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Best to Have Met You – Chapter 3


Now you know how the Chinese book covers look like. The cover with the cat is the latest commemorative edition. If you can understand Chinese, you can read the book and/or listen to the 2 incomplete radio drama. But if you are thinking of using google translate then I’ll advise you not to do it. The book has 15 chapters so I’ve already translated 20% of the novel. Hence be patient as the end is in sight :P

As promised, I’ve included a fan-made MV with spoilers. If you don’t want to be spoiled, don’t watch it. But do listen to the 2 songs with English translations in the MV as they are rather meaningful and only give minimal spoiler. Heehee, needless to ask who is the male lead in the MV. Hey, I didn’t make it so I am not being bias :P Anyway, do you like the MV and the songs? A big thank you to bongsd & hoju for helping me with bits and pieces of the novel translation. Bongsd has self-interest in that she is hoping that her Chen Xiao & Zhao Li Ying will be the leads in any adaptation :)

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Wipe Clean After Eating (吃干抹净): Chapter 16


Okay, your present has arrived a week late due to the launching of the new novel Best to Have Met You :)  We’ve a new character in this chapter. Who is that? What is the present Xia Ye is holding? Who is Xia Ye giving it to? Read further to find out :P  By the way, Dree is still around to help me to translate the novel so give her more support so that I’ll have more time to drool on WC, lol.

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The Amazing Race – China Celebrity Edition with Spoilers (極速前進)


Friday is happy day to watch WC & Jackie on tv. The picture above shows how we feel from Mon to Sun. For overseas fans, wait for youtube on Sat :P I’ll update this post often so always come back & check :) For your information, this post focuses strictly on WC & Jackie only !!!


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This post has nothing to do with novel or drama but I am in charge now so I can post anything I want, lol. No la, I want to share something nice and enjoyable with you :) Since lidge is blatantly advertising her Wallace Huo, I also can’t lose out with my Wallace Chung. After completing the filming of You’re My Sunshine, WC is busy participating in The China celebrity version of the popular US reality tv program The Amazing Race. Have you watched it before? I seldom watch reality tv programs like The Survival, Big Brothers etc. but The Amazing Race is one which I like the most. Hence, I was looking forward to watching WC taking part in the China version with his real life sister, Jackie. The first part was shown on Shenzhen tv  on 17 October, Friday and every Friday thereafter. You can still watch it on youtube even if you can’t understand Mandarin as the first destination was New York City so they spoke a fair bit of English.

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Really, Really Miss You (很想很想你) – Chapter 24


Thank you everyone for your feedback regarding the song translations. :)  I am happy there are people who read them and find them helpful and not the least bit upset if you choose to skip over them as well.

So, the day of their first meet-up is finally coming to a close.  (It only took 8.5 chapters!) What’s next?  Hanny, you should be pretty happy about this…. ;)

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The Journey Of Flower – Chapter 1


Trailer in Chinese. Trailer with Viet subs. Trailer in English.

lidge: To celebrate the release of the trailer for The Journey Of Flower, I’ve translated chapter 1 of the novel from which the drama is based on. Thanks to Peanuts for finding the cute pics below. I approve!! :D

Peanuts: I better put a word of warning here that there is high probability that this translation will not get finished so don’t come and complain to me as lidge is independent from me, as well as the blog :P. Anyway, do support lidge & her quest to conquer Wallace Huo, lol.

lidge: Yes, I’m afraid I don’t have a lot of time to work on this project because I’m busy trying to get Wallace Huo to marry me :P :D.

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Best to Have Met You – Chapter 2.2


Happy Belated Birthday to my Mo Ting ! :) He was born on 15th Oct 1985. Oh, we are so fated in that I started translating his novel, right before his birthday, lol. To celebrate his birthday, of course you get another update on how cool and awesome he is. Hoju who is also currently reading this novel, thinks Mo Ting is kind of similar to Xiao Nai, the male lead in Gu Man’s Just One Smile is Very Alluring and her Toupai in Really Really Miss You. Well, I’ve to admit this author is heavily influenced by Gu Man which is why I also like some of her novels, so it is not surprising Mo Ting has shades of Xiao Nai. However, Toupai comes after them so I guess Mo Ting is more original, heehee…..

Come back next Thursday for the talent contest to celebrate the unveiling of the novel, as well as some spoilers so stop searching in shusheng bar or anywhere online because you won’t be able to find anything in English until then :P In the meantime enjoy Mo Ting and An Ning’s unofficial lovely 1st date!

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