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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival


Last night, WC appeared on CCTV to wish his fans Happy Mid-Autumn Festival by singing the song, Scent of Home. The song has English subtitles. Ahahaha, the screaming seems louder than his singing, LOL. Also, did you notice that grandma drooling at WC LOL? Here is a hanky for granny, haha…


Look at his messy hair, lol. He probably woke up in the morning to throw the mooncake at bongsd. Bongsd, you can try to catch the mooncake but you’ll never catch WC, LOL.


Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to all my readers who celebrate! Enjoy eating moon cakes and looking at the moon with Wallace Chung, LOL. Come back on Wednesday for more pictures of him in You Are My Sunshine!


19 thoughts on “Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

  1. peanuts i eat moon cakes in my dream lol

  2. So cuuute, no one bought moon cake for me this year. Sob sob Peanuts, you can send me moon cake or WC, I will be over the moon. Haha

  3. Aww thanks peanuts! I have moon cakes, but unfortunately sunny CA is surprisingly choosing today to be gloomy overcast drizzly (it’s quite shocking really considering we’re in a drought and it’s been sunny like forever) so I doubt I’ll be able to appreciate the full moon or attempt to see chang’e on it. But no worries. I will enjoy my moon cakes with the cute pictures you shared of WC. (=

    • Chang’er? Heehee, is that really your name or are you trying to be cheeky:P? Never mind, just eat your moon cake while watching WC singing a moon song which I’ve just updated, lol.

      • Hehe, it really is my name and this is the only time I can make fun of it too. And thank you for the video. Love it. Yes, also loved how granny was staring so happily at WC. Looks like she really wanted to touch him. Just one touch. Haha. Mmm.. the moon cake was delicious, but I agree, it’s very bad for you. I’m already feeling the effects.

  4. -__-‘ I’m sure he decided to use his black bicycle again and was lost on his way to my house. lol poor WC, looking at the moon cake and is thinking about me.

  5. Oh, I wanna taste it. Who wants to share??? *__^

  6. I love this song. The melody is so addicting & perfect to fall sleep with. Also, I have to admit this song is perfect for Wallace’s vocal range.

  7. help meeeee.. i couldnt stop smiling right now.. i think i’m going-going-going crazy here! looking at those pics and oh My.. God must have spent a lil more time on him.. hahaha.. why he so cuteeee here?? i want to kiss him right now, lols *crazy fangirl here.. yesterday i ate moon cake too cuz my boss is a Korean.. but i want to taste WC’s cake 😀

    thanks for posting this dear Peanut.. you know how to make your fellow WC fans happy la..
    Happy mid-autumn festival everyone..

    yay.. i’ll definitely comeback tomorrow..

    thank youuuuuu *.*

    • Korean boss? Handsome or not? Look like which actor lol? I read your comment in a virtual voyage:P No I don’t stalk you but I visit that blog frequently due to the up-to-date info. WC doesn’t look good in that movie which I forgot the name with Feng Shao Feng. He looks like a hippie. I prefer him clean shaven:P

      • how come you know that was me? i am every where.. with the same name.. LOLs.. only in AKP i changed my name :p or then i’ll get bash from other fandom haha.. when i have nothing to do with my work, i’ll visit many webs.. so yeah, you’ll find me 😀

        you’ve watched the movie already or just the trailer? haha, yes, clean shaven.. hmm.. yummy WC! LOLs..

        my boss? aiyoo.. ajjussi hehe.. but some of Koreans in my office are handsome, but.. i prefer my local fellow staff.. ups 🙂

  8. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! Hope you enjoyed your moon cake. All the colourful moon cake pictures on Weibo made me drool. Over on this side of the ocean, we only have the traditional kind.

  9. Heehee….I don’t mean to be a party pooper and I know I am asking to be bashed, but WC doesn’t sing that well,…huh…..

    Also, is he overworked and under-rest, he looked kinda tired…..

    Happy Mid-Autumn to everyone……hope WC will take the opportunity to eat more moon cakes so that he can put on a bit of weight.

    • Yes, you are tone deaf lol. Come on he has been busy filming You Are My Sunshine so of course he looked tired!!! If he didn’t look tired, it’ll mean he has been slacking while filming Sunshine:P

      WC’s weight is just right, I don’t wanna see a chubby WC on screen:P

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