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First Impression of Drama Filming – You Are My Sunshine (何以笙箫默)


July has been a crazy and busy month as most of the people went on holidays, Boss & Me was broadcast and You Are My Sunshine’s filming was underway. We also have a guest translator for that month to make it a Xin Yi Wu’s novel marathon month. Yingniang has probably set a record as the fastest  translator for a Chinese novel, clap clap:) When August comes, all the other translations which have been on hiatus will progressively be updated so everything will slowly go back to normal. First up will most probably be Silent Separation but before that I’ll do a post on the filming progress of that drama.

First and foremost, I need to declare my self-interest upfront. I am a Wallace Chung’s fan but not a rabid one so everything in this post will be mostly on him and everything I’ve written will also most probably be bias:P Based on a few stills from the filming process, it is rather hard to judge the quality of the drama or acting or even the plot so everything I’ve written will just be my personal assumptions and opinions. Filming has been done all over the place but I’ll try to arrange everything in chronological order for you to follow the story.

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Boss and Me (杉杉来了): Episode 31 & 32 Review & Recap


These 2 episodes are basically about Shan Shan trying to earn money to repay Feng Teng the money Liu Liu’s boyfriend has run away with. During the progress, she starts to grow up to take notice of Feng Teng’s weaknesses, to be more confident, assertive, smarter and more business savvy to match Feng Teng’ better.

Where in the world has peanuts gone? Peanuts has been busy subbing at Since the manager has uploaded and started subbing, I’ll try to incorporate my mini-subs in there to help them to speed up. But lidge said, it’ll probably finish right before You Are My Sunshine’ is broadcast. Well, with friend like her, who needs enemy, lol?

Another housekeeping matter is bongsd isn’t thrill that her screen captures have been floating on the internet without credit. We don’t own the copyright to the drama but she did spend time and effort to capture and arrange those pictures nicely. She didn’t put any stamp on them because it’ll make the pictures look less perfect. We don’t mind sharing but please acknowledge her hard work, clap clap:)

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You Are Still Here (原来你还在这里) – Chapter 26


Time flies even in the fictional world! It’s the Lunar New Year once again. Three chapters ago, our dear couple overcame one of their biggest disagreements which culminated in a moving reunion. Would this festive season be as eventful as previously?

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