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Who is Suitable to be He Yi Chen in the Silent Separation Drama?



Update: Thank you to everyone who had participated in the poll. The majority’s voice had been heard so the actor with the most votes Wallace Chung will portray He Yi Chen in the Silent Separation drama. Let us continue to support him and looking forward to watch the drama on screen next year. 

Silent Separation is a classic Chinese romance novel by Gu Man.  The male lead He Yi Chen has become one of the handsome men famous for stealing the hearts of readers.  Silent Separation and He Yi Chen are so successful that 9 out of 10 readers who read Chinese romance novels know about Silent Separation and 7 out of the 9 readers love He Yi Chen. Lidge is one out of the 7 whereas peanuts is one out of the 2. The novel and He Yi Chen also always come up top in most of the online polls.

Fans of Silent Separation were surprised upon hearing that Yu Zheng was “interested” in the novel but have been reassured when Gu Man said that “Silent Separation” will be adapted into both a drama and a movie.  She will take an active role in writing the script and choosing the actors since this is her first and most famous novel. According to an online interview, she said that she will prefer to choose a fresh newcomer for the role as He Yi Chen. However, ultimately a well-known actor may be chosen to increase the likelihood of the adaptation being successful. The filming will commence in June or July 2014.

Failed adaptations of “Hua Xu Yin”, “Summer’s Desire” and “There Will be an Angel to Love You Instead of Me” have worried fans of “Silent Separation.” This is especially important because the ideal image of He Yi Chen has made a deep impression in the psyche of readers.  Can the chosen actor portray He Yi Chen convincingly, to the point it will seem like he has stepped out of the pages of the novel?

Let’s discuss 5 Chinese male actors who are potential candidates for the role of He Yi Chen. I have included a poll for you to pick who you feel is the most suitable actor to portray He Yi Chen. The actor with the most votes doesn’t necessary mean he will get the role but at least we know who is the firm favourite with fans of the novel. Do participate, just for fun:P

Hu Ge


There are similarities between Hu Ge’s role of Xu Ran in “Unbeatable” and He Yi Chen.  They are both talented men in their professions, who are solemn and devoted to love.  With strong acting and many fans, Hu Ge promises to be a success if chosen for the role of He Yi Chen.

Peanuts feels Hu Ge is the best candidate because she has watched too many fan-made MVs with him as He Yi Chen. You can check them out here.

Wallace Chung


When news leaked that Gu Man’s popular novel would be adapted, Wallace Chung is the most popular actor, many fans of “Silent Separation” want for the role of He Yi Chen.  After Murong Pei Lin in “Too Late To Say I Love You”, he is often chosen for dramas adapted from novels because of his handsome looks.  Although nearing 40, Wallace Chung looks much younger than his age. Thus, he has the life experience, solemnity, cold personality and also devotion to love of He Yi Chen, who is more mature than his peers.

After watching Best Times, peanuts feels he should be able to excel as He Yi Chen because Lu Li Cheng has many similar characteristics with He Yi Chen. Doesn’t the picture above look like a scene from Silent Separation where He Yi Chen went to the office of Zhao Mo Sheng to demand her to return her photo? Unfortunately, Wallace may not accept the role because he is someone who likes to try different kind of roles.

Wallace Huo


From 2012, there were already rumors that Wallace Huo would be chosen for the male lead of “Silent Separation.” However, there is still no confirmation from any source, including the production company.  Nevertheless, Wallace Huo is one of the front-runners because his personality is similar to He Yi Chen.

Wallace Huo has just shaved his head for a Qing drama so the drama will need to wait for him to grow back his hair. I don’t want to see him wearing a wig.

Feng Shao Feng


Eighth Prince of “Palace – The Locked Heart Jade” is one of the actors who are currently very popular.  Besides possessing handsome looks and strong acting, Feng Shao Feng looks like a man devoted to love like He Yi Chen.  However, Feng Shao Feng lacks the solemnity and cold personality of a lawyer.

He has found some success in movies as well as setting up his own production company. Thus, the likelihood of him being He Yi Chen in a drama is pretty slim Nevertheless, he may be He Yi Chen in the movie version. If he gets chosen, lidge who dreams of marrying him will be ecstatic, haha…

Nicky Wu


If based on personality and acting, Nicky Wu fits the requirements for the role of He Yi Chen.  Nicky’s solemnity, cold personality and devotion to love are a perfect fit.  However, it has to be admitted that Nicky Wu is “a bit old” to morph into the role of He Yi Chen.

Lidge and bongsd also think he does not meet the height requirement for the role. However, he does look good in the trailer for Bu Bu Jing Qing so he should be given a chance to showcase his acting poweress to convince us he is He Yi Chen.

This article is translated by lidge and edited by peanuts.
Viet Source, thanks to bongsd:

28 thoughts on “Who is Suitable to be He Yi Chen in the Silent Separation Drama?

  1. I’ll be ecstatic if Wallace Chung or Feng Shao Feng got the part. I can see them both as a hardcore lawyer but also at the same time secretly love Mo Sheng.

  2. Quite honestly, I think of all the contenders above, Wallace Chung is the best choice to be He Yi Chen. According to the novel, Yi Chen is tall, handsome, intense, but a bit aloof and distantly polite (ever since Mo Sheng left him). No one fits that description better than Wallace Chung, and I am saying this without bias in Wallace Chung’s favor. Nicky Wu would be a close second in terms of acting chops, but I don’t find him that handsome, nor is he tall enough. Hu Ge is handsome enough, tall, and has good acting skills, but I can never picture him in a cold role. I think, in my mind, he will always be stuck in a goody good guy role, kind, gentle, and considerate – definitely not He Yi Chen characteristics. Feng Shao Feng just has such a goofy grin that I cannot see him as the aloof, intense, and cold Lawyer He. Finally, Wallace Huo, while handsome, kind of has a blank stare. Hey, don’t kill me, Wallace Huo fans! I love the guy and think he is hot stuff, but he just has these drowsy, bedroom eyes and don’t look intense enough, though he could probably do a fabulous job at playing the pained, rejected lover. But the problem is, He Yi Chen, while he is pained from Mo Sheng’s abandonment, he holds his hurt inside his heart and presents to the world a facade of aloofness. Anyway, those are my thoughts.

    By the way, I don’t think Lu Li Cheng is that similar to He Yi Chen. Rather, I find Lu Li Cheng similar to Feng Teng. Of course, I haven’t finished watching Best Times, but I think Lu Li Cheng is rather mischievous toward Su Man, just like Feng Teng is playful with a deadpan expression when he interacts with Shan Shan.

    • Which is why most of the book fans want WC to be YC but WC likes to pick awful roles which don’t suit him to challenge himself:P Surprise, surprise, who are the WH’s fans? Make yourself be heard, why he is suitable to be YC? He is neck to neck with WC in the poll. I also feel WH has a sleepy look. Maybe he is more suitable to be that IT enterpreneur.

      When Lu Li Cheng is serious, he is like YC. But you get to see his funny side since he works with Su Man but Mo Sheng doesn’t work with YC. Since GM is rewriting the script, maybe she’ll add a bit of humour for YC. Actually YC can be funny in the novel but that is very rare, only when he was young.

  3. If I have to choose one among the five, I will choose Hu Ge. He can easily play a lawyer. He is tall enough, looks manly but still miss something. Guess I will never find the He Yi Chen that I’ve pictured. Or find me one that looks exactly like the drawing. XD

    • Bcos HG always acted in goofy roles as well as nice guy so he is not hardcore enough to be Yi Chen. But he should try different roles since he is more matured now. Don’t tell me you want your Chen Xiao to be YC, lol. Btw, if I’ve time, I’ll post you a present today or tomoro, lol.

      • CX posted one of the SS drawing on his weibo. If CX plays Lawyer He. People said that Yi Chen knows Shan Shan right ? hahaha just thinking about it, make giggle. OK back to the reality. Don’t think that he’s old enough, mature enough to be HYC. He looks more like Xiao Nai.

        Yaay If it’s a great present, save it for sunday. XD

        • Why would Yi Chen know SS? Actually CX can be YC bcos YC is only abt 25 or 26 yo which is similar to CX in age?

          I guess he is more suitable to be Xiao Nai bcos SS knows him better as both of them play online game and Feng Teng Corp bought the right to Wei Wei’s video which was actually done by Xiao Nai.

          Which SS picture he posted? Did I post it on my blog?

  4. Ooh if any of the five are chosen, I will watch the drama 🙂

    • Maybe you don’t need to watch the drama bcos according to rumour, maybe lesser known actors will be chosen, eg Aaron Yan, Wu Zun, Daniel Chan, Vic Zhou, Raymond Lam, Qian Zhen Yu, Yuan Hong or some other China stars who I don’t know:( There are a few of my allergies but I’ll wait and see.

  5. I just noticed that in the drawing of He Yi Chen and Zhao Mo Sheng above, in the upper left hand corner, there is a picture of them holding hands with a child sandwiched in between them. Who is that child? I don’t recall Mo Sheng and Yi Chen having a child in the story.

    • It is the epilogue for the 7th anniversary edition which is not in the audiobook. Normally audiobook doesn’t include epilogue. Yi Chen & Mo Sheng’s son is called He Zhao, “You are my sunshine”, the sun which shines on my life.

      • Oh! Then I want to listen to the epilogue for sure! Which radiodrama has the epilogue? At SSB, there are 3 radiodrama links for Silent Separation.

  6. I vote for Hu Ge even though the chance that he would play he yi chen is not high at all 😦
    At the end no actor can match up with my fantasy anyway 😛 I wish the man in the illustrations of Eno He He Wu could come alive >___<

    • Ya, so sad. Lately, HG loves to challenge himself with dramatic roles. I think he wanna establish himself as a serious actor & not an idol so I doubt he is interested to be Yi Chen. The latest buzz is Vic Zhou may be Yi Chen. He is not bad looking but I don’t know why whenever I see him I feel sleepy, lol. He doesn’t seem to have the energy and arrogance to be Yi Chen.

      • After googling his fotos I have to say that he is nothing like the Yi Chen I’ve imagined 😦 He doesn’t look like a coldblooded lawyer at all! Rather like a idol à la F4 😀

        • Haha, he is a F4 idol. Isn’t Yi Chen also an idol? Yah, as I said he looks too mild to be cold-blooded. But Yi Chen is hot-blooded, lol. He is not confirmed yet but if he is really Yi Chen, I guess I can accept it since he is not bad looking. Hu Ge or Wallace Chung will be perfect but normally the drama adaptation is imperfect:(

      • Yi Chen is only hotblooded when it comes to Mo Sheng 😉 Toward the rest of the world he is still coldblooded 😀

        Ha ha no wonder I thought I’ve seen Vic Zhou somewhere. If he is going to be Yi Chen he should change his hairstyle immediately! I can remember the time many years ago when I saw every third man having that hairstyle on the streets :((( I didn’t like it at all. And I hated it even more when my mother cut my hair the same way because she didn’t know how to do it right >___<
        (I mean this hairstyle:×768/vic/97488/vic-zhou-wallpapper-picture-97488.jpg)

        Do you know the drama "Sealed with a kiss"? It's based on a novel by Fei Wo Si Cun. I haven't read the novel but I watched the drama and enjoyed it 🙂 I think Hawick Lau as the main male character did a really decent job.
        Then I also watched "Too late to say I love you" together with my mother. She said "The main guy is so handsome everytime he smiles" =)))))))

        • I think that picture is Vic’s old hairstyle. I wish it is just a rumour. Although I love FT more than YC, I’ll prefer someone more explosive as YC. Oh, you unlucky or should I say lucky girl, to have the same hairstyle as Vic & all the guys on the street, lol.

          Of course I know abt SWAK. I even watched it, haha….I don’t really like that drama. The guy is too crazy & abusive. It is quite interesting & exciting at the beginnning then I didn’t finish it bcos it became typically boring. Btw, another blogger is translating the novel into English. If you are interested go to the book bar english translation section to find the link. Oh, your mum has good taste, lol. Yes, TLTSILY is only watchable bcos of Wallace Chung who is the handsome guy everytime he smiles, lol. You should watch him in Best Times. You know who is WC right? Most readers want him to be Yi Chen. If he is Yi Chen, I’ll watch & sub the drama into English, lol.

        • After reading the informations about Wallace Chung I couldn’t believe that he is that old O__o He looks pretty young for being a 40-year-old uncle!
          I haven’t watched TLTSILY till the end though. I guess I’m not patient enough for series xD

          Yeah I know the main character in SWAK is really crazy and after reading so many chinese romance novels I don’t like books in the style of “guy wanting to take revenge but falls in love with the girl instead” anymore. But I was impressed by the charisma of Hawick Lau as the abusive man 😉
          And thanks but no, I won’t touch the book =))))))

          By the way, who is FT that you love him even more than Yi Chen? 😉

          • Age is just a number game, the look is more impt:P Go & watch Best Times, fast forward everything except Wallace Chung’s parts, lol.

            Hawick is also an uncle. I guess he was better then without the botox. What kind of novel do you like to read?

            FT is Feng Teng, the male lead of my beloved Shan Shan lol.

  7. I like the genre fantasy (with the gods, demons and so on =)))) ) My favourite author is Tang7 😉 Before I could only read American fantasy which has loads of vampires (since Twilight has become popular), fairies and angels… And I’m amazed to discover that the chinese romance novels offer fantasy, too, but rather in a whole different style 😀 I love it ❤

    Concerning the main characters I also have some requirements: They should only love each other =))))))) You know, I hate complicated relationships xD
    And, if possible, they should be their first love ❤
    You see, that's why I'm so obsessed with Tang7 😉

    • Bai Qian loves not only Ye Hua. There are Li Jiang, that demon God and her shifu, Mo Yuan. Ye Hua also has a few admirers. The relationships in Tang 7’s novels are pretty messy. I also like Tang 7 for her sense of humour. I feel Chinese novels are more diverse and interesting compared with Western novels.

      • No, I don’t think that Bai Qian loves Mo Yuan. He has always been too great, too much of a god. I don’t think Bai Qian sees in him more than her shifu. Her affection for him is kind of an admiration and gratitude. In her opinion they are not on equal terms at all so there can’t be love between a man and a woman.

        Bai Qian did love that demon god. But it was in the past. Surely she was angry when he betrayed her with that crazy girl who wants to look like Bai Qian. But her love really died when he refused to give her that stone saving her shifu.

        I’m not too concerned about the past love interests. What I hate is indecision. I can’t stand it if the girl/man doesn’t really know who she/he loves, being torn between 2 persons >__< Do you know the "vampire diaries"? It's exactly what I mean. :((((

        And yes, Ye Hua does have many admirers =)))) But I don't care about them 'cause he also doesn't care at all 😉 Bai Qian is his first love and she is the only one he loves *sigh*

        The relationships in Tang7's books may be messy. But you can always be sure that the (main) couple knows what they want 😉

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  10. Ahem, I know I’m about a million years late commenting, but just want t let the world know that I support Wallace Chung for president (er, He Yi Chen). Although I haven’t yet watched the drama, I think he looks cool in a suit.
    My only other opinion is that Nicky Wu should go bald, because after Bu Bu Jin Xin, I’m convinced he looks better that way.

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