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Don’t be So Proud (别那么骄傲) – Chapter 6.4


Happy Easter to my dear readers who celebrate. I can’t find an appropriate picture for this chapter so I am using a poster from my favorite anime, Your Name. The plot is a bit similar to Proud as both belong to the body-swapping genre but the movie has more depth and meaning. I highly recommend you to watch it. Btw, Yesterday Once More is also one of my favorite songs 🙂

Chapter 6.4 — The Person He Likes Is Me

Under the enchanting moonlight and shinning light, the willow tree at a distant appeared distinct and hazy. The unknown little insects were making chirping noises on the bushes nearby.

He Zhi Zhou’s voice softened down. Shen Xi also has a little insect making chirping noises in her heart. Her head drooping just like the foliage of a willow tree. Then she stole a glance at He Zhi Zhou and said: “Aren’t we …… faking it?”

“Faking it?” He Zhi Zhou frown and asked Shen Xi, his faint tone revealed a trace of seriousness, “When did I say we’re faking it?”

Come on, don’t tell me it might be real? In that case, she and He Zhi Zhou will be in a relationship with themselves!

Shen Xi blinked her eyes. The girl’s heart in a male body was beating wildly, before returning to normal. She grinned and slapped hard on He Zhi Zhou’s shoulder: “You’re funny.”

Funny? He Zhi Zhou pursed up his lips, no longer saying anything and continued to walk quietly.

The night-time self-study for first year university student has ended. After the bell rang, the campus suddenly became noisy. Shen Xi pulled He Zhi Zhou to speed up the pace: “Big brother He, hurry up. They are coming over to fight over the supper in the canteen with us.”

He Zhi Zhou was not used to being pulled by a woman, so he accelerated his speed. In a short while, he was walking ahead of  Shen Xi and was pulling Shen Xi instead. Today can be regarded as the first love confession of his life, but with little success.

When they were eating supper in the canteen, Shen Xi turned her attention back to He Zhi Zhou’s gang fight. She once again asked: “Later, that troublesome senior high school boy really got beaten?”

“Yes” He Zhi Zhou said, and then peeled the boiled egg and put it on Shen Xi’s plate.

Shen Xi really wanted to give a ‘like’ (like in facebook) to He Zhi Zhou, but seeing the warning expression in his eyes, she resentfully withdrew her hand. She asked again, “How was this matter settled?”

“Later, the security guards from the National Development and Reform Commission and city hall guards came out to stop the fight. The principal personally came to bring us back to school.” He Zhi Zhou said to Shen Xi like he was saying a joke.

The more Shen Xi heard, the more she adored him: “Big brother He, it’ll be good if I had known you earlier. I will certainly cheer you on.”

He Zhi Zhou lifted his eyes, with his back on a chair, said, “Not necessarily.”


“At that time, I surely will not have such a loser-like friend like you.”

“Okay,” Shen Xi lowered her head.

He Zhi Zhou looked at someone’s lowered head. What would it be like for him and Shen Xi to have known each other earlier? He envisaged Shen Xi’s appearance in senior high school. If they’ve known each other earlier, will there be puppy love?

Forget about it, he would not have the mood to feel puppy love at that time ……

After eating supper, Shen Xi returned to the dormitory. Before leaving, she waved to He Zhi Zhou, and soon disappeared into the corner to the dormitory. All the way, she was still thinking about He Zhi Zhou’s gang fight. Where was the National Development and Reform Commission building in S city. If she did not remember wrongly, it was near city hall.

City hall?!

So at that time, the place, He Zhi Zhou brought the whole class to fight with the senior high school gang, was the public square between city hall and the National Development and Reform Commission?!

…….Holy damn! So mind-blowingly awesome!

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Shen Xi returned to dorm room 921, holding a lot of books. When she put the books on her desk, she put on an act and sighed: “Finally, I am done with my homework.”

After saying that, she sensed something was wrong, because no one reacted. She turned around to look at the sighing Monkey and Brawny, and said in a low voice: “What happened? Also, where is Third?”

Brawny turned his body to the other side because he did not know how to say it.

Monkey gave a bitter and anguished look.

She solemnly walked over, bent down and asked: “Don’t tell me the floor was not swept clean today, so points were deducted during dormitory inspection?”

“No.” Brawny said.

Shen Xi continued to guess in a more serious direction: “Don’t tell me the result of the semen health testing has been released and all of you failed?”

“You are the one who failed.” Brawny wished he can throttle the Leader who was acting cute, but why the heck was he feeling at the same time that he didn’t have the heart to?!

On the other side, Monkey heaved a sigh and said: “We’ve just received the news that Third had submitted the application to change dormitory.”

After Monkey finished talking, Brawny gave Shen Xi a meaningful glance, a “you are in trouble” expression.

Lin Yu Tang wanted to change dormitory? Shen Xi looked at Brawny and Monkey’s facial expression, they surely knew the reason why Lin Yu Tang was changing dormitory —— definitely because of her.

Shen Xi was originally in half squatting position. After knowing the matter, she did not dare to stand up. Her whole body was in full squatting position on the floor and she drooped her head.

“…….Sorry” she said.

Seeing “him” looking so remorseful, how could Brawny say any more words of blame. Speaking against his own conscience, he comforted, “Leader, this isn’t your fault.”

Shen Xi glanced at Brawny who said ‘aiya’ twice. Actually he was angry at first, how can the Leader steal Third’s girlfriend. But seeing the Leader’s remorseful and sad face, his heart softened. WTF, he always felt soft-hearted towards a man recently! What was wrong with him? Did he still want to be the straightest man in the universe!

“We’ll try to persuade Third again.” Monkey thought of a solution.

Shen Xi glanced at Monkey, with mixed feelings: “I go to the toilet first.”

Lin Yu Tang came back when Shen Xi was in the toilet. The moment he returned to the dormitory, Monkey and Brawny began to persuade him. In order to urge Lin Yu Tang to stay, each of them took turn to say all the good words they can think of.

Lin Yu Tang heard until the heart felt messed up, since he did not want to change now! If that absurd guess was right, what was the point of changing dormitory  —— leaving Shen Xi alone in this 921 wolf’s den!

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

“Third, don’t go. The Leader already knew the error of his ways.” Brawny almost wanted to step forward to hold Lin Yu Tang’s thigh.

Lin Yu Tang asked: “…… Where is He Zhi Zhou?”

Monkey pointed to the bathroom: “Went to the toilet to reflect upon himself.”

Lin Yu Tang pushed open the bathroom door, but no one was inside. Brawny who was behind him, exclaimed in surprise: “He has probably gone to the public bathroom outside, more spacious, can let the Leader reflects more deeply!”

Lin Yu Tang walked quickly to the public bathroom on the second floor. In the male dormitory in S University, in addition to each dorm room having a separate bathroom, each floor also has a public bathroom, just located next to the laundry room.

Shen Xi was really reflecting in the bathroom. While reflecting, she felt the urge to go to toilet. She took a look at the urinal, but walked into the cubicle. When Lin Yu Tang came into the bathroom, she was already holding her pants and coming out from the cubicle. She looked at Lin Yu Tang, pretended nothing happened and greeted him: “Hi.”

Lin Yu Tang looked at her: “What are you doing inside?”

“Pee ah.” Shen Xi’s mind was not working, so she answered in a straightforward manner. In her heart, she even scolded Lin Yu Tang for asking this kind of silly question. She switched on the wash basin tap and washed her hands.

The corners of Lin Yu Tang’s mouth twitched. He silently looked at the urinal on the left side while making note in mind of the word “pee” that she had used. (Hoju thinks the reason why Lin Yu Tang made note of the words 小便 “pee” that she used was because most men would say something like 撒尿, kind of more like our equivalent to “piss” instead of “pee.”) Then, what followed was another wave of ballache [internet slang: for a guy, something that is so bad it doesn’t just give you a headache, it gives you a “ballache”]. If his speculation was true, then there was a valid reason for Shen Xi to break up with him. But if it was true, it seemed the situation wasn’t really any better…

After Shen Xi washed her hands, she seriously and nervously asked Lin Yu Tang: “Are you changing dormitory because of me?”

Lin Yu Tang looked to one side: “I’m not changing anymore.”

“Really?” There was happy expression in Shen Xi’s eyes. She cheerily caught Lin Yu Tang’s hands, dragged him directly before Monkey and Brawny, and said excitedly: “Third just told me that he won’t be changing dormitory.”

“Really?” Monkey stood up and asked.

Lin Yu Tang nodded his head, glanced at Shen Xi out of the corner of his eyes and said a sentence with double entendre: “Women are like clothes, brothers are like hands and feet, isn’t it true?”

Clothes …… Shen Xi was a little unhappy, but since the dormitory incident has been resolved, she will not bother about it for the time being. Monkey and Brawny were also very excited, taking out the wine hidden in the dormitory one after another, “Tonight, everyone will not return without getting drunk.”

Will not return without getting drunk.

Shen Xi liked this kind of liveliness. She also took out the snacks hidden in the dormitory. There were almond slices, peanuts, beef jerky and also two packets of prawn crackers.

Lin Yu Tang noticed all these were Shen Xi’s favorite snacks. Including the prawn crackers brand, was also her favorite.

Lin Yu Tang recalled he was still entangled in another possibility yesterday, he felt ever more painful.

Shen Xi was very keen to arrange the four chairs in the dormitory into a circle. In the middle, there was a folding table, which they usually used to play cards. Shen Xi put the snacks on top, put the green soy beans she brought over as supper in the middle, and lastly put Brawny’s beer and Monkey’s red wine on the table. It immediately transformed into a presentable party.

Monkey opened the beer, stood up and said, “As the head of dorm room 921, I am very gratified that the Leader and Third can turn their hostility into friendship tonight. I want to take this opportunity to wish everyone in dorm room 921 to stay young forever, and long live the friendship!”

Brawny was holding the wine glass and clinking it: “Long live the friendship.”

Shen Xi immediately followed: “Long live the friendship.”

And then only left Lin Yu Tang. The three immediately looked at Lin Yu Tang. He paused for two seconds, picked up a can of beer, clinked it and said: “Long live the friendship, long live the love.”

Long live the love …… where was the love from …… Monkey and Brawny looked at each other, wasn’t this funny!

It was boring to merely drink and eat supper, so Brawny came up with a few drinking games. But they were all rejected by Lin Yu Tang. Brawny was a little unhappy: “Third, why don’t you think of a game.”

Lin Yu Tang holding the wine bottle, said: “Who is a good roommate.”

“Who is a good roommate.” Monkey heard of a game called “Who is a good friend”, but has not heard “Who is a good roommate.” He looked at Lin Yu Tang with a little interest: “How to play?”

“Very simple.” Lin Yu Tang unconsciously looked at “He Zhi Zhou” who was sitting quietly. He explained the game “Who is a good roommate”: “Who is a good roommate” is similar to “Who is a good friend.” A person asks and another person guesses, guessing the little secrets between the roommates.

Little secrets …… Brawny liked this the most.

Lin Yu Tang added: “Guess correctly will get $20 as reward. Guess correctly 5 times continuously will get $200 as reward.”

Bingo! A simple game with some stakes immediately roused the pride and valour in all the men who were present. Even Shen Xi, this fake man, was also excited, and raising her arms, she declared, “I’m in! Let’s play that.”

No one protested, so the game began. Before they officially started, all four specifically swore that they would “honour their integrity” and that they were “not allowed to lie.”

The first group was Monkey and Brawny, Shen Xi will ask the question.

She asked Monkey: “What is Brawny’s favorite vegetable?”

“Leek to boast male sex drive.” Monkey not only answered correctly, but also said the reason.

Brawny covered his face with the hand: “How to boast male sex drive!”

Shen Xi asked the second question: “What is Brawny’s university entrance examination score?”

Monkey answered with difficulty: “593, the lowest ranking student in the faculty in our school.”

The third question: “Brawny’s former nickname?”

“Three Hairs (Mao), eh.” Monkey threw his head back and cackled. “The classic representative individual of porn videos (mao pian), porn books (mao shu), and porn pictures (mao zhao).”

To her surprise, they managed to answer all three correctly, so Shen Xi increased the difficulty level: “What is the name of Brawny’s desk-mate in the second month of the second semester in the second year of high school?”

“Bloody hell, so difficult!” Monkey vomited blood, so this round of the game was over.

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

In the next round, Monkey will ask Shen Xi questions on Lin Yu Tang.

Shen Xi felt like she had got hold of a cheat sheet, she twitched the corner of the mouth, confidently. Lin Yu Tang glanced at her and asked Shen Xi: “Increase the difficulty level, double the reward, want to play?”

Shen Xi pretended to look very troubled. After a while, she asked skeptically: “If I can answer all correctly, will you go back on your word?”

“Didn’t we swear an oath?” Lin Yu Tang replied, his tone of voice more pleasing to the ear than before.

Shen Xi agreed: “Okay, increase the difficulty level la since this is just a game. More challenging, more fun.”

Monkey was planning to take revenge on the Leader. Since the Leader has no objection, he won’t hold back. He asked the first question: “What is Lin Yu Tang’s vital statistics, rounding to one decimal place?”

Lin Yu Tang coughed softly, so Monkey changed vital statistics to height.

Shen Xi raised her eyebrows and said immediately: “182.9 cm.”

Monkey looked at Lin Yu Tang.

Lin Yu Tang with a calm expression, nodded his head.

These questions were too simple for her! Shen Xi looked happy but the first victory made her felt a bit embarrassed. Thus she modestly waved: “I was just guessing, did not expect to really get it right.”

Monkey really thought the Leader was just lucky, he began to ask the next question: “What animal is Third most afraid of?”

Shen Xi crossed her legs and answered immediately: “Cockroach.”

Fuck, surprisingly it was cockroach. Monkey asked Lin Yu Tang: “Third, it that correct?”

Lin Yu Tang took a sip of beer: “Yes, it is cockroach.”

Shen Xi held out her hand to get money from Monkey. He reluctantly handed over the money and continued to ask: “Which primary school did Third graduated from?”

This topic should be difficult, because who will know which primary school the roommate graduated from, since they were not from the same city. Brawny who has been listening, also thought the Leader will not be able to answer this time round. Sure enough, Shen Xi frowned and patted Monkey’s shoulder: “This question is really difficult for me.”

Monkey laughed smugly.

Suddenly Shen Xi stood up, walked two rounds in the dormitory and thought deeply before saying: “I can figure out, since Lin Yu Tang is from G City, the best primary school there is Gu Lin Yi. But Third’s house is in the south, too far away from Gu Lin Yi. The best primary school in the south is G University’s subsidiary primary school, so I courageously guess it was G University’s subsidiary primary school.” When Shen Xi finally spoke out the answer, she made a dashing look back gesture and asked Lin Yu Tang: “Is it correct?”

“G University’s subsidiary primary school?” Monkey also asked Lin Yu Tang, “Is it correct?”

The corner of Lin Yu Tang’s mouth drooped down and he nodded: “Yes, it was G University’s subsidiary primary school.” But the reason he attended the subsidiary primary school was very simple. Because Shen Xi attended the kindergarten beside the subsidiary primary school.

“Too unbelievable.” Monkey lost badly, but he was still unwilling to give up. He wanted to make a come back! He took a deep breath and asked: “What is one of Lin Yu Tang’s favorite songs?”

Favorite song? So many songs, where got favorite …… Shen Xi really cannot guess this question. She raised her eyelids twice but still could not come out with an answer.

Lin Yu Tang looked at Shen Xi’s baffled face. He took out his wallet from the pocket and took out all the money inside: “I’ll increase the reward.”

As expected, the game reached its climax. Brawny also took out a small amount of money to increase the reward. In order to ensure that the game was not rigged, Lin Yu Tang will first write the name of the song on a piece of paper and put it on the table, before Shen Xi giving an answer.

Shen Xi was holding her head with both hands. She knew the kind of songs Lin Yu Tang liked, but she did not know which was his favorite song. She intended to give up, but Lin Yu Tang raised the reward by $800. If she lost ……

Thus she can only do her best to think about it. She remembered her dad bought a MP3 for her when she was in junior high school but she did not know how to go online to download music. Later, Lin Yu Tang downloaded some songs for her, what was the first song that was downloaded …… Shen Xi glanced at the reward on the table to stimulate herself. In the end, she patted her head, stood up and read out the answer word by word: “I guess it is Yesterday Once More by the Carpenter.”


She should not be able to guess correctly this time!

Monkey quickly unfolded the paper with the answer written by Lin Yu Tang. WTH! It was really “Yesterday Once More”, he gave a cry and fell to the ground.

“From today onward, please call me God of Guessing (Shen (God) is a homophone of Shen Xi’s name).” Shen Xi was in high-spirit. She has no qualms about taking all the rewards, including the $800 from Lin Yu Tang. After that, she took pity on them and patted Monkey, Brawny, including Lin Yu Tang on the shoulders and said, “Don’t be sad. I’ll treat you to a big meal at the weekend, using your money, ha. ~ ~ wa ha ha ha ha …… ”

Wa ha ha ha ha, wa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Lin Yu Tang turned slightly to look at Shen Xi’s hand patting his shoulder. He appeared calm, only his delicate eyelashes fluttered gently.

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Tonight, Shen Xi was destined to be a big winner. Before going to sleep, she counted the money she won several times. Finally, she put them below the pillow and happily fell asleep.

Dorm room 921 slowly quieted down. Uniform and prolonged breathing sound can be heard. Lin Yu Tang got up from the lower bunk. It will be strange if he can fall asleep tonight.

He stood in front of the bed, looking calmly at ‘He Zhi Zhou’ who was sleeping on the upper bunk. He felt that his current life was like a small boat in the sea, with a big wave slapping continuously at him.

Because of this, his mood was fickle and impatient, so he did not observe He Zhi Zhou carefully. As a result, once he observed, he was simply behaving like Shen Xi. For example, the current sleeping posture. When she was in the kindergarten, Shen Xi has a nickname called “little tortoise on its back with all its legs facing skyward.”

Lin Yu Tang stood motionless, staring at this He Zhi Zhou version of a “little tortoise on its back with all its legs facing skyward,” and once again his heart sank once again another round of deep ballache. After a while, he turned his face away. Before going to bed again, he pulled the quilt to cover her stomach that was exposed to the air

Crazy crazy!

© 2013-2016 FANATICAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

On the next day, the confused Lin Yu Tang woke up again at five o’clock in the morning. He once again stood in front of the bed and stared silently at Shen Xi who was still sleeping. After staring for a long time, he went to the balcony to calm his mood.

Shen Xi woke up at six o’clock. She lifted the quilt, sat up, and said to Lin Yu Tang who was making coffee in front of the table: “Good morning.”

Lin Yu Tang greeted back, then continued to make his coffee.

Shen Xi was still a little dazed, sitting on the bed like a big, important sir who had gone sleepwalking. Then she saw Big Brother He’s ding-a-ling standing in respectful salute to her. She was already used to such a scene. With one hand, she covered her mouth as she yawned while the other hand moved toward the big ding-a-ling and directly shoved it down.

Shoving ……

Out of the corner of Lin Yu Tang’s eyes, he inadvertently saw Shen Xi’s action, the hot water nearly burned his hand ……

Shen Xi also noticed Lin Yu Tang was looking at her, so she blushed, then said angrily: “We are both man, so haven’t you seen morning erection before? This is a normal occurrence!”

Lin Yu Tang put the coffee on the table, the heart was like dead ashes. As a normal man, who would not have morning erection but he has never seen any “man” handled the matter like this.

Shen Xi ah. Shen Xi!

Lin Yu Tang took a deep breath, hoping to calm down. But he simply was not able to! He looked at Shen Xi, forcefully stuffing a certain something into her pants because she wanted to put the pants on. The feeling he had now was like seeing that the little kitten he had carefully taken care of and raised had now suddenly learned from a pack of wild dogs how to lift up her leg to pee……



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