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Silent Separation’s Movie Version



The picture above is the movie’s version of Mo Sheng acted by Yang Mi. If you want to see the movie version’s of Yi Chen, scroll below :p I have stated before I do not like to watch movie so this post is a fan service post for Huang Xiao Ming’s fans such as serendipity, Yui, and others. It will be updated continuously with new nice filming pictures so check back often.




Does Wallace Chung or Huang Xiao Ming look more handsome as Yi Chen? You better give the correct answer or else do not come to my blog anymore lol.



The famous car scene.


Mo Sheng taking Yi Chen’s photo in secret? Wah HXM must have felt very cold.




More of the famous scene in the car.



The official booting ceremony a few weeks ago.


Obviously, the Yi Chen in the movie will be richer than the one in the drama. The crew will be going to US to film in February. They are currently filming in Shanghai.

If I am not mistaken, this version has nothing to do with Gu Man. There may be another version of the movie written by Gu Man with the cast unknown yet. Why 2 movie versions? In summary, after the expiration of the movie copyright, Gu Man sold the copyright to another company which let her write the script. The first company did not let her write the script so they had a fall out. She thought they were not going to film as no filming has commenced when the copyright lapsed. However, a script was prepared before the lapse of the copyright. Hence, we may end up with 2 movie versions.



32 thoughts on “Silent Separation’s Movie Version

  1. hmmmm… i like yangmi.. but i already fallen in love with the drama casts.. i don’t know if i will watch this movie or not coz usually china movie wont be show in malaysia theatre.. urgggghhhh.

  2. Although I’m not well acquainted with either of the casts’ actings, I personally think Wallace fits the role better. They’re both handsome, don’t get me wrong but HXM has more of the looks of a “playboy”. Am i even making any sense? lol. Well, I think he’d fit the role of a more dark and twisted character. As for Wallace, even in just character cuts and stills, he looks perfectly like He Yichen, the heartbroken and (sorrowful?) look and all.

  3. I’m definitely all for the drama version with Wallace!
    HXM looks more cold and dark, and tbh, I haven’t liked him in any of the drama roles I’ve seen him in previously, he gives off an ingenuine trickster vibe…

  4. Peanuts thanks , i think i want watch movie version too 🙂

  5. AHHH!!!! My two favorite casts! I can’t wait. lol. I don’t mind Wallace as he is a great actor, but HXM will always have a place in my heart. I love Yang Mi too so they doing Silent Separation is AWESOME in my book. LOL. “Peanuts, If i admit to liking HXM more, will I be banned? >.<?"

  6. In weibo, nobody except fans of HXM think he fits the role of yichen, the reason he could play yichen is simply he is rich enough to buy the novel and be the producer of this film, in fact, he was planning to direct the film himself at first.

    • Thanks for the info as I dun have weibo. Hu Ge or Wallace Huo look more like Yi chen than HXM. Of course WC is the most suitable since voted by fans of the novel. Will GM’s version of the movie still be filmed?

      • Wallace Chung is the jjang man fr Yi Chen; followed by Hu Ge. As much as I like Wallace Huo, he does not fit into my impression of Yi Chen ~ to short. Least of them all is HXM. He is definitely no lawyer material, let alone the loyal, steadfast kind. Both HXM & YM are a little too ‘plastic’ for my taste ~ on in looks and the other in acting. So it will be only the WC drama for me. LOL!

      • GuangXian announced that version will be prepared or filmed in 2015. Hope they could find better actor for yichen.

  7. I admit, I’m a huge Yang Mi fan. But when I picture He Yi Cheng, it’s so obvious that it’s WALLACE CHUNG. His image is clearly the epitome of Yi Cheng.

  8. I am a fan of both of these actors, but not as YiChen and MoSheng. Life do imitate art and I like my Mosheng to be not married and w/out a child yet. Maybe if YangMi didn’t have such a high profile marriage and pregnancy, then I would of been more OK with her but she just doesn’t do it for me 😦

    However, I will end up watching this anyway, just because I’m curious since GuMan is not the script writer.

  9. yoohoo, thank you so much for the update.

    “Does Wallace Chung or Huang Xiao Ming look more handsome as Yi Chen? You better give the correct answer or else do not come to my blog anymore lol.” OMG, seriously???? i love them both. but to be honest, as much as i love HXM, i think, Wallace has the ‘soul’ of Yi Chen more than HXM. and Yang Mi is too beautiful to be Mo Sheng.

    Both Yang Mi and Tang yan are best friends, i wonder how they communicate about this character..

    but as a hardcore fan of Silent Separation, i’ll watched every version. drama and movies. hehe

  10. Wow,so much fuss over this novel. I’ve never read it and have no intention of reading it in any language as I prefer to watch the drama version with a fresh and open mind with no expectations whatsoever. Don’t think I will look forward to watching it if I already know every detail way in advance. I agree with a comment here that YM and HXM are too ‘plastic’ in terms of looks and acting skills. Give me WC any time; he’s definitely the REAL thing. He has the right height and the right slim built for the character of Lawyer He. Maybe WC will be chosen to play this role in the other movie version if the drama series does well in the tv ratings. Keeping my fingers crossed here. Well, at least HXM now takes the cake for sporting the worst hairstyle possible for Lawyer He. LOL! My apologies to fans of YM and HXM; no intention of bashing here. Just my two cents’ worth. Besides, it wouldn’t do to be barred by the only English blog that worships the grounds that WC walks on. ha!ha!

  11. Hahaha I saw my name being mentioned here lol. Thank you so much for writing this. To answer your question, I guess both WC and HXM are handsome enough to be YC but I do have to agree that WC is more suited to act as YC. Let’s see how interesting the movie is when it comes out later but for the time being I’m excited to see the drama!!

  12. Everyone here have great taste!! lol XD I want to high five everyone! Hope the other movie version will be WC too, WC said before that he feel the firming of the drama ended too fast that he haven’t act enough. So I think if he would be offer will the movie role he will take it. 🙂

  13. Wallace Chung suits YC to a T!

  14. Will be pass the movie and watch the drama version only..not because I like WC or don’t like HXM but I think drama will be more detail and more touching than the have short time to explain the character than drama do..

  15. I just finished watching the drama. Sorry HXM fan, no offense. Wallace Chung is the best Yi Chen and nobody can be suitable and better than WC. I’m so in love with WC after watching the drama. I will only watch movie version if WC is Yi Chen.

    • Me too, me too. Let’s hope the movie version written by Gu Man will cast WC as YC but they normally cast diff actor for drama & movie 😦 I’ve more photos of HXM as YC for u to see how unsuitable he is so come back in a few hrs time, lol.

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