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Announcement: The Big Hunt for Wallace Huo in New York City


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My dear fellow readers,

All of you should know by now, I am a loyal Wallace Chung’s fan. However my ex-partner in novel translation, lidge used emotional blackmail to beg me to help her to search for Wallace Huo in the Big Apple. I don’t normally give in to such blatant attempt to garner sympathy but a friend in need is a friend in deed. Therefore the soft and kind-hearted Peanuts needs your help to capture Wallace Huo !!!

Lidge wants close up pictures of Wallace Huo, preferably where she can see the pores or scars on his face 😛 An autograph is also very much appreciated but please get him to sign on his poster or a nice piece of paper because lidge will laminate it and sleep with it nightly 😛

There is no free lunch in the world so a bounty will be given to the successful hunter 😛 In return for your hard work, you get to ask lidge to do a favor for you but it must be within reasonable limit like you can’t ask her to kill herself or stop being so crazy about Wallace Huo 😛 You can charge her but I’ll advise you not to do so because she only has a few dollars in the bank 😦 My suggestion is to get her to finish translating Close Your Eyes since she is such an ardent fan of Wallace Huo as well as that novel. This is all dependent on the quality of your loot 😛

For the latest and further information, please go to lidge’s blog. Also, please liaise directly with lidge as this blog is posting this as a friend service announcement only. Lastly, please take care and a big thank you to those who will take part in the search for Wallace Huo, irrespective whether you are successful or not 🙂


12 thoughts on “Announcement: The Big Hunt for Wallace Huo in New York City

  1. Haha Lidge must share the pic with me 🙂 I like Wallace Huo too 🙂

  2. Wow….he’s in my city. With my four kids, it’s hard to do any hunting. Sorry Lidge.

  3. He looks handsome here.. Need to go to lidge’s blog too to know about his new drama! It looks yummy! 🙂

  4. Poor man, he will be hunted down like an animal by girls wanting to read the novel till the end :’)

  5. hahah. i wish he would come to sg. then i can hunt him down XD

    • Hopefully, your hunting and kidnapping skills are better than Chewywon’s. Peanuts swore up and down, left and right that our New York contact Chewywon would deliver Wallace Huo to me, but my future hubby is still wandering freely around NYC and may possibly be on a plane back to China already. I should know by now that Peanuts is only good at talking big and making empty promises! 😛 😀

      I also want to take this opportunity to do a public service announcement: If you guys need hunting services, Chewywon is the last person you want to contact. As a matter of fact, better if you just do it yourself as I’ve had to learn this the hard way! 😛 😀

  6. You ladies crack me up!

    You know, the task would have been less daunting and have a much higher probability of success had W Huo filmed in Martha’s Vineyard or something. NYC is a lot of ground to cover without having a huge team of hunting/sniffing dogs etc. NY Readers would have to take a crash lesson from the Boston Police Dept who found the Boston Marathon criminal(s) to learn how to track down WH.

    Peanuts: Sorry.. “I’m still on the run”….. Will reply when I get a chance later…

  7. too far from my city..cannot help..sorry.

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