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Who Gets the World Part 1: A Bargain



So, Peanuts – rabid die hard lover of the Ancient/Wuxia epic Who Gets the World – has kindly translated the following scene for everyone’s enjoyment. But really, her intention is to hook more people into listening to the audiobook with her. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more WGTW translations from her

You can visit ShuShengBar’s page on this book to get more info. The audiobook production quality is really high and very enjoyable – it’s almost like listening to a radiodrama. I really love Bai Feng Xi as a character – she’s totally kickass.

Please read the summary before reading this to faciliate your understanding of the novel.

“Black Fox, what do you think of the Great Beauty [1]?” A small smile played at the corners of Bai Feng Xi’s mouth.

 “Very well,” Hei Feng Xi answered calmly.

 “Just that?” Bai Feng Xi sat across from Hei Feng Xi.

 “If you are asking me whether I think the affair at Duan Hun Men was her doing, then I can tell you, no. She might have the ability, but she does not have the motive.”

 “That, I know even if you do not tell me,” Bai Feng Xi shook her head, her stare fixed on him. “I am asking, what are you hoping to get from her?”

Hei Feng Xi finally looked up at her with a faint smile, “Woman, come to think about it, you actually owe me a lot of favors in the last ten years.”

“What? You want me to repay your favors now?” Bai Feng Xi asked, her smile unchanged but her eyes narrowed, “No way! I told you eight hundred years ago that you will never get anything from me. You best rid yourself of such notions. Go ahead with manipulating everyone else in the word but don’t you dare try to manipulate me!”

“Oh, of course I know it is impossible to get any benefit off you so I never even thought about it.” Hei Feng Xi shook his head slightly. “I only want you to stay out of my affairs. Do not meddle no matter what happens. Do not sabotage my plans! This should be an easy task for you, right?!”

“Oh, you only want me to look on only and not touch?” Bai Feng Xi lay down on her seat without taking her eyes of him.

Hei Feng Xi tapped the table gently and said offhandedly, ” I passed by Luo Ri Lou Restaurant a few days ago and sampled a few good dishes …”

“You’ll cook them for me?” Upon hearing this, Bai Feng Xi immediately grabbed his hand and looked at him with her eyes sparkling. She was a step away from salivating and wagging her tail!

“If you will help me occasionally with a few small errands, I will consider it,” Hei Feng Xi answered carelessly.

“You are really a bad Fox! I have known you for ten years yet you have only cooked for me once!” Bai Feng Xi complained and gripped his hand harder.

 “But that one time has made someone crave for more.” Bai Feng Xi lifted his left hand and tapped Bai Feng Xi’s wrist gently, before rescuing his right hand from her grip.

“Yes,” Bai Feng Xi admitted reluctantly, “It is a pity that a black-hearted fox like you can cook the most delicious dishes I have ever tried! “

“So, do you agree?” Hei Feng Xi asked leisurely.

Bai Feng Xi did not answer, just smiled and stared at him as if she can look straight into the bottom of his heart. After a while she asked, “You want to marry the Great Beauty to become Hua country’s fuma [2]?”

“What do you think?” Hei Feng Xi smiled at her and asked.

“Ah ha …… Oh, I am very sleepy.” Bai Feng Xi suddenly yawned, stretched her arms out and promptly fell asleep on the table.

A silence settled in the pavillion. Hei Feng Xi quietly watching her sleeping form. After a long time, he whispered in her ear, “What do you think of me marrying Princess Hua”?


[1] Bai Feng Xi actually refers to Hua Chun Ran as “Hua Mei Ren” which roughly translates to “Beauty Hua”. While it sounds alright in Chinese, “Beauty Hua” really sounds too smarmy in English.

[2] The title conferred on the consort of a princess.

3 thoughts on “Who Gets the World Part 1: A Bargain

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  2. Hey girls! It’s atsu! This is from my other wordpress account. I’m trying to combine them. Beautiful translation and keep up the great work! You really capture Black Fox and all his speech idiosyncrasies, especially his, “Woman” comments!

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