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Boss & Me: Fashion & Accessories Pictorial



I’ve decided to put all the clothing and accessory pictures in one post. Instead of doing the standard review, my final post will on the fashion and accessories in the drama.  This is one of those rare drama where you can feast your eyes on the clothes and accessories as you won’t get such an opportunity in You Are My Sunshine as I am sure Yi Chen cannot afford all those international luxury brand names. I’ve made improvement to my previous post and included Shan Shan’s clothes and Feng Teng’s cars in the pictorial as well so do take a peep:)

I am also enclosing this cute fan-made MV with an English song for your enjoyment.

Shan Shan’s Clothes

Shan Shan is poor so she didn’t wear any branded clothes until much later and I can only recognise 2 Chanel coats. All her other clothes are mostly Korean designs and you can buy them from taobao. I don’t think taobao ship to overseas, only will deliver within China. If you are getting your friends or relatives to get them for you, a word of warning as you may end up getting clothes which look different from the pictures. Anyway, they are not expensive so you may want to take the risk. There are many sellers of similar clothes, so check around for the best deal. Which clothes do you like? Hey Bookseater, which clothes did you buy and have you got them yet?

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Chanel – French luxury brand (The above 2 coats are from Chanel but you can get the imitation from taobao:P)


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According to report, the production company did receive sponsorship offers for clothing and cars but in order to portray the wealthy as authentic as possible, they’ve refused them and instead forked out money to source from a variety of brands to give viewers a richer pictures. I read they spent a lot of money to hire luxury cars and rent high-end properties for filming. Hence, the company deserves the success of this drama because they are no cheapskate and truly want to film a quality drama.

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You can buy the specs from taobao but I think the it is of low quality in view of the price.


Salvatore Ferragamo – Feng Yue is holding Ferragamo bag & they are standing in front of Ferragamo outlet – Italian luxury brand



Lidge, I am still waiting for my ear muff:P


Bulgari Ring – Italian jewelry and luxury goods brand



Phong hates those rings but mind you, they aren’t cheap:P


Chrome Hearts – American brand famous for silver jewelry


Franck Muller –  Swiss watch

Tiffany – American luxury jewelry


Breguet –  Luxury Swiss watch under Swatch Group


Hublot – Swiss watch owned by LV


Alexander McQueen stick – British luxury brand


Vertu – Very expensive, made in England (Zhang Han’s personal phone, such a rich guy)



I don’t know which is Aston Martin, Audi, BMW, Bentley, Mercedes Benz & Hummer because I don’t have a car:(

Feng Teng’s Clothes

Big Boss’s clothes are mostly international luxury brand names from all around the world. Obviously, most are Italian brands, the fashion capital of the world. There are also some South Korean brands since the stylists for the drama are from there. Now, I can recognise a lot of brand names because of this drama:P

The production company paid RMB200,000 for Boss’s clothes. In fact, Zhang Han paid about RMB500,000 out of his own pocket for some of his clothes to give a genuine high-end feel to his character. He also borrowed some clothes from his friends. If nothing else, at least he is professional and serious about his acting job. If you can understand Mandarin, you can watch this clip about costs of filming.

Haha, I may be bias but don’t you think Zhang Han wore some of the clothes better than those models? Hoju and Xinn, I know you can’t overlook his thinness but you’ve to admit the clothes look really nice on his lean and tall frame. Thank goodness this drama was filmed in winter because I think Xinn & Hoju will faint when they see Feng Teng exposing his skinny legs in shorts like the models, LOL.






Burberry – British luxury fashion brand

Customellow – South Korea brand


Christopher Kane – Scottish fashion brand


Did Zhang Han borrow the coat from Kris lol?



I don’t think he wore a belt with that Dior suit.





Dior – French fashion brand now owned by LV

Tom Ford – American menswear brand

Ami – French menswear brand



Dolce & Gabbana – Italian luxury fashion brand


Dsquared2 – Canadian and Italian mixed design

3f9e4dd6277f9e2f614260c31d30e924b999f398 4b2c7c003af33a87454c7dd1c45c10385243b5ea

Giorgio Armani – Italian fashion brand (Did Zhang Han borrow Lee Min Ho’s coat:P?)




Givenchy –  Luxury French brand


John Lawrence Sullivan – Japanese clothing brand (Hey Phong & Bookseater, the hated half coat is a Japanese brand. I’ve never heard of this brand so no wonder the design is so weird:p)


Louis Vuitton – French fashion house (Zhang Han’s personal clothes)



Neil Barrett which is called Antonio Bennett in Chinese – Italy fashion brand but owned by a British



Paul Smith – British fashion brand  (I am not fond of these 2 sweaters)




Price € 623

Philipp Plein – German fashion brand



Prada – Italy fashion brand


Raf Simons –  Belgium fashion brand


Solid Homme – a brand under Wooyoungmi: South Korea brand. (This is Xinn Xinn’s favourite coat:P I don’t really like this infamous red coat but I guess it is striking and is now Big Boss’s trademark because he wore that in all the cartoons in the drama.)


System – South Korea fashion brand



Valentino – Italy fashion brand


Wooyoungmi – South Korea menswear clothing brand


Yves Saint Laurent – French fashion brand

40 thoughts on “Boss & Me: Fashion & Accessories Pictorial

  1. wow, one have to say, Feng Teng have really cheap wardrobe…. 😀

  2. OMG. The amount of branded items here just blows my mind…. But it precisely made the viewing experience better 😀 Although Shan Shan’s clothes are not really branded, but her wardrobe stylist knows how to dress her up right!

  3. I sent the earmuffs long time ago. Aiya, the package probably fell into the ocean on the way to you 😛 :D.

  4. WOW I love this post. I can’t quite believe that Shan Shan was poor considering how many coats & clothes she has. O_O” It must be great for the fans that they can buy the clothes online if they like Shan Shan’s style.

    I’m amazed by how many brand name clothes Zhang Han’s character wore. O_O The sad part is that I never would’ve known he was wearing the big brand names if I hadn’t read this. >_>”

  5. when I saw I know Zhang Han got a lot luxury brand and his car look fantastic but I never know Zhang Han’s phone name before!! WOW I can’t imagine how much they spend for this drama! Thought that’s make nice picture from drama so much ‘

    thanks for sharing!!

    • The production coy spent quite a lot of money but Zhang Han paid for some of the clothes bcos he can wear them so look for his pictures in winter & we can do Feng Teng’s clothes spotting lol. The mobile phone belongs to ZH personally so zero cost to the production coy 😛

  6. hello
    i just found this page today after looking for chinese drama ‘boss and me’ recap all day .
    thank you

  7. I love the white top with the three furry balls. I already have the exact white furry ear muffs from my student days, so now I only need to get the top as well to look like SS…heehee….

  8. Feng Teng’s YSL jacket in the bottom-most picture … is it his own? I’ve seen it in the first episode of A Different Kind Of Pretty Man. Just wondering … lol !! 🙂

    • Some of the clothes in the drama are Hans’ personal clothes so could be his own clothes being worn again in another drama.

      • Ahh … forgot to mention the Tiffany bracelet !! This guy wears way more jewelry that I do …and I’m a girl !! 🙂 Thy middle name is vanity ?! lol And what’s the deal with the A.Q. stick ?! Doddering already Mr.Zhang ?!!!!

        • Yes, we’ve complained abt it b4. Rich doesn’t mean you’ve to wear so many jewelry. Some of his clothes & accessories are a case of hit & miss as not all are good looking. I feel SS’s cheap clothes look better 😛

  9. I’m with you Ms.Peanuts !! 🙂 The watches are awesome & the gold brooch in Ep.04 was a classy touch though !

  10. Hi Ms. Peanuts, I love this drama, but one thing disturbs me. What’s with all the thick eye brows with all the cast members? Is this new trend over there? FT ad SS has very distinctive fake thick eye brow that someone paint on top of their eyes. I am sure their original eye brows are beautiful, so I don’t understand why they paint these fake eye brows

  11. i dont mind expensive coats, but what makes me menboong (mental breakdown) is the cloth he wear during the basketball scene. PRADA??? PRADA??? WHAT??? PRADAAAAAAAAA!!! WTF… play basketball only need to wear prada meh?? wear nike or adidas should be okay edy… wow.. fengteng really rich.

    i am surprise that zhanghan use his own money to buy cloths.. he’s making investment for his career… and he borrow from friends too.. he really serious 🙂 he earn my respects, im gonna follow his work..

  12. after take a closer look..i like all shanshan’s outfit (except the one she wear for the fengteng group anniversary event, the night she won most elegant woman) especially the green coat. as for fengteng, i like most of it so i will just list the one that i dont like (err… why i even want to list this here??? xD coz i like this blog n post, i dont care 😛 ) ugly burberry prorsom, dior homme kinda ok but im not fond of that colour the one that kris use looks better. and i dont like that valentino coat.. other than that, everything else looks nice 🙂

    done complaining… peanuts will scold me again if i continue… xD

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  14. I saw this drama and will be translating it to Portuguese ( on Viki) because it is so darn cute.
    I also read the translation you did of the book. Question: is the translation literal or did you add your sense of humor to it? I just loved the writing style so much, I don’t think I could do it justice if I translated your English version of the book to Portuguese. I am not even sure I can do it legally. I would live for the Portuguese speaking people to discover this great writer.
    I better go read the rest of the books you have posted. I am a romance addict, but I found I like the Chinese dramas better than the Korean.

    • Haha, the translation is literal and I did not change anything. If you can read Chinese, it is even more funny in its original language as there will definitely be something lost in translation.

  15. How do you get the sources about the fashion and accessories in a drama? *Just curious*

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  17. WOW… ur write up has made me realised just how meticulous & detailed the drama really was. i now watch it (i love the drama so much i’ve watched it again & again lol) with a deeper appreciation of all the effort that was put into it, tq.

  18. I jus watch this drama last 2 weeks and although I understand Mandarin I couldn’t read it. And I have to second your Comment in another post that Zhang Han mumbles quite alot in this drama. I had a hard time hearing his part of the conversation.

    I find this article very interesting. I really love all the knitwear n some of the coats San San wears. Very cute n sweet and looks great on her. For your information after watching Zhang Han on happy camp he admitted he is a “ai-mei” who is very keen on appearance and looking good so I am not surprised to see he invest in expensive clothes and like jewellery.

    • This drama was not dubbed so I felt rather difficult to catch some of their dialogues. On 1 hand it is nice to hear the actor’s real voice but if he can’t speak clearly, it is a pain 😦

      Yes, I also like Shan Shan’s clothes. I noticed ZH likes to look good. Unfortunately his taste in clothes as well as jewelry is questionable. Branded stuff doesn’t necessary look good. There were a few hits & misses.

  19. Omfg! I saw that dramas and was amaze at the pretty clothing and nice car. I recognize some brand at the time, but omfg I didn’t know everything he wear was mostly brand name :O (btw she became the golden eagle best actress this year ^^)

    I WANT HIS PHONE omg!! (I’m a tech geek lol)

    Thank you for being so informative to finding thing brand name & website to get it keke

  20. Zhang Han definitely wears the clothes well, a lot better than the actual runway models. His chiseled face and his entire stature compels you to pay attention to him so you can’t help but notice his entire ensemble including the jewelry he wears. He plays his character well in the drama. In fact I think the mains 6 roles are very cast. A season 2 with the next phase of their married lives perhaps.?

    Zhang Han’s clothes were tastefully worn and I was shocked how manly he looked despite the jewelry. Fans hi on houses should sign him up to represent them. He looked very good with the rings on his forefinger and love the Tiffany bracelet.

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