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Best to Have Met You – Chapter 4


I want to clarify that although this novel has 15 short chapters, it is really not short as each chapter is pretty long, more than twice the length of a normal chapter. I think some of you may be bored by the infrequent appearance of the mysterious Xu Mo Ting. However, he’ll take center stage in this chapter so don’t miss out :P For your information, the guy in the white shirt with a red tie in the picture above is Mo Ting whereas the other guy is the assistant class monitor. Would any of you forget Xu Mo Ting? Happy Halloween !

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You Are My Sunshine (Silent Separation) Unofficial Trailer & Broadcast Date

d50735fae6cd7b89f77d77e60c2442a7d9330e45Breaking news ! The drama may broadcast at the end of January or beginning of February 2015, probably during the Lunar New Year holidays in China. It is so fitting to watch You Are My Sunshine in summer at my end :) If you live somewhere that is covered with snow, may the sunshine melt them away. If this is true, then my WC gonna beat lidge’s WH’s The Journey of Flower’s broadcast date. The early bird catches the worm :P As for rating, this is subjective as they are both of different genre. Mind you, The Journey of Flower spent a lot more money in its production. Anyway, 3 more months to go, aren’t you excited? It’ll be broadcast  on Jiangsu TV (the one which broadcast Boss & Me) as well as Shanghai’s Dragon TV. I’ve both channels at home so I shall be able to watch it live :) I’ve enclosed 2 mini trailers but stay tune for more updates later.

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The Sunshine Award


When people mention sunshine, I think of warm rays filtering through fluffy clouds to anoint the land below in brilliant glow. And just as anyone can bask in sunshine, The Sunshine Award is a bestowal that doesn’t discriminate between popularity or content. True to its namesake, the rays which have been making their rounds in the blogosphere have finally shone on us here in our quiet corners of hui3r and shushengbar (SSB). For that, we cannot be thankful enough towards Melanie and Moonblossom (MB) for the nominations.

Every translator works hard for their translations. Although they are not the original authors, it doesn’t mean they love the books any less or have an easier task. They also need to spend a lot of time and effort to ensure as little will be lost in translation as possible. Hence, I feel all of them deserve an award for spreading their love for Chinese novels. I am not going to name each and everyone of them since there are too many of them and  there will be more to come. You can go to SSB to check them out and support them. (does this sound cheesy :P ?)

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The Amazing Race – China Celebrity Edition with Spoilers (極速前進) : USA


Friday is happy day to watch WC on tv. The picture above shows how we feel from Mon to Sun. For overseas fans, wait for youtube on Sat :P I’ll update this post often so always come back & check :) I’ll set up a post for each country. For your information, all the posts focus strictly on WC only !!! If you don’t want spoiler, don’t scroll down.


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This post has nothing to do with novel or drama but I am in charge now so I can post anything I want, lol. No la, I want to share something nice and enjoyable with you :) Since lidge is blatantly advertising her Wallace Huo, I also can’t lose out with my Wallace Chung. After completing the filming of You’re My Sunshine, WC is busy participating in The China celebrity version of the popular US reality tv program The Amazing Race. Have you watched it before? I seldom watch reality tv programs like The Survival, Big Brothers etc. but The Amazing Race is one which I like the most. Hence, I was looking forward to watching WC taking part in the China version with his real life sister, Jackie. The first part was shown on Shenzhen tv  on 17 October, Friday and every Friday thereafter. You can still watch it on youtube even if you can’t understand Mandarin as the first destination was New York City so they spoke a fair bit of English.

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