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Will it be A Heartwarming Decade?


Update: Oh, I forgot to mention that in order to get over her drama withdrawal, lidge posted the summaries for the last 4 episodes of Ashes of Love in her drama blog.

First off, good news to Shushengbar’s (SSB) fans. Alas, I managed to contact the owner of the website (she changed email address without informing me 😦 ) and all the contents are still intact. Nevertheless a big thank you to Amy for helping me to contact the hosting company. Unfortunately, the domain renewal email was sent to Chancy’s old email address so she didn’t get it and didn’t renew the name on time. The super quick Barnes & Noble had already taken the name. Hence, we’ve to register a new name. I am still in discussion with others on it. Then we also have to fix the database a little so it is in sync. Once we got the name and the website up and running, I’ll inform all of you in You’re My Glory post. Stay tune, the website is still alive lol.

Secondly, I am suffering from Ashes of Love withdrawal 😦 How many of you are in the same boat as me or is it only lidge and I lol? For the past 1 month, I am used to sitting diligently in front of my laptop to watch the drama live. Suddenly I feel lost now. Thus I went to Chinese websites to dig out anything I can find of the drama and the OTP. Ya, I ship Lun Lun (lidge and my term of endearment for him lol)  and my sister Zi Zi (I share the same surname as Yang Zi. Lidge is jealous that most of the pretty and handsome celebrities have the surname Yang :P) very much.

Some Chinese netizens are eager for them to act together as the OTP in a Chinese version of the K-drama, “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim”. Sorry, I beg to differ. Not another K-drama remake 😦 Shouldn’t C-entertainment be more creative and original? I don’t think any of those remakes have ever been a smashing success. I didn’t watch any so I can’t comment much on it. Lidge also does not want a remake of K-dramas, because even Thai Lakorns are also remaking K-dramas. We want China to adapt more Chinese novels since they’ve a huge treasure stock right at their fingertips.

I also came across gossip that Lun Lun and Zi Zi have been earmarked to lead the modern drama adapted from a rather popular Chinese novel called A Heartwarming Decade. Lidge said Yang Zi’s name has been mentioned to lead this drama. Due to the success of Ashes of Love, the production coy is considering Deng Lun as the male lead. This is a very popular novel which still have not been adapted into a drama. I did try to listen to the audio book but I don’t know why I always ended up falling asleep lol. If this news is confirmed, I’ll force myself to stay awake 😛 I read that this is a bitter sweet story of the OTP which spanned a decade. Bong told me not to read the novel, if I want to enjoy the drama. This novel was posted by me in SSB on 19th April 2013. Since SSB is down, I’ll post the synopsis here for you:

Years later, the grandchildren gathered around their grandmother in front of the fireplace, listening to her telling a story during winter time. Wen Heng smilingly, told a story that spanned a decade. Well kids, to start it of, this is just a story.

In the first year, from a crow in the southern small town, she became a glittering phoenix. She came across a pair of man and woman kissing. The male looked rather delicious, her heart was delighted.
In the second year, sick with a strange disease, she took the opportunity to occupy the magpie’s nest, hanging around his home.
In the third year, the adulterous husband flew back from Vienna. All was lost so quickly fled.
In the fourth year, under her father’s arrangement, she became the child bride of another family, she almost forgot about him.
In the fifth year, the prospective fiance did not like her so he ran away with another woman. She was gratified by others’ trouble.
In the sixth year, she has no impression.
In the seventh year, a pair of adulterous couple, damn it.  Continue to have no impression!
In the eighth year, she went abroad to study, she completely broke off relations with the family for another man.
In the ninth year, she was forced to marry and have children with him.
In the tenth year, a child was born. Because of an embarrassing incident, the family of three were deported.

Yan Xi protested and pointed his trembling fingers. Wifey, you have been telling lies as the story was actually like this.

In the first year, the pork ribs she made tasted very good, very delicious to eat.
In the second year, because of illness, she has no impression.
In the third year, he went abroad on vacation, she was expelled from the Wen family.
In the fourth year, she was missing for a whole year. He was angry with her, so he did not want to go and look, meaning he did not want to search.
In the fifth year, he was hiding in the corner, following her for a whole year.
In the sixth year, the man she cared most in her whole life made an appearance.
In the seventh year, he has no impression.
In the eighth year, he had a car accident, she was out of the country.
In the ninth year, he chased all the way to France.  He carried her and walked on the snowy ground for the whole winter.
In the tenth year, the number one rival was born, so they returned home.

Wifey, this was the complete and true story, did you know that?

This is their story, a type of love in their light fleeting years. Who is right, who is wrong is just one chuckle away. Ten years had passed like the smoke, wake up from your dream and rub your eyes. Those youthful years, such a heartwarming decade.

Do you want to watch Deng Lun as Yan Xi and Yang Zi as Wen Heng? I am not sure since I can’t really get into the novel. Maybe a drama will do the trick. At the end of the day, I do want to see them pair up again but not in a K-drama remake even though I do like What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?

By the way, SSB has been around for a little over 6 years. By the time this drama is filmed and released, SSB will probably celebrate its 10th birthday lol.

11 thoughts on “Will it be A Heartwarming Decade?

  1. Waaah, Barnes & Noble swooped in so fast 😟🤷🏻‍♀️ Thanks for looking into this❣️

  2. I cried a ton on that drama lol, I don’t like to start any drama for now, it’s hard for my heart

  3. Definitely having Ashes of Love withdrawals, lolz…. Loved it heaps and am sad I have no drama to come home to chase.
    Also, it would be so awesome to see Yang Zi and Deng Lun in another drama together. I loved watching the outtakes as much as watching the drama itself. They seem like such close friends and have such good chemistry together, it’s just adorable seeing them in the drama and behind the scenes.

    So glad ShuSheng Bar is not gone and will be back, I was worried we couldn’t visit it anymore. Thanks for all the efforts! Can’t wait to have it back and running.

  4. Thank you for the info, glad SSB still there 😊

  5. Thank god SSB still there

  6. Thanks for your work on the whole SSB thing – it’s a great resource and I missed it! I liked that summary of AHD, it sounds like when real life events occur and take over your plans for your future.

  7. thanks to your comment about Ashes of Love, I watched the drama and went into a crazy spree of Deng Lun videos and ended up with Daddy where are we going? Season 5.
    I fully agree with you about Chinese treasures of literature should be converted into dramas for us illiterates.

  8. Thank you for updating us on SSB’s status, Peanuts!! It is indeed delightful news to know that SSB can be saved! I was wondering, why did Barnes and Noble even buy the domain name? Sigh….

  9. Peanut…… Me too..
    Glad to hear updates on SSB…..
    Ashes Of Love is still in my mind till this day…. ❤ ❤ it…. its such a bittersweet story, even-tho it didn't follow the book 100% but I'm satisfied with what I see…… The conversation after the wedding fiasco is everythinggg….. I can't stop watching it repeatedly over and over again. T_T

    Deng Lun and Yang zi play a charming couple, so I hope we can see them again in another drama.

  10. I concur. C dramas shd stick to what makes them unique n diff. Adaptation from c novels or comics several levels better than adapting k dramas..

  11. I am so glad SSB is resurrected. It is one of the best sites to get writeups on C-novel. I love the links at the note of each writeups. Thank you so very much for not giving up and your efforts to continue updating the site…..

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