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You Are Still Here (原来你还在这里) – Chapter 26


Time flies even in the fictional world! It’s the Lunar New Year once again. Three chapters ago, our dear couple overcame one of their biggest disagreements which culminated in a moving reunion. Would this festive season be as eventful as previously?

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Boss and Me (杉杉来了): Episode 30 Brief Review & Mini English Subtitles with Big Boss’s Fashion Bonus


This episode is basically about the prenuptial agreement and meeting the parents. Shan Shan gets her reassurance that Feng Teng does intend to marry her and grow old with her. He also wants to have children with her. Actually, for the book purists, you can treat this as the ending of the drama as it follows the book rather closely. The next 3 episodes deviate substantially from the novel.

I’ve translated the theme song of the drama into English. It is called Promise of the Wind (Fēng Zhī Nuò Yán). In Chinese, wind is pronounced as Feng but the Feng in Feng Teng’s name does not mean wind. It is just a surname. However, the Feng in his company’s name means wind. Hence, you can say, the promise of the wind is Feng Teng’s promise to Shan Shan. Oh, the song is so sweet and appropriate. At the beginning I didn’t really like the song but I’ve since eaten back my words and like it very much now. Bongsd even has it as her ring tone, lol.  I’ve also included the 3 other songs in the drama and will translate 2 of them into English later. I’ve also found a fan-made MV to share with you here if you still can’t get enough of the drama, LOL.  Lastly, the final part of Big Boss’s fashion is also enclosed.

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Boss and Me (杉杉来了): Episode 29 Brief Review & Mini English Subtitles with Big Boss’s Fashion Bonus


Firstly, I want to repeat myself and write this one final time: THERE IS CURRENTLY NO ENGLISH SUBTITLES ONLINE AT ALL!!!  In view that this drama is so popular, there is high possibility that will sub it eventually so go and check their website often. If you can’t wait, reading our novel translation and/or my episode reviews will help you to understand the most important parts of the drama.

I’ve been slacked so I only managed to write an episode. It is mainly about Shan Shan’s doubts as to whether Feng Teng is marrying her because of the false pregnancy or he really loves her and wants to marry her. By the end of the episode, we’ve a formal proposal to clear all her insecurities. As a bonus, I’ve also included many swoon-worthy pictures of Big Boss’s clothes and accessories, including the brand names. Obviously I am poor because I’ve not heard of half of those names mentioned:( Do take a look and you may want to buy something similar for the males in your life:P

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