delivered a letter to godmother. He is coming to settle the score with you tomorrow.”

Lian Song: “….”


Lian Song (sitting properly on the couch): “Cheng …… Cheng Yu.”

Cheng Yu (wearing a sexy nightie, lying on the bed and looking at erotic pictures book): “Ah?”

Lian Song: “I, I feel a little hot ……”

Cheng Yu: “Don’t you have your personal folding fan! Fan yourself to keep cool.”

Lian Song (swallow a mouthful of saliva and feel Cheng Yu’s nightie is a little tempting): “Eh …… you are looking at erotic pictures? Interesting?”

Cheng Yu: “Not bad.”

Lian Song (swallow another mouthful of saliva and feel Cheng Yu’s nightie is very tempting): “These erotic pictures …… looking at them is not that satisfying, you need some real action only can be considered enjoyable.”

(Thus, our third prince undo the buttons of his clothes, revealing a large shining red undergarment, hand embroidered by Cheng Yu Yuan Jun ……a cloud and rain night:P)


11 thoughts on “Three Lives Three Worlds Mini- Special (Couples Edition) – Part 15

  1. Here come the lurker of Peanuts’s post :v

    ~One + Two~
    As always, YH & BQ story is so sweet, but I don’t think that BQ has that kind of side in her… She is bullying YH arhh =))

    ~Three + Four~
    This couple seems fun neh. I almost mistake this Mo Yuan guy for the one in HXY, their names are similar T^T And then I almost freaked out when I think Shao Wan is a guy (can’t blame me, when she said she went challenge Dong Hua and get beaten, who would think that Shao Wan is a girl ar, =’= Even if a girl challenge DH, he wouldn’t beat her, right? LOL)

    ~Five + Six~
    OMG, I don’t think that you could use such silly tricks, DJ =))
    Ah, and the one which DH and FJ were in the cave, I remember I read it’s in Vietnamese before. I think that Tang Qi mentioned that this part will be in the main story, right? She promised us The Pillow Book will contain “hotter” scenes than in TMOPB, lol.

    I’ve read several chapters of TPB’s second book TvT I might die from waiting for the book to end ar 😦

    • Thanks again for your comment, my blog no.1 fan:)

      Indeed YH is a hen-pecked husband. I think DH mentioned that in one of the special:)

      Hey, you didn’t read my intro? Otherwise you’ll know who is Mo Yuan and Shao Wan. The one in HXY is called Mu Yan, different name ! You misunderstood the special. DH didn’t beat her but she punched herself to make Mo Yuan fight with DH. She is the leader of the Ghoul clan so of course rather cunning. Only Xiao Yan is a dummie, lol.

      Haha, you can’t wait for the ‘hot’ scenes so you went & read Book 2? Don’t worry, I think Book 2 will be out in Sept or Oct. I am very patient one, lol. Btw, I saw you voted for Dong Feng pair:p

      You don’t know the last 2 pairs?

      • Hey, you misunderstood my comment ^^~

        Firstly, I read your intro, but then, I went on reading the mini specials (while still think that Mo Yuan is Mu Yan) and found out that Shao Wan is Mo Yuan’s mate (clearly not the female lead name I remember in HXY), therefore I realized that I’ve mistook these two guys. And I still think Shao Wan is a girl, but suddenly she said such thing like “.. challenging DH & got beaten” then I was like… “OMG, this must be a guy…” and then I had to checked your intro again with such horrifying that DH beat a girl, then I finished reading the mini special 1 and everything came clear to me “oh, so this is just a sly lady”… 😛 I just wanted to share with you about my mistake :v that’s why I commented like that.. but I guessed I don’t make myself very clear *embarrassing*

        And secondly, I read some chapters of Book 2 because it appeared on my new feeds on FB and I can’t help reading them :”> About the hot scenes, I think that Tang Qi is somehow like Gu Man in this side, they both writes about it with such delicacy and suggestive and funny ways with I enjoy very much, therefore I don’t think that I will like much if The Pillow Book contained too many clearly hot scenes ^^ And the reason that I can’t wait for the full Book 2 is because I read the chapter about Dong Hua’s thoughts and it touched me a lot ^^~ He’s all high and mighty but can be very silly and cute when it comes to love, neh ^^

        I know about Lian Song & Cheng Yu but I don’t really understand their story therefore I have no comment on them ^^

        Yeah, Dong Hua and Feng Jiu are the ones make me interested in TLTW and Tang Qi, of course I voted for them ^^ I guess you voted for Dong Feng too, right? 😉

        • Hey hey, this is 3L3W special, not TQ special so nothing to do with HXY at all. You need to read the title first, lol. I think Shao Wan is mentioned very briefly in the 2 books. Her book will be the 4th book which should be interesting since it’ll be a love/hate conflict b/w the deity and the devil. I heard TQ might skip LS & CY’s 3rd book to concentrate on the 4th book instead.

          Hey, can summarise a bit of book 2 for me as I am too lazy to read:)? What happened after they entered the Allan’s dream? I wanna wait for the audiobook which may be next year. Yah, I also like funny ‘hot’ scenes, not the ‘yellow descriptive’ kind lol. I wonder how TQ is going to end book 2. She can do anything but must give me a sweet & happy ending or else I boycott her, lol.

          Aiya, of course I support Dijun, that big bully and Xiao Bai, that little fox, lol.

        • Blame on my lack of understanding about Tang Qi and her novels *embarrassing* Honestly, TQ’s so good, I love her way of writing ^^

          I’m glad to summarize book 2 for you, but isn’t book 2 just released till chapter 5? There’s not much to summarize though. Just that DH reflected on his feelings… And I think that of course TQ will end book 2 with a sweet & happy ending neh ❤

  2. Of course I choose Dong Feng and Febg Jiu. They are cute couple 😄

  3. I just finished watching the drama raw. I can’t speak Chinese so reading is worse. Dear Peanut, I would like to thank you for your translations and all the effort.

  4. Dear Peanuts, I can’t find e intro so I dunno who is Xiao Yäñ and Shao Wan. Due to plagiarism, I am not buying the English translated novel. So got no idea at all, hahah.. whatever it is, I sure hope that book 4 will be original as I rather like Mo Yuan and look forward to reading his book.

    • Xiao Yan is Feng Jiu’s funny buddy in The Pillow Book. His full name is Yan Chi Wu. He always wanna challenge Dong Hua.

      Shao Wan will be in book 4.

  5. Thank you for the translation. I really enjoy it.

    I wonder one thing. I dont think Xiao Yan and Ji Heng are married? I only know from the Pillow Book she was safe from the poisen.

    • This is not a translation of The Pillow Book but translations of fans of the novel, sharing their creativity & humor. Thus they don’t necessary follow the plot in the novel.

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