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My Sunshine : Official Posters & Stills



*****Checkout the latest released stills*****

Hello, fanatical fans! I’ll be taking over from here onward as Miss Peanuts is on her sweet vacation. Hoju will step up to do the written recap for “My Sunshine” and I’ll provide the visual. Don’t miss Peanuts too much. She need all the rest she can get. As the upcoming January month will be very hectic for her.  After all, she’ll need to take care of Wallace full-time once she’s back (LOL).

In the main time, I’ll be updating any newly release posters and stills on this post until the release of the drama (which is officially January 10th). I’m warning you ahead that my updates will not be as fast as Peanuts as most newly release material/info are often published while I’m still dreaming. However, since I gave my words to Peanuts, I shall update as soon as I can. So feast your eyes.


These 6 new scene stills were released along with a 5 question interview done by the creator her self, GuMan. In the interview, she briefly mention about how the leads were embarrassed by some of the dialog. She also mention that, this time she’s one of the script writer, because she wanted to give a more authentic feel to both YiChen and MoSheng (totally agree).

image  imageimage  imageimage  image

Fans are going crazy as they are expecting a 15min trailer tomorrow apparently. A man on Weibo claims he saw the trailer already, and said fans would not be disappointed. There’s also a few “lip-lock” scenes as well. { Take this as a grain of salt, I’m just a messenger} 



The ~20min trailer has been released. You’ll have to wait a little while until fans post it on youtube. In the main time, here are the 6 release stills that came along with the trailer.

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“Love is never everlasting, except for the most beautiful kind of love.”


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These new 6 stills were released today along with Director Liu Junjie’s video interview.


As always he gave much praise to Wallace Chung. He’s lucky to have meet Wallace at his best. While he had many discussion with Wallace about Yichen character, he did not advice Tang Yan on MoSheng. Instead, he told her to figure it out herself since the character is a “Silent” Mosheng.




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♥ ♥ “Love is patient and kind, bears in all things, believes in all things, hopes, always perseveres… Love never fails.”  ♥ ♥

 e86dc9c1jw1eo1z75yk4fj21kw0wb0y2dgsae86dc9c1jw1eo1z7eh7x7j21kw0wb440e86dc9c1jw1eo1z7cccntj21kw0wbtg1e86dc9c1jw1eo1z7a939kj21kw0wbdmq     e86dc9c1jw1eo1z7842qsj21kw0wb464

 These 6 stills were released along w/ Wallace’s emotional theme song.


Wallace Chung, Tang yan

Wallace Chung, Tang yan

Wallace Chung, Tang Yan


Wallace ChungTang Yan125dsagesrye86dc9c1gw1enw530hocdj21kw2dcncge86dc9c1jw1enwfybfz8ij21kw2dcwt110906553_881825751862254_8126387889437801347_n

In celebration of the drama broadcasting today, here are the latest updates:

ab9ec2fa513d269771e90ecc56fbb2fb4216d8df 55e736d12f2eb938d67e7c63d6628535e5dd6f0b 7086c0d162d9f2d3a9bf407eaaec8a136227cc6c e86dc9c1gw1eo4hd9tbamj21kw0wbgroe86dc9c1gw1eo4hd02pjuj20tk0gogofae86dc9c1gw1eo4hcxq1dvj21kw0wbahw




12 thoughts on “My Sunshine : Official Posters & Stills

  1. really nice posters.. thank you! just cant wait for january! 🙂

  2. I’ve seen the 15-minute trailer and I absolutely love the strong all-round ensemble acting as it gives the drama a holistic and realistic feel. At the same time, it also enhances the lovely chemistry and acting skills of the two main leads. As for the much-maligned dubbing voice for Wallace Chung, I can feel his genuine effort in doing justice to Wallace Chung’s raw acting in all his scenes. So, kudos to him. My only concern now is how well this drama will do in the battle of the tv ratings in Mainland China despite its positive vibes.

    • That one is beyond WC’s control as dragon TV wanna make sunshine their first drama for the yr. Aiya too bad they did not get yi Chen to show more meat lol. But there is no way WC can beat bing bing’s well endowed asset lol. The guys will watch empress and the gals will drool at sunshine so who will win? Hunan is the most popular channel in china so another competitive advantage. Oh won’t get to see WC go to happy camp:(

  3. Yeah, getting WC to show more ‘meat’ would definitely pull in the ratings. LOL! It worked for “Best Time”, so it should work for “Sunshine” too. Besides, the guy still has a great body despite his age. Anyway, “Empress of China” has been reined in by the censorship board of China for showing too much of Bing Bing’s ‘assets’. Hope this works in favour of “Sunshine”. I’m still stumped by the low ratings for WC’s “The Stand-In” which has another great all-round ensemble acting and a tight script. Like it or not, tv ratings are important as they will make or break a celebrity’s career. Anyhow, here’s wishing you and everyone here a “Happy and Prosperous New Year”.

    • I m ashamed to confess I did not watch the stand in bcos my dear WC is bald 😦 also the plot looks tedious and long, just cannot attract my interest. Ok I m shallow and only like short idol drama not long serious drama. Frankly speAking WC does not really have any memorable or record breaking drama. I always find something wrong with them except sunshine now lol. His TAR rating also not good compared with the other reality program. I guess he is plain unlucky bcos it is broadcast on Shenzhen TV. U need to be on Hunan TV to boast your popularity. Happy new year to u also and see u next week at the sunshine recap post haha….

    • What? The Stand-In had low rating in Mainland? 😮 Unbelievable…. It was a really good drama! WC acting was great too & I saw many good review too… I guess there’s a lot of ppl like Peanut out there 😛 It’s too bad then…

      • That is bcos peanuts works very hard out there and may have an even more miserable life than WC in the drama. Thus after work she wants to watch something light and fluff to de-stress. Since the rating is less than stellar, obviously peanuts is in the majority and WC should take note and stop acting in drama that peanuts needs to use her brain lol. No long drama pls, since I’ve short attention span:p

        • Lol Peanut come to got me really fast >.< Guess I'm the minority that have a easier life… 😛 But what can we do? WC seems like to act in these drama…

  4. I love these stills, especially the ones with our two leads. they are just so adorable together!! 😀

  5. I love the updates…I love the new stills and the new info…I just love it as much as I love your updates!!!

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