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Go Go Squid! Cast Announcement for Dt, Solo, and Xiao Mi



In addition to Yang Zi and Li Xian, who will be playing Tong Nian and God Gun in the drama Go Go Squid! (adaptation of the novel, Stewed Squid with Honey), we find out the actors for three more characters.

The official Weibo of the drama has been trying to hype us up for the last little while on who the actor for Dt will be. Yesterday, they finally did the big reveal. The actor for K&K’s captain, Dt, also known as Wu Bai (or fondly referred to as Little Bai by Gun and others) is… Hu Yitian! This one caught everyone by surprise! He is actually said to be guest-starring in this.

The other two confirmed cast are Li Zefeng as Solo (Wang Hao) and Li Hongqi as Xiao Mi (Mi Shaofei), who are shown in the left and right photos, respectively, up above.

Hu Yitian as Dt

Previously, Mo Bao Fei Bao, author of the original novel and screenwriter of this drama adaptation, had said Go Go Squid! would cover the entire trilogy (God’s Left HandPlaying Fish Trapped in the Sealed Chamber, and Stewed Squid with Honey). However, Mo Bao Fei Bao clarified that statement yesterday. Yes, she had pulled all three stories together (because Squid is too short as a standalone adaptation), but then she re-split them into two separate scripts. Go Go Squid! ‘s story is going to include all of Stewed Squid with Honey and about the last 1/3 of Sealed Chamber. That is why Dt’s role is relatively small and Hu Yitian is only acting in this one as a special guest.

As a side note, she also said the script for Sealed Chamber‘s adaptation is going to include God’s Left Hand, the remainder of Sealed Chamber, and the eSports world championship that was never given a conclusion in her novels. That means, I’m interpreting, that we can expect another adaptation coming out for Sealed Chamber eventually. 😉 (However, whether the actors who play Dt, Solo, etc. are going to be the same as in Go Go Squid! is still a question.)


10 thoughts on “Go Go Squid! Cast Announcement for Dt, Solo, and Xiao Mi

  1. Jiang chen as Wu Bai!! I couldn’t be more happy! Thanks for the post.

  2. 😱 can’t wait 😍😍

  3. Lovely, Yi Tian as DT. Love it.

  4. I think I know the guy who play Dt 😁

  5. Oh My God ! I was so in love with Hu Yi Tian at Love so beautiful. I think he has an excellent acting but as DT, maybe i need wait and see how’s his acting gonna be. He’s tall but maybe need a little muscle ? because DT is not skinny right? he has a tall and well build or perfect figure like basketball player? So curious whose gonna be appledog 🙂

  6. I literally screamed when I read that Hu Yitian will be Dt! I actually can imagine him as Dt especially since he did such a good job as Jiang Chen in A Love So Beautiful. Hope that he’s still Dt in Sealed Chamber. #stillshaking

  7. God I am so excited for this drama (≧∇≦)
    Can anyone please please tell me when is it gonna be aired?? I have been waiting for this since forever T^T thanks alot(╹◡╹)♡

    • Filming was scheduled to commence this month. I have not seen any news in a booting ceremony, but sometimes that is not released. However, what that means is you still have some time to wait. 🙂

  8. So did you all check out the recent bts and snippet of GO GO SQUID video? Looks promising!

  9. No joke I was like wow that girl is hot. Yang zi is so hot.

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