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Silent Separation’s You are My Sunshine Drama Casting



UPDATED: Silent Separation will officially commence filming in Shanghai at the end of June for 3 months. The title of the drama is called You are My Sunshine. For readers who are following the English translation, you should know why this is the case. Am I fated with Gu Man’s novels as well as her drama adaptations? Lidge and I started to translate Shan Shan and Silent Separation into English before there was any news of any adaptation. Now, both of them will finish filming by this year and we can probably look forward to watching them next year. When I got back from my holidays at the beginning of December 2013, Shan Shan started filming. When I get back from my holiday in July, Silent Separation will have started filming.

It is confirmed Tiffany Tang Yan will be Zhao Mo Seng and Wallace Chung will be He Yi Chen. Oh, oh, oh, I am so excited !!!! I am translating a novel that Wallace is going to be the male lead. Wah, does that make me his superfan LOL? Remember I posted a MV a few month ago with Wallace Chung as Yi Chen? In future, I need to post more of his MVs:P For once, he is going to act in a modern drama which he won’t need to die and can get the girl, haha…….Bongsd suggested I go to Shanghai for my holidays to support Wallace. I will be in Asia but I am not so crazy to go there and chase after him:P  I am a rational fan who silently support him. Actually, I am more eager to see Gu Man and Mo Bao Fei Bao, at least their pictures.


It has just been confirmed that Wallace Chung had accepted the role of He Yi Chen. It is rumoured that he was offered the role but initially rejected it because he does not want to do any more drama adaptation, after having done Jin Yong and Gu Long’s novels as well as Fei Wo Si Cun and Tong Hua. Come on, Wallace but this is different because this is a novel written by a real mother full of love, not step-mothers, LOL. Due to the urging from his fans, he is re-considering this role again and finally accepted to play Yi Chen. Wallace is so nice to his fans.

Most feel that he is the most suitable actor with the temperament to portray Yi Chen. Objectively, he is way too old to be the novel Yi Chen. This is especially so if he has to film the university segments. However, in my humble and honest opinion, he doesn’t look a day over thirty. If Kevin Cheng can be Mu Yan in Hua Xu Yin, I can’t see any reason why Wallace Chung can’t be Yi Chen. Feel free to disagree with me because I am unashamedly bias. Since Wallace will be Yi Chen, I am going to take over the translation once again and kick lidge away, ahahaha……

Actually, the production company posted in weibo that Wallace Chung will be Yi Chen but subsequently deleted it. Now, nearly all the website in China also have confirmed it is indeed true that Wallace Chung has landed the role of Yi Chen. Initially, they probably deleted the confirmation post because Wallace has not signed an agreement yet so they dare not announce it prematurely. A press conference will also be held later before the commencement of filming. Wallace Chung is really playing  He Yi Chen so the wish of the majority of my readers who participated in the poll is fulfilled !!!!! See, see the power of voting so make sure you participate in all my future polls. By the way, I didn’t cheat and only cast 1 vote.

Generally the responses have been positive and good. Many are looking forward to see him as Yi Chen and wish him success in his portrayal. One reader even wrote: He is simply the best choice. I know there are a few of you out there who don’t like Wallace Chung. I won’t name them but you know who you are:P Apparently those who don’t like Wallace Chung worship Wallace Huo. Well, they are not really competitors and different people have different taste so I can live with that. I also know those who will fight with me for Wallace Chung, haha….


After Wallace Chung rejected the role,  it is rumoured that the script was offered to Hu Ge who has finished filming Nirvana in Fire recently. Unfortunately, he also rejected the role. It could be because he wants to change his image and no longer wants to film anymore idol drama. But Hu Ge, you are our idol so how can you not do a sweet drama to keep your fans happy:(? It can’t be because the script is crappy right, because the script is co-written by Gu Man who lidge & I love and Mo Bao Fei Bao who Hoju’s likes. She is translating her Really Really Miss You.


Many also voted for Wallace Huo in my poll and he also has a lot of support in China to be Yi Chen. Actually, I don’t feel he can be Yi Chen because he looks too delicate and soft to be a tough and bitter lawyer. I may not be his fan but I truthfully don’t dislike him. Just that I did not fall for his beauty like my landlord, haha…Because Tang Yan is the female lead, many feel it is such a pity that both of them can’t take their onscreen sizzling chemistry and time travel to modern era. I really have to thank Hua Qian Gu for this as he is busy filming that drama so he definitely won’t be Yi Chen. For once, I like you teacher Bai Zi Hua, LOL.


At one stage, there was even suggestion that Kris from EXO, K-pop group will be Yi Chen. When bongsd email me about it, I was stunned because auntie peanuts doesn’t even know who in the world he is? I have to google for his information. He has a fair bit of support because I guess age wise he fits the role. However, he looks way too young and boyish to be a hardened lawyer like Yi Chen. Anyway with the litigation with his management company, it is highly unlikely he will get the role. More so when Tang Yan  is chosen to be Mo Sheng as he’ll look like her younger brother. There is also support for Daniel Wu to be Yi Chen. That is the handsome Daniel Wu before he becomes all dark and thin. I didn’t take much notice of this because he is a movie star so I doubt he is interested in this little idol drama.


The casting of Tang Yan as Mo Sheng has been received with mixed response. Some feel she is too pretty to be Mo Sheng. Although in the novel, it is written there are girls prettier than Mo Sheng, she is still a pretty girl so I have no problem with her beauty. Tang Yan is a popular and established actress so it is better her than someone I am not familiar with. She is also criticized for not having the right temperament to be Mo Sheng. I disagree on this because after watching her drama like Waking Up Love and My Daughters, I always think those characters more or less resemble Mo Sheng. Anyway after the picture of her holding the sunflower was released, many start to think she looks sunny and innocent enough to be Mo Sheng.

It seem that nowadays producers do take into consideration fan preference as well as fan-made MVs when they are casting. This is a good sign as lately most of the casting for the novel adapted drama have been pretty satisfactory. At the end of the day, it is up to individual’s taste and preference to envisage who is most suitable to be Yi Chen and Mo Sheng in their heart and mind. It is very difficult to please all the fans but majority rules. Also, it is not easy to adapt the novel into a drama as a lot of things may not be transferable to the screen just like it is not easy for lidge and I to translate the novel into English. Thus, one needs to treat the book and drama as two separate things and don’t make judgment before you watch the end product. You can count on me to keep all of you posted on the progress of  the filming. Hopefully, the fresh pairing of Tang Yan and Wallace Chung will heat up the screen.

53 thoughts on “Silent Separation’s You are My Sunshine Drama Casting

  1. wah thanks peanuts , well Tang Yan for sure is pretty:) I was wonder what she looks like if she get hairs cut like Mo Sheng 🙂
    i don’t know which one good to play Yi Chen hahaha all handsome 🙂

    • The drama needs not follow the book totally so maybe she can don’t cut her hair. I’ll post a pic of her with short hair to let you see.

      • ah so thats the pic when she has short hairs:)

        • She can wear a wig for short hair. No need to cut if she doesn’t want to. Some actresses have it in their contract that they can’t cut their hair, lol.

        • Haha hope so Lidge :)i was think like that too , cause if she must cut hairs like your translation in chapter 8.1 oh noooo , haha for sure better cut that wig hairs 😀

  2. actually I d like they pick up some new face. i don’t dislike anyone of the actors you quoted but i already saw them im quite a lot of dramas and i think it is good to give a chance to other

    • I know the novel is receiving mixed response in the Western world but it is very popular in China due to nostalgic reason. Hence, it is too risky to go with a newbie even though GM also prefers a newbie. Anyway I don’t feel Kris who is considered a newbie is suitable for the role.

  3. I think TY suits the role. But pls don’t cut her hair too short because she looks cuter and younger with long hair. No comment on your beloved WC. Cross my fingers and hope it’s true.

    Ps: see, you’re always on holidays.

    • Are you sure TY doesn’t look good with short hair? Since some people complain that she is too pretty so short hair may make her less pretty lol.

      Whenever I go on holiday, you get a new GM’s novel adapted drama, so shouldn’t I go more often haha?

      • So another GM’s novel adapted drama or movie in January??? Haha

        Don’t you know that my darling is in Shanghai right now? Told you to go there to stalk him for me. lol In the same time, you can see your WC. And give us the lastest news.

        • Probably Wei Wei movie in Jan lol.

          So hot, I am not going. I am not a rabid fan like you so I won’t waste my money on him lol. Actually he is smart to film modern drama during summer:P

  4. since it’s tang yan, i really hope to see her paired with wallace huo in modern drama (granted they just did perfect couple together…still it’s still an acient one like cp3).

    as am not too familiar with mainland actors, i think my beloved Zai Zai could play the role; he has the brooding, moody look n also can be goofy n loving

    • Always see them pair up in a drama, so boring:P At least if it is really WC & TY, can see how this fresh pairing chemistry will work out.

      Are you kidding? Zai Zai is such a softy. I’ve never seen Zai Zai looking bitter and aggressive which is diff fr broody, Anyway, I’ve not watched enough of Zai Zai’s drama so no further comment. At one stage he was considered for the role as per rumour but don’t know what happened later.

      • WH and TY has only paired up in TWO dramas one they r not even the main leading CP and 5 years apart just coz they r popular that doesnt equate boring. You biased biased Peanuts! *hugs*

        • WH & TY may not be leading in CP but they had plenty of scenes & are the OTP. Yup, so after PC, they should wait 5 yrs b4 pairing up again:P

          I should rephase it as ‘stale pairing’ lol. IF WC & TY really gonna pair up in the new drama, it is ‘fresh pairing’.:P I did mention in my post that I m bias so sue me LOL.

          • Stale?! They beat the real to reel CP of LSS and Nicky to pulp in popularity and WC is as haha as interesting as an WC to me playin the same ole stale cold prince he didnt flail me once in through his plenty duds of a career. Do lets discuss staleness and freshness, tried and true popular extremely loved newly crowned ‘national CP’ strike iron when hot because this material float or sink solely on OTP chemistry and nth much else versus an overrated leading guy past his prime repeating himself last decade and not impressively last outing in Best Time and never gifting fluff loving shipper much of a rabid CP peeps loved so much to twist them as OTP when clearly HuGe and YangMi r the headliners, and just because they sold is nailed it in their romance and TY’s character did not appear well 7, 8 eps into a 30sth ep thing…shall we?! Properly?


          • Ya, I also support them to team up in a Fei Wo Si Cun’s drama 5 years later:P

          • Haha hide behind bigsis, we’ll up hold the TYxWH front staunchly! ^^ i mean, honestly I do not have any problem with anyone being the leading guy, as I’m nit even a fan of the novella and I’m happy the diehards love this casting and can have a gd time. It is just the matter if whether one single shallow fangirlme will even try it out or not and as is not worth my time *yawnz*

        • Yes, hui3r is a scary cat:P Let me reveal to you that she didn’t even watch CP. At least I did try watching it but was scared by the vampires in the middle of the night, LOL. At least I watched White Tofu & I am not even a fan, LOL.

          • Muahahaha i just watched the white tofu+TY cut these few wks it was just 2,3 hours? I do not rem vampires, w TangRen’s so crappy it is funny CGIs i must’ve missed it. But i bet the ‘baddie’ other end of their love triangle w horns r too scary for Hui3r?! hahahaha

        • wave WH & TY flag too :p

        • @mookie…the vampires appeared in early eps where bai tofu have not met zi xuan… can the evil lord even be considered as bai tofu’s love rival, it’s just his wishful thinking 🙂

          • Ah icic, watched the strict CP cut that’s y. Haha yes, he has no chance, just there to give us a v sour letting himself rot in jealousy tofu.

        • I love this novel but I don’t see how it will make an exciting drama at all, since the fun part of the novel is the beautiful monologues and prose and I don’t know if it will translate well.

          BUT! *WAVES THE WH & TY FLAG* Hahaha

      • Well actually i want WH too hihi …keep secret from peanuts so long …. Runnnnnn

  5. Actually, I’m quite satisfy with Silent Separation cast ^^ I like Tang Yan, and thank Goodness, Wallace Chung makes such a nice couple with her. In Vietnam, GM fans made such a fuss yesterday ‘cuz they thought that Tang Yan was not suited to be Mo Sheng. I don’t really care about that =)) ‘cuz I like Tang Yan and don’t know much about Silent Separation novel itself 😛
    Wallace Chung is such a handsome and gentleman, I’ve just know him recently :3 He’s said to be the man who most suited to act as novel’s male lead, haha 😀 However, he gets bored and said that he didn’t want to appear to novel-adapted-into-drama anymore. So it’s strange that he suddenly acts as Lawyer He @.@
    P.s: I intended to email you about this cast, but seeing already post this…. haha…

    • Why Viet doesn’t like TY to be MS? Who is more suitable? WC is not really officially YC yet so don’t be so happy:P If he really accepted this role, I think it is all bcos of the fans. Oh, such a nice guy, lol. Thanks for thinking abt me but I’ve a few Viet informants lol & when it comes to WC, I am pretty up-to-date lol.

      • Haha, I don’t know, maybe ‘cuz they love Silent Separation so much that they are quite picky =.=” There are some fans think that Ariel Lin is most suitable to act as MS 😀 I actually like Ariel Lin too, so whoever takes the role is OK for me (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)
        Do you like WC? I’ve never watched any of his drama, and first I don’t really like him ‘cuz I first known him through The Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils ( he acted as Qiao Feng / Xiao Feng). =”= It’s such a disappointment seeing him in there. However, after seeing some of his younger pics, I thought that he’s actually very charming, lol

  6. Peanuts, why do you want to fight me when you always lose? 😀
    If a Korean guy is in consideration for Yi Chen, I cast my vote for my fave Korean eye candy – Jo In Sung.

    • I only lost in your dream:P Kris was considered for the role but he is actually a Chinese in a Korean band. Yes, Jo In Sung will be great but get real & stop dreaming of the impossible. See, lidge is delusional in ever winning me:P

  7. HAHAHA, peanuts dream comes true!
    Poor Lidge kicked away by Peanuts 😀
    I never saw any WC drama, but from the picture i can see that he’s quite fit for the role.
    By the way, i lol so hard when i read this ‘If Kevin Cheng can be Mu Yan, I can’t see any reason why Wallace Chung can’t be Yi Chen’ XD XD

    • What? You’ve never watched WC’s drama b4:( I don’t ‘sayang’ u since you never support my WC:P Never mind, we can watch Silent Separation drama and fangirl WC together, lol. Haha, you know I always have a wicked sense of humour like Ah Fu, LOL.

      • Hahaha, I’m sorry peanuts. I don’t mean it. It’s just that I don’t watch many Chinese drama. As long as I remember it’s only about 5 dramas. You know what, WC reminds me with a Korean actor but I can’t remember who.
        It looks like anyone else like WH more 😀
        The last time I watched him was in drama ‘at the dolphin bay’! Hahaha, it was so long ago! 10 years ago maybe? XD

        • Why you watched so little China drama? Viki got English subs. You need to watch more to improve your Chinese:P
          No lah, WC also got a lot of fans here or else how could he won my poll? I swear I didn’t rig it. Just that we support him silently and peacefully:P

  8. YAY to both the casting and the drama adaptation! Hope they do the characters justice with their acting. Shall judge when the drama comes out 😉

  9. Hooray, love the cast, WC is really suit to play Yichen, the cool and charismatic aura.. *love love* he really need to have a happy ending drama after best time (SM and LLC are being together in the 2nd ending but the storyline is so crappy, that makes me feel sad for LLC, he deserve a better ending)
    I want more Wallace in modern drama ^-^

    • Well, he may be playing someone familiar but at least he specialises in this sort of role:) Don’t talk abt Best Time. It should be called Bad Time with the female lead only has eyes for that I forgot his name guy!!!! Urgh, the official ending is so lame with the 3 of them in the middle of nowhere. WC only got a consolation alternate happy ending which actually is kind of forced, like not reallly part of the drama. After so many yrs, I hope I can sit thru at least 1 of his drama from beginning to end without using fast forward button, a keeper for me lol.

  10. Whoa, what did I miss? What did I miss???? I saw your cry for help on email, peanuts, and rushed right over here with the garden hose to put out the fire! Oh, and I brought my very large “I love Wallace Chung” flag with me, too! Should I wave it enthusiastically behind you as you shout at the opposing team, or is the party over and Team Wallace Chung has won? 😀

    Haha! I KNEW Wallace Chung would make a terrific He Yi Chen and I guess the production company agreed with me. 😀 I have never seen Tang Yan act before, so we shall see how she does. Now my question is… Who is going to play Ying Hui??? Should be someone hot, too, since Ying Hui is suppose to be a very good catch in the novel.

    • Mel, you are too late bcos everything has burnt down LOL.I was out-numbered yesterday by WH team but ultimately we won, lol. TY belongs to WC now, at least for 3 mths so hand off WH. Go & babysit your Zhao Li Ying, hahaha….

      It is my poll that is accurate but I am sure you voted for WC:) Maybe WC saw the ovewhelming response from my poll so in the end decided to accept this role even though he doesn’t really wanna do another drama adapted from novel. But it is so pervalent nowadays, how can he avoid it? Anyway, WC is so nice to us fans, deciding to do this project to keep us happy lol. Why are you so concern abt YH? Then you lead team YH & I lead team YC, lol.

      Btw as WC’s fan, it is time for you to do something for him:P Since you are registered with spcnet, later can you set up a thread for the drama after the booting ceremony? I am not registered there & don’t know how to use the features:( I know it won’t be as popular as Hua Qian Gu bcos martial arts sell way better in spcnet but at least it should be out there for all to know. Hey, I thought you’ve a fren who is also a WC’s fan who used to translate his news for you?

      • Peanuts, you should register at spcnet! Seriously, I think Wallace Chung needs more English speaking supporters. His forum is very quiet. Back when xia0yuer and I were posting more, the thread at least had some lively discussions. But now that we are both busier, I don’t think his thread has been active for over a year. He needs a public relations specialist like you, peanuts! Sign up and start a thread for Silent Separation (the drama)!

        • Hey, I am also very busy. I’ve to manage my blog & bar so no time to hang out in spcnet. Also, I dun know how to start a tread of post pics there. Never mind, WC’s fans can hang out here with me lol.

  11. i don’t know WC, i dont watch chinese series for years so tbh i really don’t know him.

    BUT, judging from his pictures he looks perfect for the character.. im glad that his fans urge him to take that character.
    and as wuyifan fan, i 200% agree with you. he looks okay as YC in uni days, but definitely cut enough to be that cool but hot lawyer.

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