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Don’t be So Proud (别那么骄傲) – Epilogue 2 (Part 1 of 2)


This last epilogue is more than double the length of an average Proud chapter. I’ll be posting it in two parts. This story will officially be completed next week. 🙂

I have such fond memories of Boston. Touring it “with” Shen Xi has made my mouth water thinking about the lobster and clam chowder. Who could be a better guide than the boyfriend you haven’t seen for almost a year? Hahaha… jealous and petty He Zhi Zhou!

Epilogue 2 — Loving in Boston (1)

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Love is like weeds after the rain. Because of the arrival of some sort of critical moment, it begins to grow and spread madly.

He Zhi Zhou had not thought that his heart would hold a girl in it. She had charged into it in a way that was utterly beyond expectation and caught him off guard. This had ended a dream that had been filled with fantasy. The dream dissipated, but she stayed behind.

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Shen Xi would be flying over here during the summer break and staying for a period of time. He Zhi Zhou began making the preparations to welcome his girlfriend. He did not plan on playing the role of an upright gentleman, and hence, this time he had not readied a separate room. However, he did need to prepare a computer desk for Shen Xi—this was the request she gave over the phone. When he was too busy and did not have time to keep her company, she could kill some alone time that way.

When she said this, he had felt that Shen Xi was truly so wonderful. She had her willful side, but she also had her considerate side.

On the way back, He Zhi Zhou passed an old woman selling flowers, and from that elderly woman whose head was completely silver, he bought a bunch of fresh lavender flowers.

On this street that was not lively enough, waves of fragrance followed the breeze and pervaded through the slightly-cool air. The flower basket teemed with freshly-cut lavenders, and those little purple-blue blossoms still held droplets of dew on them that glimmered in the bright sunshine.

Because of this large, five-dollar bouquet of lavenders, He Zhi Zhou spent another one hundred American dollars to buy a pretty flower vase. Finally, that white vase holding lavender flowers in it was placed on the computer desk that he had prepared for Shen Xi.

The entire room teemed with a delicate fragrance.

Shen Xi should like it, He Zhi Zhou thought.

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In the end, however, Shen Xi got the flight time wrong. It was not until three days later that she, towing a big suitcase behind her, stood at the door of his apartment, beaming as she asked him, “Excuse me, does my boyfriend live here?”

At last, he got to see her. Leaning against the doorway, He Zhi Zhou gazed at her for some time before directly reaching out his arms and enfolding them around the girl in front of him. He gave an inward sigh. It seemed he had forgotten to buy fresh, new flowers to replace those lavenders that were almost withered.

A man’s romantic side. And a man’s forgetfulness!

Even though the lavender flowers were no longer fresh, Shen Xi still liked them. She had always been someone who would throw her support behind people’s efforts, much less this was something He Zhi Zhou had specifically prepared for her.

He Zhi Zhou had rented an apartment suite, which had one large bedroom and one study. Inside the clean, tidy room, there was even a row of large bookshelves, and on the shelves were all different types of professional and technical books. There was already a large desk inside the study, and across from it was the little desk that he had specially readied for her, with the beautiful vase and the lovely lavender flowers inside it. Mm-hmm… The two desks faced each other, coming together to make a pair.

“This was specially prepared just for me?” Shen Xi asked directly.

With his hands in his pants pockets, He Zhi Zhou answered with a light “mm-hmm.”

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Shen Xi began looking around this Boston apartment that was He Zhi Zhou’s. Except for the vase of lavenders, everthing was very masculine, and there were very few things inside. The sofa, television, and liquor cabinet in the living room had all been purchased and provided by the landlord. The decorating style was very North American, simple and in good taste.

Sitting on the soft sofa, Shen Xi looked up at He Zhi Zhou.

He Zhi Zhou was also gazing at his girlfriend on the sofa, the look in his eyes bright and tender and containing a light smile and sense of doting.

It had been too long since they had last seen each other, and even a few simple gazes felt like such happy, wonderful things. It seemed that words were already unnecessary.

Shen Xi had planned a lot of things to do. On the plane, she had even prepared many “reunion after a long separation” words and had also drawn up a lot of touring plans and strategies, with her boyfriend being the guide… However, she suddenly was unable to speak. A flush slowly crawled into her cheeks. Tucked within those feelings of missing him were also hints of bashfulness, although she clearly was so happy she was beside herself.

Maybe, sometimes, happiness needs a bit of time to be digested.

Shen Xi ran her hand through her hair, then did not try to put on any airs of over-politeness as she said, “I’ve travelled across the sea to come see you. I don’t even get a beverage or anything?”

Beverage? It seemed he really had forgotten to get Shen Xi’s favourite fruit juice ahead of time. He Zhi Zhou mused, he should buy a juicer. Right now, his place only had coffee, alcohol, and water.

Shen Xi chose water.

Walking over to the fridge, He Zhi Zhou pulled out a bottle of water and handed it to his girlfriend. Before he passed it over to her, out of habit, he twisted open the cap. This was a habit that had developed after they started dating. It seemed the temporary separation had not really changed many things.

Shen Xi’s eyes unexpectedly grew red. The feeling of having a boyfriend by her side was so nice.

Very easily detecting this subtle change in her emotions, He Zhi Zhou bent down and gazed into her reddened eyes. Seeing a trace of adorable redness in those glistening, lucid eyes, he asked softly, “What’s wrong?”

Shen Xi took advantage of this opportunity to stretch out her arms and close them around He Zhi Zhou.

He Zhi Zhou set his hands on her shoulders. The sunshine outside stealthily slipped in through the sheer curtains, ever so noiselessly.

“Miss you.” Her voice low, Shen Xi stated to him those feelings of missing him that had accumulated for so long already. There was a distance of 12,000 kilometres between them. What was the concept of distance? After having a long-distance relationship, she now truly had an understanding of it.

She missed him every day.

He Zhi Zhou gave an “mm.” In his heart, there was a voice that replied to these feelings that were so hard to endure of missing someone: he missed her, too.

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Because of Shen Xi’s arrival, He Zhi Zhou deliberately went and requested a week off. Shen Xi would be staying in Boston for a month and had brought a full suitcase with her. Hanging the clothes that had been in her suitcase into the closet, she turned and asked, “Why do I have a feeling like we’re eloping?”

He Zhi Zhou coughed. With a glance at the pile of things in Shen Xi’s suitcase, he stated, “You can’t bring that many things when you’re eloping. You can’t run.”

Shen Xi had her own twisted and false logic that she forced upon people. “Eloping without any luggage isn’t called eloping. It’s called—streaking!”

Streaking? Only she would think of that! There was a slight tug at the corner of He Zhi Zhou’s lips. Taking Shen Xi’s hand, he led her out the door to go get something to eat.

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After resting for a day, He Zhi Zhou took Shen Xi out the next day to stroll through the prestigious university.

Boston is a beautiful harbour city and within it are world-famous educational institutions. From this place came forth eight American presidents, and many scientists who were Nobel laureates worked or studied here.

For her first stop, Shen Xi chose the school that He Zhi Zhou was doing his doctorate studies in—MIT, top in the world for science and engineering. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology was located in Boston, Massachusetts, separated from the Back Bay neighbourhood of Boston by the Charles River, while the AC Research Institute is situated right in between. He Zhi Zhou’s apartment was also nearby.

When Shen Xi got there, even as the flunky student that she was, the whole culture of the place seemed to seep into her. Blinking her eyes that were filled with a desire for knowledge, she took in the buildings and architecture surrounding her. She shared her thoughts with He Zhi Zhou. “Who knows? Maybe some random person who brushes shoulders with me today is going to be the next great scientist.”

Holding her water bottle for her, He Zhi Zhou gave a low “mm” and went along with her words.

“But I don’t care,” Shen Xi added.

He Zhi Zhou’s lips were pressed together as he listened to her carry on with what she wanted to say.

“Because my future hubby is a scientist!”

He Zhi Zhou handed the water bottle to her. “Have a drink of water.”

It was a pink water bottle with a cartoon design. Taking a couple of sips, Shen Xi then handed it to He Zhi Zhou. He Zhi Zhou took it from her, had a sip, and put the cap back on. Shen Xi snuck a glance at him. He sure did not mind at all…

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MIT’s campus consisted of green trees and white walls. Everywhere, there were students gathered in groups, and on the verdant lawn in front of a building with modern architecture, everyone who sat there had a youthful face. The campus pathways were lined with trees and foliage that cast shade down. Speckles of brilliant sunshine passed through the layers of green leaves and fell downwards. Flowers that Shen Xi could not state the name of were growing on the trees’ crowns. And then, she began listening to He Zhi Zhou as he gave her a popular science lesson.

Here in MIT, He Zhi Zhou ran into someone he knew, AC’s doctorate student, Albert. Albert excitedly and cheerfully greeted him, “Hi, friend. I’m right here.”

He Zhi Zhou brought Shen Xi over with him. Standing docilely by her boyfriend’s side, Shen Xi played the role of a lady. Her English had improved by leaps and bounds, and she basically could understand the dialogue between He Zhi Zhou and Albert.

But when He Zhi Zhou had said goodbye and sent Albert away, Shen Xi put on a pretense and asked He Zhi Zhou, “What were you guys talking about just now?”

There was a trace of suspicion in He Zhi Zhou’s eyes, and he gazed probingly at her. “You couldn’t understand?”

Shen Xi hurriedly nodded. “Uh-huh, uh-huh. Didn’t understand it.”

“Oh.” He Zhi Zhou gave a brief translation for her. “We just chatted about some simple work stuff.”

Liar! He was actually lying with his eyes wide open! The content of the conversation had plainly been this:

“He Zhi Zhou, you stupid Chinese man who let a hot girl bewitch you. You’re actually taking such a long vacation just for your girlfriend. Don’t you know that all your work has been arranged to go to me?!”

“How about this? In order to help you adjust to this work intensity, I’m planning on taking another week off.”


Shen Xi pulled He Zhi Zhou along with her to MIT’s most famous library. The beautiful building was set off against the background of a pure, azure sky, seeming almost like a work of art itself. On the large lawn outside, a handsome man with long hair was playing an accordion and gently humming a tune of this foreign country. The scenery was charming, and the singing was melodious.

The man was not lacking listeners, and after he finished, many girls requested to take a photo with him. The man amiably agreed.

Shen Xi also wanted to step forward and take a photo.

One sentence from He Zhi Zhou, though, ended that idea. “You want me to help you take a picture of you with another man?”

Humph. Such a petty man.

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That evening when they were heading back, they passed a man dressed up as Mickey Mouse. He Zhi Zhou said to her, “Don’t you like Mickey Mouse? Want to take a picture?”

Shen Xi: “~~~(>_<)~~~” You had to pay to take this kind of picture! He Zhi Zhou would rather pay than let her take a picture for free with a hot guy!

After they had taken the photo, Shen Xi came to a conclusion: “He Zhi Zhou, you definitely are jealous that you aren’t as good-looking as that guy earlier.

He Zhi Zhou gave a light “mm,” straight up admitting to it.

Shen Xi was gloating. That did not happen often.

After a while, He Zhi Zhou said, “Let’s head back to the apartment and have dinner there.”

Head back to the apartment? What was good to eat back at the apartment?

Understanding Shen Xi’s confusion, He Zhi Zhou explained, “We can toast some bread.”

Aaaah! That was too cruel! Where was the lobster they had agreed to?! Hugging He Zhi Zhou, Shen Xi let out a couple of sobs. “I don’t want bread. I want lobster. Zhou Zhou, you’re the most handsome!”

A smile came onto He Zhi Zhou’s face, and he gently covered the top of Shen Xi’s head with his palm. “Okay, then, lobster it is.”

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Boston has three gems of things to do: strolling around the campus of prestigious schools, eating lobster, and watching whales.

The curtain of night had already fallen. The sea of lights, near and far, was shining brilliantly, delineating the outline of this magnificent and bright city. He Zhi Zhou brought Shen Xi to a famous lobster restaurant located near Boston’s old wharf. The restaurant itself was in a warehouse from the original wharf that had been renovated and transformed. Inside, there hung painting after oil painting of exaggerated colours. Shiny seashells had been placed on the wine cabinet. When Shen Xi stepped closer for a look, she discovered that lying inside the largest shell was a nude mermaid made of crystal, and it had a very nice figure.

Pointing at it, Shen Xi asked, “Do you like it?”

He Zhi Zhou looked at her. “Why are you just looking at stuff like that?”

Shen Xi wordlessly pulled her gaze back. She was pointing out pretty things for her boyfriend to see, but it wasn’t winning her any favour?

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The two went in together and took their seats. He Zhi Zhou had reserved their table in advance. It was situated beside the royal blue window, and with just a turn of the head, they could see the ferries that were moored noiselessly along the coast. The table was a light, natural-wood colour and on it was a spherical-shape, glass votive lamp.

After a day of fun, Shen Xi was a little tired. Lazily, she sprawled herself on the table in front of that little, spherical lamp. The soft light silently enveloped the top of her head. There was a youthful, shy flush in her pretty cheeks, like the glow of sunset that was red as blood outside the window. After ordering their meals, He Zhi Zhou reached a hand out and touched Shen Xi’s face. “Tired? Or are you feeling unwell somewhere?”

Shen Xi’s breathing was feeble, like she was on her deathbed. “I’m hungry…”

He Zhi Zhou was speechless.

Before the lobster was served up, Shen Xi first had some little appetizers—clam chowder, baked potatoes, and the like. Taking into consideration her stomach and its health, He Zhi Zhou also ordered a single portion of fish porridge just for her.

The lobster was brought out, more than two pounds in total. It had been prepared using the most classic method of steaming, preserving its most authentic flavour. Sprinkled on top was a layer of golden, fragrantly crispy, diced garlic. Shen Xi’s fingers were itching to get moving so she could eat, but right at this moment, her mobile phone’s ringtone began to play.

Shen Jian Guo was videocalling. Over on his side, he was in the middle of eating a breakfast of plain porridge with some small pickled vegetables and also a steamer basket of steamed buns. Shen Xi turned the camera onto the freshly served-up lobster so that Shen Jian Guo could see it. Before they had talked for even a minute, though, Shen Xi handed the phone over to He Zhi Zhou.

He Zhi Zhou took the phone from her. “Uncle Shen.”

Shen Jian Guo: “Ahem. Help me take care of her a bit.”

He Zhi Zhou: “That is something that I should do.”

Shen Jian Guo: “……” Since when did his precious little girl become the boy’s “should do”?

Sitting across from him, Shen Xi ate her lobster with a snicker.

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When they stepped out from the restaurant, night had completely shrouded everything. Dots of light speckled the sea, and the sea breeze that was blowing was salty. The two strolled over to the market building. Laid out in the stalls upon stalls of the night market were all different types of souvenir crafts, as well as clothing, hats, and other similar items. Shen Xi found a little dome fedora, and putting it on her head, she asked He Zhi Zhou, “Look nice?”

“Mm.” He Zhi Zhou gave a slight nod of his head. He was holding Shen Xi’s SLR camera, and on a whim, with a “click,” he preserved the picture of this captivating face on this warm night.

Youthfulness. A starry night. She was his one and only. It was like she was the brightest star in the sky above his head.

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Without even being aware of where time went, Shen Xi had already been in Boston for three days. The first two days, she had played until she was exhausted, and basically once she lay down in bed, she would fall asleep. Tonight, however, she was somewhat hit with insomnia. She and He Zhi Zhou were sleeping on the same bed, and in between them was a “shy distance” of 20 centimetres. Hovering in the air was a factor of awkwardness that they were both well aware of. She turned over once. After some time, on the other side of the bed, He Zhi Zhou’s pleasant-sounding voice was heard. The man’s voice was crisp and clean, each word articulated clearly and with strength. However, the content of what he said was a deliberate attempt at being cute, and furthermore, that cuteness was stiff and unnatural. He asked, “Want a huggie?”


The corner of Shen Xi’s lips turned upwards, and her heart rate sped up faster and faster until her heart nearly jumped up into her throat. And then, before she had even given an answer, her hand that was under the covers was taken into a grasp, and He Zhi Zhou pulled her into his embrace.

Shen Xi buried her face against He Zhi Zhou’s chest. The beating of this man’s heart was strong and sexy. His white, crew-neck t-shirt carried the scent of body wash from after his shower.

She had the same scent on her.

In the dimness, Shen Xi could sense He Zhi Zhou’s gaze on her, until he brought his head down and slowly leaned in closer to her lips. Her heart skipped a beat, and the flow of her blood seemed to lag for a moment. Without a word, his fingers closed tightly, enveloping her within his strong palm.

Quiet. Still. Scorching.

“I…” Shen Xi was so nervous she did not know what she should say.

“Sleep.” He Zhi Zhou touched her ever so briefly, but then the tips of his fingers soon moved away. He expressed nothing whatsoever.

Huh? That was it? … Shen Xi asked aloud, “Will you be able to sleep?”

He Zhi Zhou did not give a reply, and answering her was only the sound of his slightly ragged breathing.

Oh sigh. Was it because her boyfriend was too much a gentleman, or she just wasn’t enticing enough? Shen Xi reached a hand over and covered it over top of one side of her chest. She did not want to admit that she was not enticing enough…

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Dou Dou knew that Shen Xi had come here to seek refuge with her boyfriend, so purposely going online to find her, she sent over a lewd-looking smiley. Then she asked, “Xi Xi, have you and the Great God gotten to ‘eat meat’ yet?” [“eat meat” is Chinese slang for sexual intercourse]

Shen Xi’s had logged in to her online chatting account on He Zhi Zhou’s computer. When He Zhi Zhou turned on his computer and saw the question that Dou Yi sent over, he, as someone who did not really know much internet terminology, did not really try to understand these words. While tapping away on his keyboard and doing some work, he called to Shen Xi, who had just stepped out after washing her face, “Shen Xi.”

Shen Xi poked her head out. On her head was a bunny-ear headband that held her bangs back, and in a soft, sweet voice, she asked in English, “What’s happening?”

He Zhi Zhou: “Dou Yi sent over a message.”

Shen Xi: “What did she say?”

He Zhi Zhou did not really understand but felt that something was not right with the question. “She asked us whether we’ve gotten to eat meat yet.”

No! Shen Xi immediately dashed over and ripped the computer out of He Zhi Zhou’s hands.

He Zhi Zhou glanced sideways at Shen Xi and took in her face that had inexplicably reddened. He seemed to understand a little bit. Eat meat? Hmm, this way of putting it was quite direct.

Sometimes, He Zhi Zhou was a bit of a bad boy. For example, a few minutes later, he deliberately asked Shen Xi, “Could it be, you told Dou Yi that you haven’t gotten to eat meat yet in Boston?”

Shen Xi inwardly threw back her head and shed some tears. And then, turning, she told He Zhi Zhou, “It’s not that type of meat…”

“Oh?” There was a slight sparkle in He Zhi Zhou’s eyes. “What type of meat, then?”

Gripping the corners of her shirt with both her hands, Shen Xi looked down and said, “It’s… pork belly. Delicious, juicy pork belly.”

Uh-huh, that’s it! Shen Xi continued wordlessly shedding tears in her heart.

This story was translated for hui3r[dot]wordpress[dot]com only. All forms of reproduction, redistribution, or reposting are not authorized. If you are not reading this from hui3r[dot]wordpress[dot]com, the copy is unauthorized and has been taken without consent of the translator.


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