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Don’t be So Proud (别那么骄傲) – Chapter 12.4


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Chapter 12.4 — The Peach Is Ripe (4)

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The peach… was ripe…

Shutting his eyes tightly, He Zhi Zhou very rationally told himself, right now, the best thing to do was to back out of the room of his own accord and then lightly close the door. But even as he thought this, his hand still gripped the door handle, and he stood in the middle of the doorway, unable to move his feet, letting a burning feeling scorch the tips of his fingers.

The curved line of her back was, in his eyes, the most beautiful scenery. He did not need to look for long in order to already be able to sense the loveliness of her exquisite, butterfly-like shoulder blades, her supple, slender waist, and also her flat belly that had just the right amount of definition.

Her skin was fair, so fair it was like cream. On her back, the black strap of her bra hung loosely, not yet fastened…

Had she encountered some sort of problem?

He Zhi Zhou’s brows furrowed together. Shen Xi was still dawdling away inside, completely unaware of anything. Feeling that Shen Xi was being much too inattentive, he wanted to step forward and give her a little “reminder.”

Shen Xi was not completely unaware everything. Her head was lowered to adjust the size of that blow-up bra, and because she was too immersed in her task, she did not know that He Zhi Zhou had come in. She was struggling with herself over choosing between a C and a D cup size. She wanted to adjust it to a D cup but was afraid He Zhi Zhou would get the wrong idea about her…

Forget it. Just stick with a C cup.

Shen Xi had inflated it, but now she let out some air again. Halfway through releasing the air, she lifted her head, and then, she caught sight of He Zhi Zhou as well as his face that looked as if it was about to go stiff. There was a heavy look to He Zhi Zhou’s eyes, and inside them, all sorts of not-so-pleasant moods were roiling.

There was a feeling in Shen Xi, like she had been caught in the act of doing something bad. With cheeks that glowed crimson, she first grabbed the white, button-up shirt that was on the bed and slipped it on. But, she had grabbed the wrong one—this one was He Zhi Zhou’s. Draped on her body, the button-up shirt looked particularly large. She did not have enough time to rapidly do up the buttons. She arbitrarily ran her fingers through her hair, hoping to escape into the bathroom.

From beginning to end, she only blushed. This was just too awkward, so she actually did not speak a word.

He Zhi Zhou pulled her back, unable at this moment to figure out just what Shen Xi was thinking. In a low voice, he asked, “Where are you going?”

“The bathroom.”


“You’re going to yell at me…”

“Why would I yell at you?”

“My boobs are small.”

He Zhi Zhou: “……”

He Zhi Zhou grabbed Shen Xi, who was fleeing toward the bathroom, not comprehending. Was he the type of boyfriend who would yell at someone because his girlfriend’s breasts were small? And plus, it was not like he didn’t know her size! He Zhi Zhou really did want to yell at someone. But in the end, when he looked down, he saw Shen Xi’s slightly narrowed eyes. Turning the corners of his lips up into a resigned smile, he gave her a light cuff on the head as punishment.

Many times, Shen Xi was like a mischievous child who liked to get into trouble. When she was caught, she would always quickly beg for forgiveness and then put on a careful look as she watched him, but in reality, she was simply concealing her audacious nature.

She had her own strategies and tactics that she was quite proud of, and he had his willingness to give in and compromise without any principles.

He Zhi Zhou pulled Shen Xi into his embrace. Shen Xi’s shirt was still splayed open. While he was helping her fasten the buttons, he realized her bra still was not on properly, so he undid the buttons once more…

What was going on here?!

With this fastening and then unfastening again, Shen Xi’s face had burned up until it looked like a red apple. Burying her face against He Zhi Zhou’s chest, she adorably whimpered, “Waaah… This is too humiliating…”

As He Zhi Zhou held Shen Xi in the circle of his arms, his palms began to burn up again. And then, his slender hands slipped in directly to explore inside Shen Xi’s shirt.

The strap at her back had not been fastened. He tried a couple of times to secure it closed, but then simply gave up and moved back to the front.

Shen Xi froze. Her heart was jumping a little rapidly, but she did not stop him. As she pressed herself against He Zhi Zhou’s chest, she discovered that his heart was not any slower than hers. Thump, thump. Its pounding was extremely strong.

The air seemed to heat up.

Shen Xi gazed at He Zhi Zhou, her eyes sparkling moistly. He Zhi Zhou remembered the very moist dream he had every night. At the end of that dream, he and she were caught in one another’s embrace. And from beginning to end, it was wet.

Bringing his face down, He Zhi Zhou kissed Shen Xi. His kiss bore down forcefully, carrying a young and inexperienced type of yearning and desire.

At the same time, his hands covered her bosom. Just like in his dream, he cupped them. Their size was just right. Without any more qualms or hesitation, he clasped that most sensitive place, his breathing ragged, and sometimes lightly, sometimes heavily, he kneaded and fondled them.


A little scared with the direction things had headed, Shen Xi clutched at the hem of He Zhi Zhou’s shirt. He and she were boyfriend and girlfriend; this sort of thing was very normal. It was just that, they had lived together for a period of time now, but this was the first time he had touched her so intimately. Perhaps, she truly had been misled by his “properness” and “gentlemanly” appearance. When He Zhi Zhou very familiarly began to toy with those, she nearly gave a heartfelt sigh that meant, “So it turns out he does know how to.”

He Zhi Zhou indeed was “toying.” This “toying” had spawned out of the normal nature of a man. He was a normal man and, moreover, was a young man who could easily act brashly. He had his calm rationality, but he also had desires and urges that were most basic to a man’s nature.

Now, since certain things had already been done, he did not want to just end them casually or carelessly.

With Shen Xi in his arms, he sat on the sofa beside the bedroom window. For a full hour and more, there were merely simple kisses and caresses. He could not tear himself and his touches away.

Outside, the lights of the early evening had just turned on, and it was lively and bustling. Inside, though, it was another world.

As this moment of intimacy gradually grew longer, the awkwardness eventually all transformed to sweetness. Shen Xi lay in He Zhi Zhou’s arms, playing with the buttons of his shirt. He Zhi Zhou every now and then would bring his head down and kiss her lips, sometimes a quick peck, one that gave him a little taste, and then he would stop, sometimes one that would become a long, drawn kiss again. The hands of the clock on the wall ticked along, as if it was providing them time to be intimate.

Neither of them had eaten, so afterwards, they spent another thirty-odd minutes discussing what they should eat for dinner. In between, there were fingers running through hair, little pinches to the cheek, little tugs on an ear… Time slid by quickly without them even being aware of it. When you are in love and dating, there never seems to be enough time.

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It was still a little hot outside. Shen Xi wanted to wear shorts and a spaghetti-strap tank top to go out. These are all part of the very normal clothing combinations of young girls, but He Zhi Zhou did not like them and absolutely insisted that she go back into the room and change out of them.

Since when do you not expose your legs during the summer? Shen Xi submitted her appeal to He Zhi Zhou. “Other girls all dress like this.”

He Zhi Zhou indifferently came back with “They aren’t my girlfriend.”

Fine. Shen Xi gave in and went back into the room to change into a long skirt, while He Zhi Zhou in passing brought over a little cream-colored shawl.


At a crossroad that bustled with people coming and going, the girls in front of them had long legs that were fair and straight. With her arm looped through He Zhi Zhou’s, Shen Xi asked him, “Aren’t the legs of those girls up front really pretty?”

He Zhi Zhou did not even take a glance. “Don’t know.”

Shen Xi, giving some humphs and hmphs, could be considered satisfied with that. She thought of a classic question: “Big Brother He, which one do you place more importance on, a girl’s face or body?”

He Zhi Zhou’s answer was still “Don’t know.”

“You have to choose one.” Shen Xi scratched at He Zhi Zhou. “Think some more.”

With no other choice, He Zhi Zhou could only expand the problem a bit, and he asked Shen Xi, “What do you define as a good body? One that’s like yours?”

Thinking that He Zhi Zhou was purposely mocking her, Shen Xi gave him a little punch. Then, she explained what was a good figure. “It should be the type that’s hot and sexy, you know, like Brawny’s girlfriend?”

He Zhi Zhou did not know who Brawny’s girlfriend was, so Shen Xi once more provided him with a little explanation. “The doll on his bed.”

Oh, so it was that… Holding Shen Xi’s hand, he crossed the road with her and stated his answer. “Face.”

Shen Xi wanted a reason. “Why?”

Seeing that Shen Xi could be considered as behaving like good girl right now, He Zhi Zhou explained his reasoning. “A man’s views on beauty are directly related to his first girlfriend.”

Shen Xi blinked. She seemed to comprehend something. The more she thought about it, the more she felt a sweetness inside her, until, in the end, she could not control the upward turn that was tugging and tugging some more on the corner of her lips. She laid forth a hypothetical question. “Big Brother He, don’t tell me that in the future, when you’re looking for a girlfriend, you’ll be referring to my looks while you search.” If that really were the case, she would feel so smug!


The difference in the way men and women think caused He Zhi Zhou to be unable to grasp Shen Xi’s question. He asked her in response, “Why would I need to find another girlfriend?”

Shen Xi: “Well, for example…” Forget it. Why in the world was she hypothesizing about this question?

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The results of the CET-4 exam were coming out in three days. Dou Dou called Shen Xi to inform her that in three days, they were to check their scores together. Their friendship was stable and strong, but Dou Dou still very plainly expressed, the best result would be if both of them passed; the second best would be if she passed and Shen Xi did not; the third would be if both did not pass; and the worst scenario would be if Shen Xi passed and she did not.

Lying on the sofa, Shen Xi asked, “What if it’s the fourth scenario?”

Dou Dou: “You’ll have to treat me to dinner to comfort my wounded heart.”

Shen Xi answered, while munching on an apple, “No problem, no problem.”

In regards to the whole thing about the CET-4, Shen Xi had basically been so busy dating that she had forgotten it. Now, though, with Dou Dou’s repeated mentioning of it, there was an invisible increase in the psychological pressure she felt. After He Zhi Zhou went to work, when she was strolling through the supermarket, she saw a job posting for a temporary sales promoter, and out of boredom, she applied for it.

For one, she needed to find something to do to divert the focus of her attention. Also, she still felt she needed to work.

Shen Xi officially started work at the supermarket, and taking a photo, she sent it to He Zhi Zhou. He Zhi Zhou had just arrived at S&N for work when his mobile phone beeped with an alert. A photograph was received.

His girlfriend was wearing the sales promotion outfit for a certain cracker. Hanging in front of her chest was a cracker box, and inside were crackers for the supermarket’s patrons to sample.

He Zhi Zhou was so vexed he did not want to say anything. Just let her be.

Inside the supermarket, Shen Xi had still felt it was quite fun in the beginning. After two hours had passed, however, she began to feel that earning money honestly was too hard. During that period, she encountered two types of people: one type was reserved and refused to eat any samples; one type would eat nonstop.

Such as this uncle-like man here right now, who had been eating for a long time already and still showed no signs of stopping.

Shen Xi could not help reminding him, “Dad, you’ve eaten nearly an entire box. You don’t even need to buy any anymore!”

Oh yes, it really was Shen Jian Guo! Shen Jian Guo pointed at the huge pile of sample crackers behind his daughter. “Don’t those all have to be eaten before you can be considered to have completed your task?”

Shen Xi had no words to respond to that. While no one was paying attention, she began to eat along with Shen Jian Guo.

Shen Jian Guo asked her, “Why have you fallen into such a state?”

Feeling that her old dad must have some sort of misunderstanding regarding her, Shen Xi began to explain. “I am experiencing for myself what life is.”

Shen Jian Guo did not believe her. His anger toward He Zhi Zhou simmered. After handing his previously perfectly-fine daughter into the boy’s hands, she had become a part-time-job girl. Anyhow, Shen Jian Guo was fuming, and his stance was very firm—he was going to take Shen Xi home.

Shen Xi, therefore, could only take advantage of a moment when Shen Jian Guo was not paying attention to stealthily send a text message to He Zhi Zhou:

Big Brother He, my dad’s come. He wants to take me home…

He Zhi Zhou received the text from Shen Xi when he was eating lunch. He rubbed his temple remorsefully. As he briefly recalled that matter of Shen Xi working a temporary job in the supermarket, he straightaway understood the reason behind why Shen Jian Guo wanted to bring Shen Xi home.

He thus played hooky from work, and when he stepped out from S&N, his mood was very much in the dumps.

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He Zhi Zhou rode his bicycle along the main road. At that moment, Chen Han was getting off from the Toyota. In her hands were two shopping bags, both of them from stores for top domestic brands of women’s clothing. Chen Han spotted He Zhi Zhou first. That thing that is known as the feeling of shame is always especially strong when you are in front of the person you like. Fluster came over her. But as she backed up into the car again, she felt that she was acting too ill at ease and petty. In the end, poised and calm, she stepped back out again and said hello to He Zhi Zhou.

Hearing Chen Yan’s greeting, He Zhi Zhou flicked a look at her. And then, he cycled past right by her.

He had no habit of pretending to be a gentleman to women by the roadside.

Two seconds. When He Zhi Zhou rode by right beside her, it was as if a gust of wind was rushing by. Chen Han stood by the side of the car, her heart quiet and bleak. She suddenly felt that those back and forth feelings just a few seconds ago as she struggled within herself had all been completely pointless.

She let out a smirk. He Zhi Zhou, that man who showed absolutely no respect to women, did not deserve her affections. The window of the Toyota rolled down, and the man inside said something to her. He was not handsome enough, and his physique was not good enough, either, but he did do enough to try to please her.

“Little Han, come to my home tonight to hang out. I still have gift I want to give you.”

Looking at the man on the inside of the car window, Chen Han smiled and nodded. “Okay.”

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When He Zhi Zhou got back to the apartment, the first thing he did was pull out the little spring bed from the smaller bedroom. Then he moved all of Shen Xi’s clothes into that small room, creating the illusion that things between him and Shen Xi were “pure and innocent.”

Sure enough, half an hour later, Shen Jian Guo arrived to have a look around the apartment. Behind him followed a sad Shen Xi who looked like she had been wronged.

He Zhi Zhou could still be considered calm as he hosted his future father-in-law. Shen Jian Guo’s gaze scanned all about, until it finally landed on the bed inside the smaller bedroom. Taking a seat on the sofa, the first question he asked was “Islet in the River, how can you let my daughter go work a temp job at the supermarket?”

Regarding this question, He Zhi Zhou genuinely had sufferings he could not speak of.

He Zhi Zhou: “Uncle Shen…”

Shen Xi: “Dad…”

Shen Jian Guo refused to listen to any explanations; Shen Xi tried with all her might to give an explanation. He Zhi Zhou was not in a good position to provide any explanation, so he pulled out his mobile phone to make a reservation at a restaurant. He was not even sure whether he would still be able to get a reservation at a good restaurant if he called now.

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That evening, Shen Jian Guo, who was not returning to H City until the following day, plunked himself there and refused to leave. Naturally, then, he slept with He Zhi Zhou while Shen Xi hugged a pillow and slept alone on the spring bed in the smaller bedroom.

It really was a little cramped on that 1.5-metre bed for two men to lie there together. He Zhi Zhou was basically sleeping snug against the edge of the bed, but though he was already doing this, Shen Jian Guo still blatantly stuck a leg over.

He Zhi Zhou at last knew from whom Shen Xi had inherited her little habits and mannerism while sleeping. He turned over in bed; Shen Jian Guo awoke at this. The older man sighed faintly. “Can’t sleep when you sleep with me?”

He Zhi Zhou: “… It’s not bad.”

Shen Jian Guo turned his nose up at that while, at the same time, rolling over.

Staring up at the ceiling, He Zhi Zhou did not speak and only hoped that this night would pass quicker.

Now that Shen Jian Guo had woken again, he was unable to fall back asleep. He began to carry out a conversation with He Zhi Zhou. “Islet in the River, you have to treat Xi Xi well. If in the future you do anything that makes her worry, I’ll definitely break your legs.”

He Zhi Zhou replied with an “mm.”

Shen Jian Guo spoke again. “Do you know, as a man, what is most important?”

He Zhi Zhou did not express his opinion. His manner could be viewed as being humble. “Please tell.”

With a couple of “hmphs,” Shen Jian Guo stated, “A sense of responsibility and willingness to bear those responsibilities. You’re still young right now. The things and temptations you’ll face in the future are many. I know you’re good-looking, your family’s financial situation is good, and your abilities aren’t bad either. In the future, there will definitely be women throwing themselves at you.”

Shen Jian Guo was worried about that problem that all fathers in the world worry about. He Zhi Zhou did not speak for some time, but then, after a long while, he promised, “I won’t.”

He Zhi Zhou’s words were so brief. Shen Jian Guo heaved a sigh. “Don’t think that I’m just being annoying. When you have a daughter in the future, you’ll know.”

He Zhi Zhou let out a couple of chuckles, agreeing with Shen Jian Guo’s words.

The more he spoke, the more excited Shen Jian Guo became. Eventually, he rose from the bed and told He Zhi Zhou, “Uh, well… I’m a little thirsty.”

He Zhi Zhou got out of the bed to go pour some water. As he passed through the living room, Shen Xi poked her head out from the smaller bedroom, grinning “hee hee” at him. Stretching out his hand, he shoved her lightly back into the small room. Then, he went into the kitchen, poured a glass of water, and brought it back to Shen Jian Guo.

After drinking half the glass, Shen Jian Guo thought of something that he had been keeping in his heart. He hesitated for a while but, in the end, still said it aloud. “A while ago, I went and tried to understand more about your family, and I also heard some things about your dad and mom.”

Silence came over He Zhi Zhou. His entire bearing was like something was caught in his throat and he could not get it out.


This story was translated for hui3r[dot]wordpress[dot]com only. All forms of reproduction, redistribution, or reposting are not authorized. If you are not reading this from hui3r[dot]wordpress[dot]com, the copy is unauthorized and has been taken without consent of the translator.

Bonus Side Story: That Legendary First Meeting (2)

Who would have thought? A great god was in their dorm room! Brawny and Monkey were a little excited with that and even were itching to line the streets in welcome him. Brawny even specifically went and whacked down the Great God’s bed to get the dust out for him. The person hadn’t even arrived yet, but he could fawn and play the lackey first.

When the person did arrive, Brawny nearly transformed into a little cutie pet, always fluttering around He Zhi Zhou to try and gain a sense of existence. If he could please the Great God, he would never have to worry about his homework, ever, wasn’t it?!! Wasn’t it, wasn’t it?!!!

Monkey turned his nose up at this type of behavior from Brawny. He still had the reserved dignity of second-generation rich boy. That was why during the first couple of days, it was always Brawny sitting with He Zhi Zhou while Monkey sat with Lin Yu Tang.

But if we were to trace back and see what He Zhi Zhou personally felt about this, he thought Brawny was a little annoying. And plus, when they were sitting in a classroom that had no air-conditioning, Brawny was like a heat-emitting wall.

In the end, He Zhi Zhou just changed his seat. Brawny was stunned! Hadn’t they agreed they would be each other’s guardian angel?!!!!

When He Zhi Zhou first arrived in dorm room 921, the feeling he gave everyone was an one of extreme coldness, that he was very difficult to approach. It was not until a certain incident that Monkey and Brawny felt that beneath He Zhi Zhou’s icy, unfeeling exterior, there was the beating of a warm heart.

The above sappy words were the original ones spoken from Brawny.

The next week, Professor Wang began to give out a large amount of homework and assignments, snuffing out the fantasies that Brawny had had of university. Lin Yu Tang was the first to complete all of his assignments. Brawny asked He Zhi Zhou, but He Zhi Zhou said he did not want to do them for the time being.

Brawny and Monkey were both copying Lin Yu Tang’s assignments in a flurry and had no time to eat dinner.

When He Zhi Zhou went to go have dinner, Brawny emboldened himself and asked, “Um… He Zhi Zhou… would you be able to help out and pack some food back for us?”

He Zhi Zhou was quiet for several seconds; then he strode out the door.

Half an hour later, He Zhi Zhou brought back two portions of shredded pork over rice. Furthermore, he didn’t ask for the money back from Brawny and Monkey!!

Because of this, Brawny and Monkey changed their opinions of He Zhi Zhou. Sometimes, they would even call him Leader. The meaning of that was, if they followed their leader, they would have meat to eat.

<>Copyright of Fanatical, hui3r[dot]wordpress[dot]com. If you are not reading this from hui3r[dot]wordpress[dot]com, the translation has been taken without consent of the translator.

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